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          A Creature from the Earth

          Abrogation - A False Doctrine

          Are Mutashabih Verses Allegorical?

          Bees and Fruits

          'Between his Hands' or 'Before It' (Ma Bayna Yadayhi)

          Book Worship and Reverence

          Burden of Proof - Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) Argument

          Code 19 and the Removal of Two Verses from the Quran - A Problematic Theory

          Does 'Hikmah' (Wisdom) Mean Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad? (pbuh)

          Does the Quran Assert in Verse 4:82 That it Contains No Contradictions?

          Fluid Beginnings of Asbab ul-Nazul


          God Has Warned Believers to Only Follow the Quran

          Grammatical Errors in the Quran - A Baseless Assertion

          How the Quran Describes Itself

          How to Study the Quran

          How Did God's Agents (Prophets & Messengers) Receive Inspirations?

          How Do We Know that the Quran was Fully Preserved? - Is it Not the Ahadith That Informs Us?

          How Many Angels Were Talking to Mary?

          Huroof-e-Muqqatat (Disjointed Letters)

          Itmam al-Hujjah - Completion of Proof

          Lailut-ul qadr - An Understanding from a Quranic Perspective

          Mother of the Book (Umm-ul-Kitab)


          'Nur' as Reflected Light - A Restrictive Rendering

          Pharaoh - Lord of the Stakes or Pyramids?

          Scientific Miracles in the Quran

          Some Commandments from the Quran

          Some Prayers From the Quran 

          The Best Hadith

          The Compilation of the Quran

          The Quran Stands Alone As Sole Religious Guidance

          The Sabbath Breakers: Apes & Swine - A Metaphorical or Literal Reading?

          The Seven Oft-Repeated

          The Sleepers of the Cave - The Quran, Historical Sources and Observation

          The Sun Setting in Murky Waters

          Two Verbs to Describe 'Fear' (Khashiya & Khafa) - The Difference

          Understanding the Quran

          Understanding the Quranic term 'Alameen'

          Understanding the Quranic term 'Salaba'

          Understanding the term 'Sunna' from a Quran's Perspective

          Understanding Verses 2:72-73

          Understanding Verse 42:51 - Who can Receive 'Wahi'?

          Unknown Towns and Names - Why fill in the gaps?

          Verse 86:7 - Human Creation

          What Does 'Amen' Mean in the Context of Prayer and is it Quranic?

          What is the Quranic Sujud (Prostration)?

          When Does the New Day Begin From a Quran's Perspective?

          Why Does the Quran Sometimes Use the Plural?




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