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October 16                               Follow Those That Ask of No Fee


October 13                               The Ten Commandments in Surah 17 [17:22-37]


October 12                               Oscar Wilde Quote


October 11                               Prudes


October 7                                 Parents Are Not Always to Blame for the Delinquencies of their Children


October 6                                 The Rising of the Sun


October 5                                 Facebook Posts Link


October 5                                "Produce four witnesses"


September 29                          "...Verily (no doubt) in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest!..."


September 25                          Failed Guides


September 24                          "Woe to every slanderer, backbiter / defamer"


September 23                          "Do people think that they will be left alone because they say, "We believe" and that they will not be tested?”


September 20                          An Approach


September 19                          A Prayer to God Almighty


September 18                         Qarun


September 15                         Taking a Fence Down - Quote by G.K. Chesterton


September 11                          Ask Forgiveness of Your Lord ... Verse 11:52


August 26                                 Opinions


June 18                                     God's Forgiveness


June 7                                       Remaining Humble and Outwardly Reserved About One's Blessings


June 1                                       Verse 57:20 - The World as Enjoyment and Deception / Delusion


May 30                                     Verse 2:200-202 - Praying for the World and / or the Hereafter


May 26                                     Ramadan Greetings


March 12                                 Do Not Follow the Footsteps of Satan (24:21)


March 7                                   Indeed to God We Belong and Indeed to Him is Our Return - 'Inna-Lillahi-Wa'inna-Ilayhi Rajiun'


March 1                                   The Highly Controversial Agenda of Deligitimising the Authority of Well Established Meanings of Arabic Words


March 1                                   Prophet Solomon's Death


February 15                            The Importance of the Traditional Five Pillars of Islam - Pre Quranic Sunnah


January 19                              Quote by Blaise Pascal


January 3                                "No snowflake in an avalanche ..."








December 18                         Sins


December 16                         "And be patient over whatever befalls you..."


October 2                               Karbala Historicity


September 25                        Restrain Thy Gaze


September 24                        A Thought on Losing Faith


September 14                        Jizya and Dhimmi Status


September 9                          "A man is great by deeds, not by birth" ~ A Quote by Chanakya


September 7                          Reflecting on God's Signs


August 24                               One of the Greatest Blessings - Knowledge & Wisdom


August 23                               Committing the Holy Quran to Written Parchments


August 19                               The Wilfully Blind


August 9                                  Even Prophets Toiled and Suffered Hardships ...


July 30                                     Patience is Rewarded


July 26                                     Was Iblis (Satan) a Jinn or a Fallen Angel


July 8                                       Minor Sins Quote


July 6                                       Is the Quran Really the Starting Point in Resolving Islamic Differences of Opinion


July 1                                       Are Humans God's Most Preferred Creation?


July 1                                       Eid


June 26                                   The Ducks - Feeding Frenzy


June 26                                   Choose a Way to Your Lord


June 22                                   The Holy Lands and the Sanctuary at Makkah


June 19                                   God's Permission


June 18                                   Righteous Friends


June 17                                   "A Little Philosophy ..." A Quote by Francis Bacon


June 12                                   Transgression into Lewdness / Immorality


June 11                                   Tarawih Prayers


June 9                                     Muhammad Ali Answers a Question in a Spiritual Context


June 8                                    "An Error Does Not Become Truth ..." A Quote by Mahatma Gandhi


June 5                                     Ramadan Wishes from Joseph Islam


May 4                                     A Sincere Message


April 27                                   Our Lord Never Forgets


April 22                                  "Who makes us ignorant?..."


April 19                                  "We arguably became a lost community ..."


April 5                                    "The Origin of existence is movement ..." ~Ibn al-Arabi


April 2                                    "How Strange and foolish is man..." ~ Attributed to Ali ibn Abi Talib and Others


March 25                               Pray not to be free of trials ...


March 22                              "In the gardens of bliss. A number of people from those of old and a FEW from those of later times." 56:12-14


March 19                               The Concept of Sadaqah (Charity) from the Quran


March 15                               Today's Global Communications & Connections


March 15                              "Circumstances do not make the  man, they reveal him"


March 13                              "Protect Your Families ..." - Quran 66:6  


March 12                               Life remains a Struggle


February 22                          What will Profit a Man ...? Mark 8:36


February 21                          Burying the Dead - An Innate Practice?


February 8                            Prophet Jesus is not God - The Bible Does Not Teach the Trinity


January 18                            The Human Species


January 17                            The Even and the Odd - The Polarity of Creation








November 25                     "Many much-learned men have no intelligence" - Democritus


October 24                         "Educate the children..." - Pythagoras


October 13                           A Prayer - Psalm Chapter 51, verse 1-2 (NIV)


September 27                    "Learned we may be with another man's learning..." - Michel de Montaigne


September 22                     You are Never Alone


September 16                    The Hajj and Umrah According to the Quran


September 9                       Amidst the Scrolls...


September 6                      "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - An Ancient Quote


September 5                       Misguided Religious Convictions - A Quote by Blaise Pascal 


August 31                            "When you find yourself on the side of the majority..." - Mark Twain


August 30                            Slave to the Fallible Past


August 25                            "If you would be a real seeker after truth..." - René Descartes


August 25                            Aspects of a Prophetic Ministry


August 22                            Speak a Gentle Word


August 20                            We Oft Forget So Many of Our Blessings


August 16                            Spread Knowledge with Care and Wisdom


August 16                            Remain Vigilant Against Those That Twist the Arabic Language and Effectively Create a New Reading of the Quran by Doing So


August 15                            Free Sex with Slave Girls? - Not According to the Quran!


August 13                            If the Quran Had Been Transmitted and Compiled in the Same Manner as the Ahadith ...


August 9                               Our Lord, Please Guide Us to Your Ways ...


August 8                              The Ahadith Allegedly Explaining the Quran


August 1                              The Beautiful Character of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


July 21                                   A Book That Presents Parables ...


June 28                                 Can Menstruating Women Fast?


June 12                                 It is not Deviance, But a Right to Go Back to First Principles, the Source!


June 6                                   Led Astray By Fallible Sources


May 10                                 Self Transformation - Quote by Lao Tzu


April 19                                Beware of the teachers of the law - Prophet Jesus


April 6                                  Haughtily Judging Others


March 29                             The Exodus of Prophet Moses's People - A Quranic Perspective


March 15                             Unnecessary Questions


March 11                             Quote by Alan Watts


March 10                             Quote by George Orwell


February 25                        "...The eyes are useless when the mind is blind..."


February 18                       The Middle Way


February 13                       "If I were purely a philosopher ..."


February 9                         Two Crucial Differences Between the 'Quranist' (ism) and 'Quran-Centric' Approach


January 28                         Is the Quran Simply a Revelation to be Understood and Applied on a Personal Level?


January 22                         If there were no accountability or a hereafter...








December 18                   The Ten Commandments Related by the Quran


December 12                   A Basic Quranic Timeline Dealing with the Onset of the Final Hour and Resurrection


December 12                   Schisms that lead to Violence


November 29                  Psalm 139:23-24


November 27                  Quote by Helen Keller


November 23                  For the Sake of God


November 21                  A Story Not So Far Fetched - Two Travelling Angels


November 20                  The Known Universe


November 15                  Children


November 14                  The Quran's Lament


November 13                  Quote by Aldous Huxley


November 10                  Is the Punishment of Hell Eternal?


November 9                    Quote by Abdul Sattar Edhi


November 8                    Dear Traditionalist


November 8                    The Weakness of Memory Recall and the Subjective Nature of Transmitter Reliability


November 5                    My Beliefs and Practices in a Nutshell


November 3                    Islam as a Community Based Religion


October 29                      A Test for All Those of Faith Who Study the Book - Rely On Clear Matters      


October 28                      Verse Numbers of the Quran


October 26                      The Unwarranted Infatuation With Seeking Knowledge of the Final Hour   


October 21                      Myopic Thinking


October 20                      The Absence of Prayer Form - My Experience at Madinat al-Zahra (Al Andalus), Spain


October 20                      How Prophets Dealt with Earthly Desires


October 18                      Solace and Reassurance - The Quran


October 15                      Quote by Fulton Sheen


October 13                      'Familiarity' and 'Erudition' Remain Distinct


October 11                      The Two Awakenings


October 10                     "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument" - Quote by Desmond Tutu


October 9                        A Simple Instruction Confounds Many - 'Establish Salaat'


October 8                        Keep Remembrance of the Hereafter - Continuous


October 3                        Summary Dashboard - October 2014


September 29                A Trial Based Blip of Time


September 29                Real Abundance - Wisdom


September 29                Prevention of Individual Thought


September 28                Truths are Not Handed on a Plate


September 27                An example of a Quran-centric approach - Wash or Wipe in Ablution?


September 26                Self Shackled Prisoner


September 26                Most memorised and recited, least understood


September 22                Understanding Trials


September 18                Does Prayer Need to be in Arabic?


September 18                The Ignorant appear Learned and the Learned are Considered Ignorant


September 17                Rely on Clear Evidence


September 14                "Tradition becomes our security..." - Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti


September 5                  "The Truth Will Set You Free..." - Quote by Gloria Steinem


September 5                  The Human Race is Not Part of an Arbitrary Existence. We Must Know Why We Are Here


September 3                  God's Active Role and Our Trials


August 30                        Do Not Exult in What God Has Given You


August 29                        Perverted Ideologies and Neutralising the Threat of Extremism


August 24                        'Leap of Faith' - The Insignificant Phrase


August 21                        Yajuj Wa Majuj (Gog and Magog)


August 20                        The Heart of the Matter - The Two Sources


August 19                        Are You Qualified?


August 18                        A Strange Paradox - 'Moderate Muslims'


August 15                        The Message


August 13                        The Futility of Superficial Comparisons - Doctors vs Clergymen


August 7                          Empty Rituals


August 7                          The Mindless Slaughter of Innocent Souls


August 4                          Know Who to Condemn and Why - The Palestinian & Israeli Conflict


August 4                          The Destruction of Temples and the Children of Israel


July 23                              Life in Occupied Territories


July 22                              The State of the Ummah - Why are their Prayers Not Being Heard


July 17                              Stop Blaming Others for your Own Disunity


July 15                              The Concept of Hijrat - When it Becomes Compulsory from a Quran's Perspective


July 15                              A Trustee Relationship with Your Means


July 12                              Human Beings are in Most Things, Contentious


July 9                                Why Did God Not Simply Place Us in Paradise Without a Trial?


July 8                                Who Does God Love?


July 3                                Ridicule and Taunts


July 1                                The Mantra - "You Only Live Once!"


June 30                            Reformers


June 29                            Seek Moderation


June 28                            Tarawih Prayers - Q&As with Joseph Islam


June 25                            Hypocrisy and Double Standards


June 22                            Why Take the Quran Seriously?


June 22                            We Ask the Question


June 20                            Sleepwalk


June 17                            When You Ask for Guidance, Do You Really Mean It?


June 17                            An Atheistic Worldview


June 16                            Real Equality


June 16                            Prayers (Du'a) are Very Important


June 13                            The Quran - The Greatest Mirror


June 7                              Never to Cease Asking Questions


June 5                              The Walking Dead


June 4                              Hypothetical Statements & Questions to Prophet Lot


June 4                              We Must Recognise Our Real Priorities


June 3                              Quote by Napolean Bonaparte


June 2                              Mentality of the Human Masses


June 1                              What if We Are Right in What We Say to You?


May 30                             God Confers Honour Upon Whom He Wills - 'The Second of the Two'


May 27                             Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Greenleaf Whittier


May 27                             Different Players, Same Arguments


May 26                             Perception


May 25                             Bridging the Gap - From "A Christian who believes in the Quran's testimony"


May 22                             An Open Quran and a Willingness to Scrutinise


May 20                             What the Profile Image Depicts for Me


May 18                             Understanding Different Worlds    


May 17                             "When the Debate is Lost ..." - A Quote Attributed to Socrates


May 16                             Mansions & Palaces


May 14                             Divergent


May 12                             "My Lord!, Increase Me In Knowledge"


May 12                             And Humans Don't Have a Purpose?


May 11                             Intellectual Laziness


May 11                             Islam - What Kind of Religion Is It?


May 10                             How Many Times a Year Are You Tested?


May 9                               The Quran       


May 8                               You Don't Need Scripture to Tell You That God Exists


May 8                               Whose Sharia?


May 8                               What Makes You So Different?


May 7                               The Cycle Repeats


May 6                               Which Approach Does One Take?


May 6                               Adam and Jannah - An Earthly Abode or Paradise?


May 3                               Do I Follow the Sunna?


May 2                               You Say You Adore the Prophet...


May 1                               The Misery of Blind Rote Learning


April 30                           The Betraying Eyes


April 28                           Power to Dream


April 27                           Peer Pressure / Group Conformity


April 25                           Bring Me Better Proof if You Are Truthful


April 24                           Dear Atheist...


April 23                           Not Making Use of One's Own Mental Acuity


April 23                           Altering the Message - A Very Serious Matter


April 20                           Evolution as a 'Process' Guided by God


April 20                           Muhammad is Simply 'A Man'. Is He?


April 19                           Modern Sensibilities


April 18                           Wisdom from our Children


April 14                           Honesty to Oneself and Others


April 14                           The Potential of Humans


April 9                             Parental Upbringing


April 9                             You Cannot Guide Whom You Love


April 9                             Wireless Communication


April 5                            Doctrinal Extremes


April 5                            What Kind of Signs / Portents Were They Demanding?


April 3                            Facebook vs A Dedicated Forum for 1-1 Debates


April 2                            'God Does Not Change His Ways'


April 1                            Denying Miraculous Events


March 23                       Peering into the Past


March 22                       Metaphorical Readings in the Quran - A Misnomer


March 22                       Studying the Bible as Another Source for Guidance


March 21                       Beautiful People


March 20                      The Precision of the Quran's Usage of Language - Prophet Noah's Long Life


March 19                      One's True Identity Revealed


March 18                      This is Where the Problem Starts from a Theological Perspective


March 16                      Sleep


March 10                      Poetry from a Quran's Perspective and a Historic Survey


March 7                        The Gravest Foe of Truth


March 6                        Disbelief (Kufr)


March 4                        A Blip in Time


March 4                        No Time to Study the Quran?


March 3                        The Story of Robert Davila - Nouman Ali Khan


March 2                        Religious Knowledge Without True Application


March 2                        Dr Adnan Ibraham - Screaming I Despise Human Monsters


February 28                The Internal Barometer / One's Innate Disposition


February 28                The Sabbath Breakers: Apes & Swine - A Metaphorical or Literal Reading


February 26                It is not the 'Language' That is Important, But the 'Message'!


February 23               Human Creation


February 18               Silent Majority


February 16               The Potential Imminent Nature of Death


February 14               Truth and Minorities


February 14               Fighting Verses Illustrated 


February 12               Do Not Judge


February 12               Walking Alone


February 11               Dichotomy of Practices


February 11               Facebook - Looking Back Video


February 8                 When Denying God's Existence Becomes a Fashionable Trend


February 6                 Who Made God? - Questions from an Older Child


February 6                 Making Distinctions - A Serious Theological Matter


February 2                 Modesty in the Heart or Attire?


January 31                  A Scholarly Force


January 24                 Controversy - Quote by John Henry Newman


January 23                 Change


January 17                 The Oft Forgotten (The Angel of Death)


January 15                 Celebrating Prophet Muhammad's Birthday


January 14                 Absorbed by Perfection


January 13                 Wisdom               


January 11                 Our Gift of an Intellect - Never Forgo Its Use


January 10                 A Hypocritical Approach


January 8                   Recognise the Truth - Belief in God is Important


January 7                   Conduct is Key


January 6                   Striving for Truth


January 4                   The Truth That I Strive to Uphold


January 1                   Is Hearsay Unquranic?







December 30          Allegorical or Literal Meanings to Biblical Stories in the Quran


December 30          Can the Quranic 'Sujud' Mean Physical Prostration in Certain Contexts?


December 28          Corrupting a Source that is Perfect


December 16          Challenging the Status Quo


December 13          Blurring of the Boundaries


December 9            The Quran is my Lens


December 8            Religious Scholar and a Layman


December 7            A Less Divisive World


November 20         Struggle


November 4           Obeying Leaders and Men Blindly


October 31              They Keep Questioning But Do Not Ask the Details of Salat and Zakat - Why?


October 30              Possible Approach of the Earliest Muslims with Regards Islamic Sources


October 30              Salat and Zakat Outside the Ahadith Corpus


October 27              Produce a Surah Like It - The Challenge of the Quran


October 26              Falsehood with all its Sophistry


October 26              Unknown Names and Towns


October 24              Pedantic Rituals


October 23              Fettered by the Words of Men


October 22              Religious Zealotry


October 22              Full Circle


October 21              Being Taught the Beauty of Diversity


October 21              Consult


October 19              Greatness of a People


October 18              Guidance Most Straight


October 15              Obstacles Within Ourselves


October 15              Emphasis on Rituals


October 13              My Struggle


October 13              Social Depravity in the Name of Art


October 13              Were all the Prophet's Utterances a 'Wahi' From God? (Divinely Inspired)?


October 12              Paradigm Shift


October 12              Pious Lies


October 8                The Quran-centric Position


October 8                A Dichotomy in Practice within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


October 7                Fetters of Blind Scripting


October 6                Exploiting the Sources


October 5                Mental Slavery


October 4                Tested in Secret


October 3                Daring to Challenge


October 2                Quranic Prayers


October 2                Errant Theologies


October 1                Engage


October 1                Inconsistency Regarding the Literary Record


October 1                External Post - Nadeem Akhtar


October 1                External Post - Nadeem Akhtar


September 30        Enemies Amongst Us


September 30        Little Knowledge vs Blind Belief


September 30        Contrived Authority


September 29        Voluminous Secondary Sources


September 29        External Post - Nadeem Akhtar


September 28        Greatest Challenge to Truth


September 28        Late Fallible Sources


September 27        External Post - Shaik Nasar (Login Required)


September 27        Being Well Versed with the Quran and Religion


September 26        The Disparity Between the Quran and the Ahadith Corpus


September 25        Shoehorning Unwarranted Doctrines Into the Quranic Verses


September 25        External Post - Nadeem Akhtar


September 24        Reading the Book with Borrowed Eyes


September 24        Using One's Potential - Quote by Erma Bombeck


September 24        The Quran Must Be Allowed To Speak


September 22        The Confines of Divine Religious Boundaries


September 21        External Post - Selma El Mahi Ahlroth (Login Required)


September 21        External Post - Adam Sayid (Login Required)


September 21        Whether 'Consent' is a Legitimate Basis for Authority


September 21        Propagating Error


September 21        Fallibility of the Compilers


September 21        The Hidden Islam in America


September 17        External Post - Nadeem Akhtar


September 17        Our Limited Life


September 14        With a Piece of Chalk


September 14        The Ocean of the Quran


September 14        The Illiterate of the 21st Century


September 13        Pass Through


September 12        The Prayers of the Believers


September 12        Hearsay


September 12        Misplaced Obscurantism


September 11        Does Verse 65:4 Provide Consent To Consummate a Marriage with a Female Minor?


September 10        Marriageable Age


September 10        Charitable Intent


September 9          Desperate Times and Character


September 8          Resisting Changes - Rumi's Quote        


September 8          Life is a Trial        


August 31                Speaking the Truth


August 27                External Post - Shaik Nasar (Login Required)


August 26                Heinous Crimes Committed in the Name of God


August 25                Mark Twain's Quote


August 25                Asking Why


August 24                The Quran Exposes One's Shortcomings


August 23                God's Words


August 22                Real Victory


August 20                External Post - Touhida Ferdous (Login Required)


August 18                What is an Islamic Greeting?


August 15                How Many Embrace the Inevitable?


August 15                External Post - Wahida Ferdous (Login Required)


August 14                Following Traditions


August 13                External Post - Jason Wilson (Login Required)


August 11                Surah 102 and Worldly Distractions


August 9                   External Post - Andy Singaporean (Login Required)


August 9                   Why Have We Fasted?


August 9                   External Post - Feel Deep (Login Required)


August 8                   My Religion is for God


August 8                   End of Ramadan and Allegiances


August 6                   Different Paths, One Purpose


August 6                   Our Responsibilities


August 5                   Search for Truth an Ongoing Endeavour


August 4                   Defending Deep Held Convictions at the Expense of Truth


August 3                   Echoes of the Past


August 2                   The Power of Forgiveness


August 2                   The Real Sunna of the Prophets


August 1                   Fingers Point Back


July 30                       Quranic Myopia


July 27                       Tawakkal Ala Allah


July 26                       The Quran Itself is a Translation in Parts


July 25                       A Better Argument


July 25                       Softening of the Hearts


July 24                       The Two Guides - The Quran and the Bible               


July 23                       Common Ground                       


July 23                       A Wise Man


July 23                       The Earliest Generations


July 23                       Distortion


July 23                       Inner Balance


July 22                       External Post - Ismail Lasun (Login Required)


July 22                       Who Are 'Really' the Quranic Ulema?


July 21                       Different Players and a Different Time


July 21                       Double Standards


July 21                       Hope More Powerful Than Fear


July 21                       Acute Fear


July 20                       Do You Really Mean It?


July 20                       Nothing Has Been a Coincidence


July 19                       Surrendering the Intellect


July 19                       Asking Questions in Religion


July 18                       Pass It On!


July 18                       Sole Answerability


July 17                       Those Who Divide Their Religion and Become 'Shi'ah'


July 17                       Awaiting a 'Mahdi'


July 17                       Sentenced Without a Trial


July 16                       False Consensus


July 16                       Replacements


July 15                       Eliciting Finer Details


July 15                       God Almighty


July 15                       Relative Judgement


July 14                       Powerful Advice Every Parent Should Give Their Child


July 14                       External Post - Pouya Motavalli (Login Required)


July 13                       Wisdom In-between the Lines


July 13                       Infatuation with Titles


July 13                       Coincidence or Contrived?


July 12                       Holding Contradictory Beliefs


July 12                       A Fresh Dialogue


July 11                       Ramadan


July 11                       External Post - Syed Ijlal Hussain (Login Required)


July 10                       Seeking Knowledge from Someone Whose Intentions Are Compromised


July 10                       Skepticism to Re-establish Certainty


July 1                         External Post - Ali Al-Abdul Wadud (Login Required)             


June 17                     Unavailability


June 17                     Jannah


June 16                    "Thus We Contrived..." - God Cannot Be Constrained


June 16                    How Islamic Secondary Sources Can Lead to Hatred


June 14                    Knowledge of the Ancients


June 14                    Sexy Female Virgins For Men in Paradise - Really?


June 14                    Herd Mentality


June 13                    True Enquiry Demands Consistency


June 13                    The Jinn


June 13                    The Walking Dead


June 13                     Is Such an Incident 'Theoretically Possible' from a Quran's Perspective?

                                    Related Post: What Happened? - You Decide


June 13                     Can the Prophet Help You?


June 12                     Angels (Mala'ikah)


June 12                     A Common Paradox


June 11                     An Old Synagogue


June 10                     Breaking Theological Barriers - 'Allah is Not an Exclusive Name for God'


June 10                     External Post - Serajul Islam (Login Required)


June 10                     NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden


June 9                        External Post - Patrick Manilreyone (Login Required)


June 9                        The Scale of the Known Universe


June 8                        Comparing the Responses of 'Some' Muslims Today with the Responses of the Quraish (Mushrikeen) of Old


June 7                        The Cave of Hira


June 7                        The Night Journey - Isra and Mi'raj


June 7                        My Brother the Islamist - Video


June 6                        When a Real and Final Catastrophe Should Befall Us


June 6                        Verdon Gorge, Southern France


June 6                        Rocks Through Which Waters Gush


June 6                        Rebooting the Mind


June 4                        Teacher-Student Relationship


June 3                        Following the Quran Alone - Dr. Shabbir Ally


June 3                        Follow Those That Ask of No Fee


June 3                        Inner Peace


June 3                        Footprints


June 3                        If Adults Can be Brainwashed, Then What Chance Do Some Children Have?


June 2                        Roads


June 2                        Diversity


June 2                        Does the Quran Sanction the Enterprise of Historical Reporting?


June 1                        Communities Like Unto Us


June 1                        Why Does God Punish You for Your Sins?


May 31                       One of the Oldest Church in England, UK (c.654 CE)


May 31                       We Must Get Our Own House in Order First


May 30                       'Fitnah' - A Deeper Meaning Behind Our Trials


May 29                       Obedience without a Covenant?


May 29                       Zayd Ibn Harithah


May 27                       The Oldest Standing Minaret in the World


May 27                       Temporal Life


May 26                       Unscathed or Tainted Reports? - Authentic or Salvaged History


May 26                       What Does 214 Years Feel Like?


May 25                       "The Prophet Said"...


May 24                       Effective Altruism


May 23                       Cumulonimbus Clouds


May 23                       The Standards of Believers


May 23                       Intellectual Suicide


May 22                       We Don't Have to Agree on Everything


May 21                       When You Find Yourself in a Position to Help Someone...


May 21                       Did Prophet Jesus Have a Wife?


May 21                       Never Underestimate the Importance of Prayer


May 21                       Babies


May 20                       Ramblings


May 19                       Real Life Heroes


May 19                       Niujie (Ox Street) Mosque, Beijing, China


May 18                       Withdraw and Return


May 17                       Wisdom is not Restricted to Scholarship


May 17                       Akhirat


May 15                       Complete Control in 7 Steps


May 15                       The Dead Sea


May 14                       Please Speak with Politeness and Wisdom


May 13                       Ronald Davis


May 13                       Explicit vs Implicit - What Has Greater 'Authority' as a Testimony 'In the Name of Religion'?


May 13                       The Quicksand of Islamic Secondary Sources


May 11                       What is 'Wasilah' from a Quran's Perspective?


May 10                       Pot Calling the Kettle Black


May 10                       External Post - Mubashir Inayat (Login Required)


May 10                       The Righteous Caliphs


May 9                          Obey God and the Messenger


May 8                          Break Free                     


May 7                          Abu Simbel, Egypt


May 7                          Suspicion


May 6                          O Ye Children of Adam


May 6                          The Current State of Affairs


May 6                          Taunted and Ridiculed But Truth Never Dies


May 6                          Prayers in General


May 5                          Man Made Laws in the Name of Religion


May 5                          Trifling the Quran


May 2                          What 'Is' Really Important


May 1                          There is no Death Unless God Wills


April 29                       When One Protects the Sources, Then One Must Defend its Contents


April 29                       Shackling the Mind - A Plea to Young Parents


April 28                       External Post - Andy Singaporean (Login Required)


April 28                       Do Not Despair of God's Mercy


April 28                       Hospitality to Strangers


April 27                       Good in All - Jews, Christians and Muslims


April 14                       Unavailability


April 14                       Brother Nouman Ali Khan - To Uphold the Quran or Not?


April 14                       Science and Revelation are Not Necessarily Mutually Exclusive


April 14                       Small Kindnesses


April 13                       An Admission by Richard Dawkins


April 13                       Why Is It Sinful If I Was Born This Way?


April 12                       Islamic Ijm'a


April 12                       Can Muslims Greet Non-Muslims with 'Peace'?


April 11                       The Unseen


April 10                       Illiterate Yet Profoundly Wise


April 10                       Think For Yourself


April 10                       How I Engage with the Sunnah and Wider Islamic Secondary Sources Such as the Ahadith Corpus


April 9                         The Quran at the Helm


April 8                         How Does One Reconcile Numbers with Prophecy?


April 8                         Orthodoxy Contempt


April 7                         Mesmerising Murmurations


April 6                         Thoughts by Joseph Islam 


April 5                         External Post - Arju Buwana Arifin (Login Required)


April 5                         Chill


April 5                         Sowing the Seeds of Hope


April 4                         The Role of Story Tellers in Contributing to Islam's Secondary Ahadith Corpus


April 2                         Paris Hilton in Makkah


April 1                         Bassam Zawadi


March 31                    Complicating Religion


March 31                    God's Beautiful Creation


March 30                    Jealousy


March 30                    True Learning Starts from the Home


March 29                    Seeking Unity and Not Division


March 28                    Anonymity


March 27                    Circular Reasoning


March 26                    What is Your View on Hadith?


March 26                    Be this Guy (Login Required)  


March 26                    The Cart Before the Horse


March 25                    The Role of Classical Mosques


March 24                    Comments on the Infallibility of the Prophetic Sunnah - Food for Thought


March 22                    Common Assertions


March 22                    Prophet 'Hazir Nazir' Ever Witnessing and Present, Possessing Unseen Knowledge and Alive in His Grave


March 22                    Harder to Create the First Time or Recreate a Second Time?


March 18                    A Bitter Truth


March 18                    We Are the Best Ummah - Are We Really?


March 17                    Why Am I a Muslim? - Muhammad Ali


March 16                    External Post - Adam Sayid


March 16                    Was the Prophet of God Akin to a Postman Who Simply Delivers a Message?


March 16                    External Post - Delwar Hossain


March 16                    Taqiyya


March 13                    External Post - Otutu Qudus Abolore


March 12                    Endless Discourses


March 11                    How Would You Even Know That the Quran was Preserved if it was Not for AHadith?   


March 11                    Please Tell Me Which is it? - Complete or Incomplete?


March 11                    New Section - Question & Answers


March 10                    Theodicy, God and Suffering


March 9                      A Separation (2011)


March 8                      Falsehoods


March 8                      An Evident Reality


March 7                      Atheists


March 7                      Arnoud van Doorn


March 5                      Forbes List Understates My Wealth, Saudi Prince Says


March 5                      Are We Really Prepared to Question Our Priorities?


March 4                      John the Baptist - Bethany Beyond the Jordan


March 4                      Pamukkale, Turkey


March 4                      From Europe's Summit


March 4                      Consequences 


March 4                      Mindless Sectarian Violence Over Partial Histories


March 3                      Sky Quakes


March 3                      Two Hearts?


March 2                      How Does the Quran Make Use of the Term Imam? (Login Required)


March 2                      Sinkholes


March 1                      Prescribing 7th Century Local Customs as Religious 'Sunnah' in Modern Times


February 27              Don't Preach it, Live it!


February 26              Breeding Hatred Where Love Should Suffice


February 26              A Text Version of Edward Lanes


February 26              A Muslim Name?


February 25              You Are So Beautiful To Me


February 21              Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativity?


February 21              What do you 'really' want to do?


February 18              The Emphasis on Scientific Miracles in the Quran - Drawing Context to the Claim


February 18              Quran is the Best Hadith


February 14              Spiritual and Physical Health


January 21                 Unavailability


January 21                 How Different Souls Come to Certainty


January 20                 Asking the Wrong Questions


January 18                 Keeping Context By Acknowledging Common Ground


January 17                 Earth-Centric


January 17                 Fingerprints of Authenticity (Follow-up)


January 16                 Lack of Vocalisation of Early Quranic Manuscripts


January 15                 Fingerprints of Authenticity   


January 14                 Popular Opinion


January 9                   Understanding the Quran Through the Wrong Keyhole


January 9                   My Humble Advice


January 9                   A Clarification of Everything Necessary for Guidance                  


January 8                   From First Principles


January 8                   The One God - A Jewish Believing Brother Speaks


January 8                   Immutable


January 5                   Fear


January 5                   A Case of Pick and Choose


January 4                   Discussions on Quranic Preservation et al


January 3                   Arthur Schopenhauer Quote - Stages of Truth


January 2                   Is Insurance Haram?


January 1                   Is Gabriel (Jibril) an Angel?








December 31           External Post - Aydan Mahoney


December 31           Rape


December 27           External Post - Youssef Abdalla (Salaat)


December 27           External Post - Youssef Abdalla (Fasting)


December 26           External Post - Azlanul Ta'zeem


December 24           In-Laws


December 24           A Noble Messenger Jesus


December 23           Varying Degrees of Truth


December 20           An Oft Inevitable Regression to Falsehood


December 19           The Majority


December 13           Protecting the Character of the Prophet


December 13           The Beautiful Character of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


December 12           Eating with Your Left Hand


December 9             Sir Patrick Moore - Rest in Peace


December 9             Unexpected Email Received from Edip Yuksel Today (


December 7             Trapped by Dogma


December 4             A Personal Prayer


December 2             When Learned Arabs Set the Records Straight With Regards the Ahadith Corpus


December 2             'Where Words Fail, Music Speaks'


November 30          Do We Lose All Rationality and Abandon Our Intellectual Faculties in the Name of Religion?


November 25          No One Should Stand Between You and God


November 24          A Means to an End


November 23          Pondering at Raj Ghat


November 22          Mukhlasin


November 21          Cameras that Watch You


November 20          Differences in the Quran - Really?


November 15          External Post added to Timeline - Karin Conter Kilic


November 13          External Post added to Timeline - Jason Wilson


November 13          Approaching God with Our Hearts


November 13          The Trumpet is Blown or is it?


November 12          Facebook Posts - Direct Links


November 10          Knowing the Sources - Hadith Qudsi


November 8            Knowledge Without Application is Futile


November 7            Knowing the Sources


November 5            The Quran's wisdom and Friday Sermons


November 4            Guiding Light


November 4            Love and Empathy


November 1            Infatuation with the Histories of Men


November 1            In Memory of Dr. Richard Teo (1972 - 2012)


October 30               The Power of Love and its Ultimate Source


October 30               Shams Tabrizi


October 30               The Compilation of the Quran from a Quran's Perspective


October 29               Source of Guidance Made Clear for Mankind


October 28               Linking the Need to Sacrifice at Eid al-Adha with Prophet Abraham's Test


October 27               The Pitfalls of Ascribing Piety - The despicability of Jimmy Savile


October 26               The Concept of Hijrat


October 26               Serenity Prayer


October 26               External Post - Amr Abouelleil           


October 25               External Post - Otutu Qudus Abolore


October 25               Wisdom Transcends the remit of Language


October 24               Hajj


October 23               Sold to the memories of the past


October 19               You know who you are ;-)


October 18               External Post - Nadeem Akhtar


October 18               Amin Ahsan Islahi's Motto


October 15               Skydiver


October 14               Back to Basic Principles


October 14               External Post - Jason Wilson


October 13               External Post - Jason Wilson


October 13               Halim - Forbearing, Clement


October 9                 External Post - Jason Wilson


October 9                 External Post - Yasin Riley


October 8                 'Take what the Prophet Gives You' - Support for the Sunna


October 8                 Alterations


October 6                 Learning Salat Using Hadith is Impossible Admits a Traditionalist Clergyman


October 5                 What Really Matters


October 4                 Abrogation - A False Doctrine


October 2                 Copyrights


September 30        The Innocence of Children


September 30        Our Shared Thoughts


September 28        External Post - Kartin Conter Kilic


September 27        External Post - Jason Wilson


September 22        External Post - Dawud Abdur-Rahman


September 21        What is the True Innocence of Muslims


September 19        External Post - Pedro Melo


September 19        External Post - Jason Wilson


September 17        External Post - Jeanette Davies


September 13        Unavailability


September 10        One Rule for You and Another for Me


September 9          My Facebook Usage


September 9          External Post - Karin Conter Kilic


September 9          External Post - Delwar Hossain


September 9          To 'Blindly' Follow any Human Personality is Wholly Unquranic


September 9          Slavery


September 7          Did Prophet Solomon Really Slaughter His Horses?


September 7          Did Harut and Marut Teach Dark Magic?


September 6          Does the Quran Prohibit Gold and Silk for Men?


September 5          Pharaoh - Lord of the Stakes or Pyramids?


September 4          Reflections


September 3          Change Comes from Within


September 3          What is a Muslim Name? - A Misnomer


September 2          External Post - Azrudi Mustapha


September 2          Who Said Animals Don't Have Souls?


September 1          Beautiful Psalms


September 1          We Must Separate What is Cultural From What is Essential - Jeffrey Lang


September 1          Divisions


August 31                External Post - Mohammad Shukoor


August 31                Eat and Drink but Don't Be Extravagant


August 31                Questioning the Basis of the Arabic Language - A New Fangled Approach of 'Some' Quranists


August 30                What Torah and Injeel Does the Quran Refer to?


August 30                The Prayer of Saint Francis


August 29                The Good News of the Birth of a Daughter


August 29                Clergy Control


August 25                External Post - Abdul Rahman Al Afasy


August 24                How Can We Be Forgiven, If We Are Prepared Not To Forgive Others


August 24                Misuse of the Quranic Narratives by 'Some' Quranists to Legitimise 'Modern' Consumption of Alcohol


August 24                Nikaah al-Mut'ah - Temporary Marriage


August 22                Taking Jews and Christians as Friends


August 22                Ban on Face Covering in France - A Debate


August 22                A Religion of Peace


August 21                External Post - Aydan Mahoney


August 21                Arabish


August 21                Random Listening - Yanni (One Man's Dream)


August 21                Shi'a Doctrine and Questioning its Theological Precepts from the Quran


August 18                Burden of Proof


August 15                The Unfounded Agenda of Some Quranists


August 15                External Post - Usamah Qirbee


August 14                Unwarranted Prejudice Against Past Scholars, Compilers and Historians


August 14                Belittling Others


August 13                The Sleepers of the Cave - The Quran, Historical Sources and Observation


August 13                Committed Believers


August 13                Was Ritual Prayer a Practice Invented Later?


August 13                Endless Online Debates


August 12                External Post - Imran Khan


August 12                External Post - Mutasim Rashid Hannon Talib


August 12                Ignorance Bordering Hypocrisy


August 12                The Ahadith Corpus as a Source for Religious Authority


August 11                External Post - Wahida Ferdous


August 11                External Post - Imran Khan


August 11                External Post - Azrudi Mustapha


August 11                Lailut-ul-Qadr - An Understanding from a Quranic Perspective


August 11                The Ahadith Corpus Challenged on Basic Principles


August 10                External Post - Touhida Ferdous


August 9                  External Post - Abdul Rahman Al-Afasy


August 8                  A Stroll Through History


August 7                  Zam Zam Water - Passing on Unwarranted Beliefs


August 6                  External Post - Karin Conter Kilic


August 6                  Reassessing Your Traditions in Light of the Quran - A Case in Point (To God We Belong)


August 5                  External Post - Syed Ijlal Hussain


August 5                  Problems with Locating God in Time, Space and as Part of His Creation


August 4                  External Post - Abdul Rahman Al-Afasy


August 2                  Misguided Islam at Times Pursued in the Name of Following the Quran


August 2                  During the Games


July 31                      Ascending Stairways


July 31                      Sufficiency of the Quran is Not an Innovation


July 31                      External Post - Khairul Azhar Abdul Rashid


July 29                      Insatiable Desire to Criticise the Quran


July 28                      Unwarranted Concepts


July 28                      Purpose of Fasting     


July 26                      Poisoned Chalice


July 25                      Ma Navu (Hebrew)


July 25                      Beautiful Recitation of the Holy Quran


July 25                      Love, Unity, Acceptance & Tolerance


July 23                      The Quran Stripped Bare


July 22                      Max Ehrmann's Desiderata


July 21                      External Post - Mubashir Inayat


July 21                      External Post - Elvira Maria Matthews


July 21                      A Generous, Loving and Forgiving Lord


July 20                      Suffering and Adversity


July 19                      A Woman's Face Coverage


July 19                      Love of Scholars


July 19                      False Consensus


July 15                      Followers of God's Word are One Big Community in Faith (Umma)


July 14                      Case in Point: Salah


July 13                      Finding the Middle Way


July 12                      Why Covet?


July 11                      A Prayer at Dusk


July 10                      Culture and Traditions Should Be Understood and Not Simply Dismissed


July 10                      Richard Branson When Asked About God


July 9                        The Tradition of Prayer - An Old Practice


July 8                        Conflicting Positions


July 7                        A Vendetta Against a Beautiful Creature of God


July 6                        Seeking Knowledge without a Basis to Discern


July 5                        Ascribing Piety


July 4                        Questioning the Absence of Recorded Contemporaneous Testimony


July 4                        Misrepresenting Past Personalities


July 3                        Shia-Sunni Collide


July 3                        Speak A Gentle Word


July 3                        Arrogance and Deceit - A Widespread Malady


June 30                    Delusion of Blindly Basing Veracity on Inherited Beliefs


June 29                    External Post - Kashif Mahmood  [QM FB Page]


June 29                    What an Irony! - Double Standards


June 26                    God's word is left Abandoned


June 24                    Truth Peppered with Falsehood - Poisoned Chalice


June 22                    Does the Qur'an Emphasize Reason in Our Spiritual Quest? - Jeffrey Lang


June 18                    External Post - Delwar Hossain  [QM FB Page]


June 16                    Personal - Celtic Panpipes - Ride On


June 16                    Another Perspective - God's Power


June 15                    Internal Schisms


June 15                    Religion of Abraham


June 15                    Endless Disputations


June 11                    External Post - G. Waleed Kavalec


June 6                      External Post - Rizwan Ahmad


June 4                      Beautiful Psalms


June 2                      The Biggest Stars in the Universe


June 1                      Be Thankful for the Blessings We Have


June 1                      Who to Follow  [QM FB Page]


May 31                    Wealth and Children


May 31                    Dr. Quantum - Double Slit Experiment


May 30                    Develop Your Character - Javed Ghamidi (English Subtitles)  [QM FB Page]


May 28                    Underwater Lake


May 28                    Underwater Astonishments (David Gallo)


May 26                    Islamic Secondary Sources - An unwarranted Conduit


May 25                    The Life of the World is Just an Illusion - A Test


May 22                    Dogs - Beautiful Companions


May 19                    The Curse of man-made Shariah


May 19                    Core Teaching in a Nutshell


May 17                    Blind Following of One's Forefathers


May 16                    Recent Article Publication Log


May 15                    Personal - RainyMood


May 15                    Man Made Shariah


May 14                    Corrupt Doctrines


May 12                    QM Video  [QM FB Page]


May 11                    Blind Obedience to Authority


May 11                    Charity


May 11                    External Post - Aliyev Huseyn  [QM FB Page]


May 9                      Alternative Scripture - A Dark Invention  [QM FB Page]


May 9                      Group Conformity - A Powerful Force [QM FB Page]


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May 9                      Mada'in Saleh (Petra's sister site) [QM FB Page]


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May 8                      Charity


May 8            


May 7                      I surrender to the Lord of the Universe [Profile]






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