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Women / 43:18: does this ayah view women negatively?
« on: June 10, 2015, 12:10:11 PM »
Brother Joseph,

I have a question about Surah 43:18

Transliteration of 43:18
Awaman yunashshao fee alhilyati wahuwa fee alkhisami ghayru mubeen

Yusuf Ali translation :
(043:018) Is then one brought up among trinkets, and unable to give a clear account in a dispute (to be associated with God)?

Does this verse really describe women in such a negative way (i.e. deficient in intelligence), while in reality, we know for sure that there are so many brilliant women as we've seen through history, e.g. Queen of Saba (27:23) ?

If this ayah is truly referring to women, why it uses the term "huwa" (masculine), instead of "hiya" (feminine)?

I'm waiting for your explanation.
Thank you.


General Discussions / Surah An-Nazi'at
« on: January 20, 2015, 04:03:50 PM »
Salamun 'alaikum Br. Joseph,

I have a question regarding Surah An-Nazi'at. In my opinion, I don't think the term An-Nazi'at is talking about "Those Who Pull Out" (the souls), especially when we come to the verse 2 of that surah "Wan-nashitati nashta" which is interpreted as "By those who gently draw out (the souls of the blessed)", while in indonesian-arabic dictionary the word "nashta" means giat (active/energetic) or rajin (diligent). For me it is too far from its literal meaning.

However, the root "nun-za-ayn" has been used in Quran for several different context, for example in 4:59. Here Allah talks about "people in different oppinion / dispute". And in my opinion, this render of meaning is closer to the context given in surah An-Nazi'at.

Is my opinion correct? I'm waiting forward for your explanation and hopefully you could share your understanding in this matter.

Thank you.


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