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Salamun Alaikum , brother Joseph. After a long time I write to you.
Now you know corona virus ( flue ) is being spread world wide . May be this is political or worldwide medical Business gain , So I can not make sure whether it is the same curse and punishment by the God. But by this time many Islami scholar already declared that Corona virus is huge curse from the God. Their logic is since the people of China takes all unapproved foods by the Quran for their daily life.
and they are oppressing muslim people etc.. They are referring Hadith . Please if you get time put your thought . I will also appreciate if any senior member input his thought in Quran’s perspective.

As-salamulaikum  Brother Joseph ,
Hope you are doing fine. I have a problem to know whether any Imam / Islamic scholar can conclude that the religious activities which is acceptable and not acceptable by God . When I was in Jumma Prayer ( Congregational prayer ) in a mosque I did hear that Imam said if you not keep your cloth above the heel of feet your prayer ( Salah) will be nul and void by the God . My question is how a scholar did know or knows that which religious deeds will  be accepted and which will not be accepted by God ? . If Prophet Mohammad ( PBUH) told this way in his ministry and people should have believed those words . Also without any Quranic warrant is it okay for a scholar to conclude this ? In this way many scholar says if you not follow the rules ( not from Quran) in prayer , like how to tie your both hands , how you stand , how you bow down etc...... your salah will be nul and void .   Per my small knowledge of understanding Quranic spirit that God knows every situation and what mind of a people work . So He can forgive ultimately if He want . Evan I think if any one worship of many gods but he has no perfect knowledge of how he find the God but what he is doing only he believe there is superiors than human being and whenever he see any favor from any creatures he attempt to worship to them . Now It is only God knows if he worship to many gods  only due to lack of his talent or God knows if He gave him the knowledge to understand the truth and false. So it is only God can conclude who is right doer and who is wrong doer .

So please make me clear all this issue .

General Discussions / Can a person donate his parts before he expired ?
« on: November 05, 2019, 01:35:39 PM »
Dear Brother Joseph,
Salamun Alaikum . Brother can a believer in God donate his parts before he expired? I need your humble opinion in Quran’s perspective ? Since I did not find any explicit verse in the Quran to any specific method to burial process and since all expired body will be damaged and disappear with the mud then I do not think it will be a sin for a person to donate his parts . To this process mankind will be benefited . Quran never discourse to favour mankind. This is my humble opinion .

Dear Brother Joseph
Salamun Alaikum , Hope you are doing fine and passing your very busy time . If you get time please give your humble opinion in Quran's perspective . Some Muslim scholar says mankind is " Ashraful Maklukat "  is is understood that mankind is the best/top-est, glorified creature than all other living and non-living creatures of the whole universe . The above arabic words " Ashraful Maklukat "  ( May be quoted from Quran) really mean it ? I found another verse in the Quran ( Surah Israh) that God proffered Children of Adam over many other things God created . does it  imply that God preferred/Honored  mankind over all his creatures ? How can I accept that mankind is the best creatures of all other creatures when  He is creating ........... to be continuing creating what we will never know .... ?
My intention is to know the rank of the man kind of the whole universe so that we can not follow the falsehood .

B/Rgds .

Dear Brother  Joseph ,
Salamun Alaikum , Hope you are doing fine and passing busy time . Anyway , I will be happy if you can inp0ut your thought of my below topics. It is understood from the verse " Oma Ar-sal-na Illa- Rahmatal - lil - Alamin " that God sent the messenger Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) for the blessings of all mankind and whole universe . Even it is told that if God had not created Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) God would have not created the mankind and whole universe . Does this above verse mean this ? Some Muslim scholar proffered much that it seems that all praise will go to Prophet Mohammad ( PUBH) . Actullay my intention is not to negate the rank of Prophet Mohammad (PUBH)
but I need to know the truth in light of Quran's message because the interpretation  understood lead the people to praise the messenger severely and  not only it is in muslim society bult also Christian and Jews for Prophet Musa(PBUH) and Prophet Jesus ( PBUH)  . I will be happy to know the truth in Quran's perspective .


General Discussions / Is Quran mentioned about big bank ?
« on: October 27, 2019, 08:57:39 PM »
Dear Brother Joseph ,
Salamun Alaikum . Hope you are doing fine. Anyway , It is prevailing that science discovered the “Big bank theory “ . Many Muslim scholar says it has been mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago. I found a verse the meaning like “ Did you not see all are in together and then we scattered and spread the lives in the heavens and the earth “ . I can not recall the verse exactly but it appears to me that to understand the verse did beduin arabs were learned of science ? Is this type of verse for future generation after 1400 years ? Is their any existence of the Alleon in the earth or heavens ? What is your perspective ? My perspective is Allion may be existed may not be because I heard a verse where God says , “ We proffered human than many other things like angels , jinn , etc... but not the all. So I think there may be a lives who are more superior than human but God knows very well . So please give me your thought.


General Discussions / Is there any doctrine for asking to Prophet 3 times ?
« on: September 28, 2019, 10:17:31 AM »
Dear Brother Joseph ,
Salamun Alaikum . I usually do not consider Hadith ( Islamic secondary sources ) to understand the Quran’s verse. But I need to know what doctrine for companions of Prophet Mohammad ( PBUH) to him same question 3 times ? Why most of the Hadith narrator quoted this that most of the shaba used to ask same question 3 times and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also would answered 3 times. Why ? Did Prophet Mohammed (SM) not bother to answer 3 times for same question reciting 3 times? Or it is something added for the people to trust the words as a doctrine? No sense to me . If you would give your opinion I will be grateful to you.

Dear Brother Joseph ,
Salamun Alaikum . Please let me know how Quran teaches Atheist with many proof.
Sometimes Atheist convinced theist in his trap.   I need some documentary to teach or face them.

General Discussions / Reward in the paradise
« on: August 31, 2019, 08:54:41 PM »
Dear Brother Joseph
As salamualikum , Hope you are doing fine by the grace of Allah .
I want to know that what Quran clearly states about Jannah .

1. In the Quran there is a verse for man to enter Jannah with his wife
My question , then husband and wife both should be righteous ? If the man married 4 times then
which number of wife will be his companion ? Regarding this issue there are numerous Hadith which always contradictory and can not satisfy the people of who are asking on this issue. I want to know what Quran describe on this specifically ? I have read many articles and know that the life in Jannah will be a new creation and may not be the same emotion , sex , love in earthly period. Then why Quran mention the relation to enter into

2. Pls tell me what the life will be in Jannah as per Quran’s perspective .
   If a man rewarded as righteous but his wife and child not the righteous then who will be his companion ?

Dear Brother Joseph ,
As sa la mu alaikum . Hope you are doing fine. I need your opinion that is it permissible for a man to perform to represent other ? ( it is called Hajj for other even he is already died) .
In what stage  performing Hajj of a person is compulsory ? What is wisdom of perform Hajj ? 
Please input your thought in the following situation if Quran prescribe for Hajj ?

1.  If I have bank loan
2.  I get handsome salary but do not have savings .

3. If I well settled and no loan with any one but my many neighbours are poor and my country is under developed country where many duties to the poor , patients who are not getting treatment  for sake of money.

Some Islamic scholar inspire people to perform Umrah Hajj. again and again .
Where I think the person who already perform Hajj once why he should need to perform Hajj again ?

I will be glad if you can take out your time for me.

General Discussions / Is Adan (Azan) is warranted from Quran?
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:13:09 PM »
Salamun Alaikum Brother Joseph Islam.
Many times I was looking for the warrent from Quran that Adan is delivered from ve times in a day from Mosque. As a Muslim I must not against this Adan . But now a days it is uttered with high volume which may irritate other religion people . Not only that but also this loud sounds may harm for any patient lives in adjacent area of mosque. My question is God really has prescribed Adan in the Quran ?
A believers knows the time of prayer and in city everybody has watch . So what is the core reason of reciting Adan in loud speaker . Some of my muslim friend may tell we like song in loud speaker then why we raise voice for Adan ? But my logic is God never prescribe anything which anyhow may be reason of irritating other. ISLAM and practice of Quran’s perspective is beautiful , logical , purified evan to the nonbelievers also.  In sweet throat Adan sounds nice to me . Is God force other religion to be petience to hear Adan with loud speaker ? Pls make me clear .

Dear Brother Joseph,
Ramadan Kareem . Salamun Alaikum. Is there sections of Muslims ( submitted to God) ? Many Muslim scholar says that specific “Followers of Prophet Mohammad”. They say the first man whom God will raise in the Day of resurrection will be Prophet Mohammad ( Pbuh) . Any warrant in Quran for this concept ? They also say all prophets will be the followers of Prophet Mohammad ( Pbuh) ? My question is necessary to be followers of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) or to be followers of Islam ? 

Dear Brother Joseph
Salamun Alaikum . I have gone through your article regarding “beating wife “ and I appreciated your analytical depth per Quran’s  perspective . Now I am in little problem to get the best meaning for the first part of  verse (4:34) . Man are the protector of women or guard of women as men spend for women and given strength than women . Does this part of this verse deny the equal rights for men and women ? What is your humble opinion ? It is true medically women is less strength than men .
And it is also true that man have to protect women . Women never can save them . So whatever the rights to be given they must be ensured by men. But I need to know the perfect wisdom of this verse.

Dear Brother Joseph
Salamun Alaikum. Does Quran sanction uniform for a Muslim ?
Loose long shirt and trouser and round cap and keep long beard is our traditional Muslim dress.
So when a man wear this dress all the time we think the person is very pious .
So many people do crime behind this pious dress . What really Quran says regarding this uniform ?

Dear Brother Joseph
Salamun Alaikum , my question is ,  was Prophet Musa (PBUH) Muslim or Jews ?
Similarly was Prophet Jesus ( PBUH) Christian ? Why God mentioned the followers of Prophet Musa and Prophet Jesus  respectively Jews and Christian ? What is the meaning of Jews and Christian in Quran’s perspective ? We call Muslim who surrender himself completely  to the will of God . In a same point of view why Jews and Christian were not Muslim ? Do you think Muslim stands as only religion name not describes as meaning ?

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