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: Verse 5/106 - What is meant by Salat?
: Saba November 18, 2011, 05:53:06 PM

A brother asked a question on another forum as to what is meant by 5:106 when the Quran says:

"After you have prayed, let the witnesses swear by God,"

He asked

What kind of prayer the verse is refering to?
Where and how this prayer would be performed?
Please, help me understand this ayat..thanks

He asked the question on two forums I sometimes visit.


I think the problem is that many on these forums don't believe salat in the Quran means prayer. I have asked for further clarification and I have not received a convincing response either.

I know brother Joseph has no problem with this verse as he clearly equates salat with prayer. But I wanted to know if anyone else had anything to add to this question or if they held a different view.

Links are above.

Thank you for helping.

: Re: Verse 5/106 - What is meant by Salat?
: Truth Seeker November 24, 2011, 07:43:05 PM

To me this verse refers to the 'funeral prayer'. Even today we perform this for the deceased. The whole topic is dealing with witnesses being present when a dying Muslim makes a will.

Believers are being told what to do in such a scenario. Salaat  is performed after death and then the witnesses are to be held back in order to discuss the will of the deceased.

I disagree that it is referring to 'dua' as that is more of a personal informal action. The Quran seems to be pointing to a customary congregational prayer that is standard practice as the Muslims are told to detain witnesses after it.
: Re: Verse 5/106 - What is meant by Salat?
: Saba November 25, 2011, 01:24:36 PM
Aslamaolaikum Truth Seeker

I feel the traditional response to this verse is the most persuasive. This verse in my mind is clearly capturing some sort of prayer that the believers did after the death of a person. I have seen some that don't define salat as prayer to come up with all kinds of wacky responses to explain this. But I think this verse simply exposes their flawed concept.

I have been very disappointed with their interpretations and at times the lack of it. I think it refers to funeral related prayers too.

Thanks for your response.