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: Why is following your desires shirk?
: Lobotomize94 July 06, 2020, 07:43:15 PM
According to the article http://quransmessage.com/pdfs/Idolatry.pdf (http://quransmessage.com/pdfs/Idolatry.pdf),

JosephIslam writes:


"Have you seen him who takes his desires (passion, impulse, lust) (Arabic: Hawahu) for his God
(Arabic: Illahahu)? Will you then be a protector over him?"

But what exactly does it mean to take up your desire as your God?

Does that mean if you have two simultaneous interests (one to worship Allah and one to become a doctor) that you are putting up partners with God? Is this shirk?

How is having desires and following them considered shirk? Everything we do stems from our desires. Even the worship of Allah stems from our desire to do so!

How about wanting things in this world, like wealth, career, food etc--and doing what it takes to get them. Is that taking your desires for your God?

If that is the case, then having worldly desires and doing things to meet those desires is Shirk. And Shirk is unforgivable and it nullifies all your good deeds. So we are all destined for hell?
: Re: Why is following your desires shirk?
: good logic July 07, 2020, 11:58:13 AM
Peace Lobotomize94
This is a vrey good question to ask.
I will give my understanding from my take on Qoran s instructions about this subject, not expecting it to be the right thing for others nor claiming It is the only way.
From my experience in life, one has priorities and goals, Qoran sets out a pecking order for the right priorities that matter and gives us "our purpose" why we exist and what are the most important priorities.
This subject requires one to follow the right priorities if one wants to achieve salvation/achieves the aim and fulfill the contract with GOD for when the meeting with GOD takes place in future.
Following one s desires is way down the list of priorioties according to Qoran.
The number one priority is to accept GOD Alone as authority and follow His message.
So in short if one is putting  his/her desires as a number one priority , then he/she is replacing himsef/herself as authority, choosing another god beside GOD Alone. "Wa Ma Khalktu Al Jinn Wa Al Inns Illa Liyabuduni"
The main purpose/aim in this life is to put GOD Alone and GOD s instructions first according to Qoran.Why?
Because the Amana that we accepted requires that we are put to this test. We agreed to this and made a contractual agreement that only GOD Alone is our Lord /authority.
Of course one needs to have other priorities and can fulfill his/her desires with this in mind. As long as they abide by GOD s instruction if they choose GOD Alone.
Otherwise they are free to follow their desires or whoever they wish to follow and ignore GOD s message..
GOD bless you.
: Re: Why is following your desires shirk?
: Wakas July 12, 2020, 08:52:43 PM

You may wish to research what following desires is contrasted to in Quran.
: Re: Why is following your desires shirk?
: miracle114 August 21, 2020, 10:45:32 PM
Submit to God by following his commands, thus maybe gaining true belief, guidance, closeness, love, etc and move up higher and higher in spirituality, purity, peace the ultimate relationship with God. This can only be achieved by keeping no other desires than the desire to be with God. Desires have no place in a balanced life and most often leads to excess which Allah prohibits.

Kind regards and peace