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Some Popular Questions




Are Prawns / Scampi's Halal to eat?


'Blood Poured Forth' and 6:145


Can We Eat All Animals - Food Restrictions?


Can We Eat Amphibians?


Can We Sell or Handle Alcohol?


Clarifications Regarding Eating Sea Animals


How Does the Quran Deal with Poisonous Fish?


Is it Halal to Eat Sea Creatures That Are Killed in a Brutal Manner?


Is it Haram to Eat Donkeys?


Is Pig Fat Forbidden or Just Swine Flesh?


Is Vegetarianism Haraam?


Question on a Culinary Major


Slaughtering of Animals - Submission of Animals


Why Can We Eat Dead Fish and Not Dead Animals (Carrion)?


Why is Swine Flesh Forbidden for Consumption?


Wines/alcohol in food





Angels Depicted on a Mirror


Can You Marry Your Grandparents?


Celebrating Birthdays


Christmas season and Santa


Circumstances Affecting Ability to Study Religion Properly


Committing Suicide


Cutting off the Hands


Democracy or Not?


Difficult Parents / Correcting Parents


Do I have to cover my arms and my legs?


Does Cannabis come under the category of 'Khamar'?


Does Verse 30:21 Legitimise Homosexuality?


Drinking and Prayer


How to Teach Young Children


Immoral Acts and Punishment


Immorality at the Olympic Games


Is Genetic Engineering Permissible for Humanity?


Is it Permissible to use Donor Eggs?


Is Rule By Democracy Shirk?


Islam and Family Conflicts


Keeping a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend


Permissibility of Cousin Marriages


Questions on Magic


Question with regards the Permissibility of Tattoos




Naming Children


Organ Donation


Seeking Solace


Sexual Diversity


Soul's Temptation


Taking Jews, Christians or Disbelievers as Friends


The Scope of Sexual Permissibility Between Husband and Wife


Verse 2:187 and the Role of Classical Mosques


What is the Linguistic Origin of the term Halalah'?


Why are Male Believers Allowed to Marry People of the Book?


Why Do You Stay Anonymous?


Why Is There Injustice and Suffering?


Wishing Season Greetings





30 Para's / Juz of the Quran


360 Idols


Allah Hu Akbar


Alleged Contradiction in the Quran


Alleged Grammar Mistakes in the Quran


Animal / Creature from the Earth


'Any other teachings' or 'False / Forged Teachings'. - Understanding 69.43/47


Arabs or Bedouins?


Are there Holy Months or Months (plural)?


A Very Perturbing Query - Will Allah Also Die? (Nauzbillah)


Bayn - Prophet's Responsibility to Explain the Quran


Bayni aydeehim wamin Khalfihim


Blowing on Knots


Clarification on a Recitation


Clarification on Surah al-Qasas and Madyan


Clarifications Sought on the Makkah and Bakkah Article


Detailed Syntax Analysis


Did Prophet Muhammad Receive Inspiration Outside the Quran?


Did the Word 'Atom' Exist for Classical Arabs?


Difference Between 'Isha' and 'Layl' in Context of Prayers and Fasting


Difference Between Shair'ullah and Manasik (Rites)


Differences in Counting Verse Numbers


Differences in the Translations of the Quran


Different Translation of the Last Verse by MAS Abdel Haleem


Divining Arrows?


Do Animals Have Any Sort of Accountability?


Do verses 98:6 and 2:62 conflict? Second - a question of plurality


Does the Quran say that Stars orbit the Earth?


Does Verse 7:205 Refer to Meditation?


Does 'Wahdahu' in 17:46 mean God alone or Quran alone?


Explanation of verse 108.3


God's 'Arsh' (Throne) - What Does it Mean?


'Good' Atheists?


'Hayta la-ka' - Come now, Take Me


How Did the Mountains Crumble for Prophet Moses?


How Do you Know that the Quran is the Word of God?


How Many Prophets Are Mentioned in the Quran?


How to Approach the Quran - A Personal Opinion Sought


How to Interpret Verse 3:7 and Those of Sound Knowledge


Is Allah's Day Equivalent to 1,000 yrs or 50,000 yrs?


Is Idol Worship Najis and not Shirk and therefore Pardonable?


Is the Qur'an Easy to 'Remember' or Easy to 'Learn'?


Is the Quran Easy to Understand?


'Khalaqa' & 'Qun fa-yaqoon'


'Laa Misaasa' - Touch Me Not (20:97)


Learning the Quran through Dictionaries Alone


Love God Alone


Makkan and Madini Surahs


Male-centric Reading of the Quran


Meaning of Ar Rahman


Meaning of Jumu'ah


Meaning of 'Nur' from the Quran


Meaning of the Arabic word 'maAAahumu'


Muhammad Was not Father of Your Men - Ayat 33:40?


Multiple Q&As - With Joseph Islam


Multiple Questions for Brother Joseph


Nafs and Abortion


Night and Day and Sun and Moon - A Scientific Error?


Past Tense and Future Events


Pharaoh, the god


Please Help me Understand Verse 5:54 correctly


Poets Condemned by the Quran


Prophet Lot Offering His Daughters


Quran Translations


Questions About Surah Fil (Chapter 105)


Question About Surah 66:1-2 and Maariyah


Questions for Joseph Islam


Questions Regarding Verse 3:7 - Mutashabihaat


'Quran Alone' or 'Lord Alone in the Quran' - Verse 17:46


Quran Preservation and Mutawatir Transmission


Regarding Adjective Place before GOD


Stops or Prevents? Verse 29:45


Surah Lahab and Blasphemy


Surah Qamar and the Moon Splitting


Tawaasul and verse 4:64 (Prophet's Forgiveness)


The Earth is Spherical - How do some face the Ka3ba?


The Qibla Change


The Quran as Divine and Why Are Strong Drinks Prohibited?


The Sabbath Breakers


Translating the Word 'Mutashabihat'


Understanding Root 'Ayn Shiin Ra' and the word Ashara


Understanding the Best Translation for 14:34


Understanding Verse 25:30 - Messenger 'has said' or messenger 'will say'


Verse 21:112 - Alif or No Alif?


Verse 21:112 - Qala or Qul? (Say or He Said)?


Verse 22:36 and Sacrificial Camels


Verses and their Relevance Today


Was the Dog in Surah Kahf alive when the Cave Sleepers Awoke?


What are your reasons for only upholding the Quran?


What Does 'Maghrib ash-shams' (Setting of the Sun) Mean?


What is the meaning of Al-Farj?


What Promise Was Made in Verse 8:7?


What is 'Bud'na' and Does Allah's Name Have to Be Pronounced?


What is Quranic Grammar?


What is the Difference Between Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding


What is the Difference Between Zin / Basir?


What is the Meaning of 'Maula' in the Quran


Who are the Prophets Salih and Shu'ayb Talking to if their Nations are Destroyed (7:79)?

Who Frowned Away in Surah Abasa (80.1)?


Who Named Us "Muslims"?


What Does AlBaytA and AlbaTI/TIN (House) Refer To?


When We Die - What Happens Next?


Why Did God ask the Angels to 'Prostrate' to Man When Prostration is for God?


Why Does the Quran Not talk About Dinosaurs or Other Prophets?


Why is 'Qul' not mentioned in 27:91?


Why is 'Shirk' an Unforgivable Sin? - Please Help Me


Written Tablets of Prophet Moses





About Missed Prayers


Absence of Salaat Details in the Quran and the Need for Hadith


Can Women Pray and Fast During Menstruation?


Can Women Lead Mixed Congregational Prayers?


Determining Times of Prayer (Example: Asr)


Do I Have to Pray in Arabic?


Does God Answer All Our Prayers as in Verse 2:186?


Does passing wind from the anus invalidate wudu?


Does the Salaat End with a Prostration Based on Verse 4:102?


Does Salaat mean prayer?


Friday Prayer


Head Coverage During Prayer


How Can One Offer 'Salaat' if they Only Follow the Quran Alone?


How Can Quran-Only Muslims Pray?


How Do Birds Do Salaat?


How Do I Pray Ritual Salaat from the Quran?


How Do I Repent?


How Do We do Sunnah without Referring to Hadiths?


How Does One Pray Where the Sun Never Sets?


Is the Friday Khutbah Obligatory?


Is There a Requirement for 3 or 5 Prayers in the Quran?


Questions About Ritual Prayers from a Quran's Perspective


Prayers to use in Salaat


Praying at Mosques which Idolise the Prophet


Praying and Fasting During Menses and Covering the Hair


Praying with Difficulty


Questions About Prayer / Salaat


Regarding Salaat in Quran - 5 or 3 times


Salaat and Surah Fateha


Salaat Practices / Ritual


Salaat - To follow Someone Closely?


Salaat ul-Istakhara


Saying Darud in Prayer


Shortening of Prayers


Synagogues, Churches or Trading Places?


The Remit of 'Dhikr', Invocations to others in Prayers and Tashadud


Waking Children up for Salah


What is the Salaam (Tasleem) at the End of the Prayer?


What to Recite During Prayers


Where Does the Quran Teach You How to Pray?


Why do we say 'Qul' (say) in our Prayers?


Why Rituals Don't Work


Will praying for the dead help them?


Women Leading Prayer


Women Praying with Men


Zoroastrian Influence on Salaat





Anti-clockwise Circumambulation (Tawaaf) - Why?


Anxious About Eid-ul Azha - Questions on Hajj for Brother Joseph Islam


Blessings, Shaving the Head and Dhikr


Buying a Plot of Land for Burial


Circumcision - Does Following the Religion of Abraham Sanction it?


Clarification Sought on Qurbani


Copying the Prophet's Actions in Love


Discussing Fasting till Night


Fasting on the Day of Ashura


Fasting in Muharram and the Four Sacred Months


Fasting Whilst Pregnant


Following the Prophet's Traditions


Following the Sunna


Hafiz or Hifz


Hajj According to the Quran


Hajj Timing


Hunting Fish in Makkah?


Is Homosexuality Punishable By Death?


Is Insurance Haram?


Is it Necessary to do 'Istinja' (Wash Our Parts)


Is it Permissible for a Woman to Pluck Her Eyebrows?


Is sacrifice compulsory for those not performing Hajj?


Is Smoking Forbidden / Haram?






Just Retribution


Keeping a Beard


Makkah, Baca & Hajj


Missing Fasts for Ramadan and Compensation


Questions for Joseph A.I - Inheritance / Riba / Hajj


Questions Regarding Hajj


Qurbani During Eid ul-Adha


Rituals Associated with a New Born Boy


Rituals Associated with the Birth of a Child


Share Dealing


Stoning to Death for Adultery


Tarawih Prayers - Q&As with Joseph Islam


Tattoos and Homosexuality


The Quran on Homosexuality


To Bathe or to Wash in Ablution (Wudu)?


Wearing the Ihram During Hajj


What is Hajj the Quranic Way?


When is the Best Time To Open the Fast According to the Quran?





Agnostic / Theist Trying to Find Truth


Astaana and other Quranist Misinformation


But Even Those That Follow the Quran Can't Agree!


Code 19 and asking for Proof


Dr. shabbir's Views on Graven Images


Is 'Zaid' a Real Name?


Illuminati Referred to as Followers of Pharaoh and Sometimes Worshippers of Satan


Tasreef ul-Ayat


The Quran Sect and Criticisms


To the Quranites ('Quran Only' People) - What the Prophet Gives You - Take it





Are Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Hindu's Required to Follow the Quran?


Are 'Seven Heavens' Mentioned in the Bible?


Are the Previous Scriptures Corrupted or Not - How Do We Interact with it?


Brother Joseph - Why are you not a Christian?


Does the Bible mention the Jinn?


Does the Quran say that the Bible is Corrupted?


Feuding Christians and Jews


Following False Religions - What About Jews and Christians?


Injeel and Kitab


Jacob Wrestles with God and a Question About Biblical Rituals


Jews Being Condemned as Apes and Pigs?


Lambasting the Bible


Mass Cutting and Removing of Verses of the Torah


'My Father' in the Christian Bible


No Hijab or Beard for Christians! Really?


Prophet Muhammad's Letter to the Christian Monks


Prophet Jesus Giving Life to the Dead - Is this a Parable or Not?


Q&As with Joseph Islam - Can I Be a Muslim? (Close to Converting to Islam)


Was the messenger Shoaib the Father in Law of Prophet Moses?


Who are the 'Al-Nasara'? Are they Christians?


Why do the Disciples Believe and Surrender But Soon Ask for Proof?


Why Does the Torah Not Have any Verses Mentioning the Hereafter?





Compulsion in Religion Contradiction?


Definition of Islam and Muslim


Non-Muslim - Q&As with Joseph Islam


Perfection of Deen - Understanding Verse 5:3


Sharia Law of Islam


The Reasons for Muslim Downfall - Why?


What Does 'Salaam' Mean? Peace or Surrender?





Adultery and Sex with Slaves


Aggressive (Mis)Translations




Are Men 'Maintainer's' of Women? (Qawwamun)?


Are Multiple Marriages for Men Permissible Only in a Specific Context?


Beating Wives


Can a Wife Have More than One Husband?


Clarification of Verse 4:3 and 4:127 and Multiple Marriages


Cousin Marriages


Did the Prophet Marry Hazrat Ayesha at the Age of 6?


Does a Woman Have a Right to Seek Divorce Based on 4:19?


Difference Between Categories of Women (Free and Right Hands Possess)


Divorce - 3 Times in One Go


Divorce in the Quran and the Bible


Do I need to wear a Hijaab?


Dowry as a pre-requisite to Marriage and Coitus To Complete the Contract


Each Man Will Have Two Wives - What About Women?




Hurs (Virgins in Paradise)


Is Consent of the First Wife Required?


Is Hair Cutting Forbidden for Women?


Is Marriage with Atheists Allowed?


Is Polygyny a Religious Sanction?


Mahar Given to a Woman


Multiple Marriages in Islam


Nikaah for the Purposes of Courting


Nisa and Zawja and the meaning of Nisa




Seeking Permission in Marriage


Sex with Slave Girls without Marriage


Shaking a Woman's Hand


Spouses and Slaves


Taking Another Wife Without Permission of Existing Wives and in Secret


What Does Cloaks Mean?


Why Does it Only Apply to Men?


Witnesses for Divorce and Marriage within the Remit of Verse 65:2


Women's Dress Code





3:110 You Were the Best Nation that Emerged for the People...


99 Names of Allah


Aad People - Improved in Creation


Abd-u-llah - The Prophet's Father


Amen and Amun-Ra the Egyptian God


Angels Asking Question and Punishment in the Grave




Are Humans (Scientists) Playing God?


Are the covenants in 3:81 and 33:7 the same covenant or different?


Asking for Verification


(Atheist) Need serious help!! - Life After Death


Bearing Other People's Burdens on the Day of Judgement


Can Verse 39:42 be used to Support that Prophet Jesus did not Die?

Clarification on meaning of Ayats and Surahs


Convincing Proof Delivered, Do Rejectors Have a Choice?


Did Prophet Receive Revelations Outside the Quran?


Did the Quran Ban Slavery?


Does Allah Change His Laws?


Does 'Be' Refer to a Process of Cause and Effect?


Does Shariah Mean Divine Law?


Does the Soul Have a Gender?


Does the Testimony of One Male = Two Females?


Exalted Assemblies


Evolution - Did Adam Evolve from a Different Species?


Evolution of Man


Eye of Certainty


Fasaad fil'ard (Corruption in the Land)


'Fulfill their Vows' or to 'Heed to the Warnings'?


God's Favour on Bani Israel


How Can One Seek Truth If Their Hearts Have Been Hardened?


How do the Angels Possess Knowledge of the Future About a Soul?


How do we know that God is all-knowing and won't make any mistakes?


How Many Deaths?


How will Abu Talib be judged?


Intercession of the Prophet, Help and Wasilah


Is a Muslim Anyone That Believe in a Peaceful Existence?


Is Mahdi, Dajjal, Yajooj Majuj Quranic?


Is Music Permissible in Islam?


Is the Fire of Hell Eternal?


Is the Life on Earth Our Second Life?


Is the 'Light' in verse 5:15-16 Referring to Prophet Muhammad?


Is There Such a Thing as 'Possession'?


Is Usage of 'Nabi' Time Specific?


Is Verse 80:15 Referring to Angels or Human Scribes?


Is Verse 17:104 a Prophecy for the Land of Israel?


Islam Will Conquer Over All Religions


Isra / Meraj


Jizya and Dhimmi Status


Meaning of 'Khalifa'


Men of the Heights - Who were they?


Messengers will continue to come?


Mount Sinai


'Mu'min' (Believer) & 'Muslim' - The Difference


No Distinctions and Ranks - A Contradiction?


Obey Those in Authority - Significance of 4:59


Predestination, Afflictions and Trials


Predestined Destinies


Pre-Ordained Destiny and Altering Events


Prophet Abraham's Test


Prophet Muhammad's Greater Rank


Prophet 'Rehmat il-Alameen' - Mercy to Creation


Prophetic Dreams and Visions of the Future


Questions Regarding Trials & Forgiveness


Regarding your article titled 'End of Prophethood - Continuation of Messengers?'


Reward Multiplication


Repent or Revert to?


Q&A with Joseph Islam on Testimony (Shahadah)


Question Regarding the Duties of Witnesses


Shirk in non-pagan times


Some Questions About Surah al-Rahman and Paradise


Splitting of the Moon


'Tawakkul' or reliance on Allah


The Concept of Free Will and One's Fate Fastened to One's Neck


The Children of Israel - Who are they?


The Difference between 'Jihad' and 'Ijtihad'


The Sacrificial Son of Abraham - Ishmael or Isaac?


The Tree and Iblis


The True Testimony


The Trust (Amana) Offered and Testimony


Trust to the Heavens, Earth and Mountains


Understanding the term 'Ummat'


Verse 19:72 and the Bridge Over Hell


Verse 33:37 and Prophetic Wahi (Inspiration) Outside the Quran


Virgin / Miraculous Birth of Prophet Jesus


Was Adam the First Prophet or Messenger?


Was Iblis (Satan) a Jinn or a Fallen Angel?


Was Iblis the First Disbeliever?


Was Samiri a Samaritan?


Was Sheba an Oppressive Queen?


Was the Prophet Illiterate?


Were All Prophetic Mistakes Corrected?


Were Arabs Ishmaelites?


What are Prophets?


What Does 'Every Community' Mean in Verse 22:34?


What Does Idle Talk Mean in 9:69?


What Does it Mean by Man Created from 'Clay'?


What Does Obey the Messenger Mean in 9:71?


What Does 'Salam' Really Mean?


What is 'Shariah' and 'Open Way'?


When Does a New Day Begin in Islam?


Who are 'Ulil Amr' These Days?


Who is better? A good Hindu or an unrighteous Muslim?


Who Made God? - Questions from an Older Child


Why Did God Ask Abraham to Kill His Son?


Would the Prophet Have Recited 'Tashahud' in His Prayer?


Will Everyone Before Age 40 Go to Heaven?


Yajuj wa Majuj (Gog and Magog)





A Tabarani Hadith


Are there any Original Copies of Sahih Bukhari?


Does Validation of Jewish 'Hadith' Provide Support for Islamic Hadith?


Did Scholars and Compilers of the Past Make Up Stories Themselves?


Fear in Rejecting the Whole Ahadith Corpus


Have the Explanations of the Quran been Preserved in the Hadith?


Ibn-e-Abbas's Tafsir


Islamic Secondary Sources and Lexicons


Is Allah 'Al-Mudel' - A Deceiver?


Is There Room for Oral Traditions / Explanations?


Massacre of Banu Qurayza and Troubling Islamic History


Need for Scholars


Questions on Hadith


Requirement of at Least Two Witnesses (2:282). What about the Ahad Hadith?


The Approach Towards Hadeeth and Sunnah


The Unreliability of Shihab Zuhri


The Prophet was sent to 'Teach'. Is this not Hadith?


Using Ahadith as Historical Records


Verse 87:7 and Support for Hadith


What is the Best Tafsir?


What is the Difference Between Hadith and Sunna?


Whether or Not to Accept Hadith and Reading the Quran


Without Seeking Familiar Talk





The Law of One (Ra Material)







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