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: Christmas season and Santa
: Reader Questions November 28, 2011, 10:46:13 PM

Salaam alaikum Joseph,

We took our daughter to see santa at the mall recently. We did this just for her fun but not in any way to celebrate Christmas or it's views. We've given that knowledge to our daughter that we don't do christmas and she understands, Alhumdulilah. but are we wrong in doing this? is this tying us in shirk at all?

[A sister in faith]
: Re: Christmas season and Santa
: Joseph Islam November 28, 2011, 10:48:18 PM
Walaikum salaam sister,

There is nothing wrong with opening the mind of your children and allowing them to learn about different cultures and practices which may also be religious in nature. The Jews and Christians are our brothers and sisters from the previous scriptures. Of course, they may have introduced practices and beliefs incongruent with the teachings of their scriptures but so have Muslims. We should not judge them but only pass on what we know as truth, even to other Muslims.

Prophet Jesus is God's prophet, no different than Prophet Muhammad. True believers make no distinctions between God's messengers (nafarriqu bayna ahad-im-rasulihi - 2:285).

Even if a Christmas tree reminds you of the noble Prophet that once came to the Children of Israel with his own challenging ministry, then I find nothing wrong with appreciating it. It is one's intention that counts and our Lord knows best of our intentions.  If you intend to commit no 'shirk' and your practice does not, then why should it be a problem?