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General Discussions / 12:19-20
« on: September 02, 2016, 12:00:22 PM »
Salaamun Alaykum,

I always have slight difficulty connecting end of 12:19 and the following 12:20 verses (Pickthall):

...And they hid him as a treasure, and Allah was Aware of what they did.
And they sold him for a low price, a number of silver coins; and they attached no value to him.

Most others rendered بِضَاعَةً as merchandise and almost all translated these verses conveying the meaning that the Caravan's intention was to hide Yusuf AS as valuable commodity until they sell him for a handsome price. Why hide and then sell for low price?

I did a search in the forum but couldn't find any thread discussing this difficulty. Hope to hear from enlightened folks, inshallah.

General Discussions / Quran Revelation Order
« on: August 25, 2016, 12:51:04 PM »

I would like to know if Joseph sir mentioned or discussed Quran Revelation Order, anywhere as I failed in my search to find one and how accurate/reliable this chronology order information where some sites claim it with confident such as:

Many people I saw based their opinion from this order information so was just wondering about this aspect of the Quran.


General Discussions / Quran on Meditation
« on: August 21, 2016, 03:40:55 PM »

Just came across this science defying prolong meditation by a teenager from Nepal which captures the attention and cameras of Discovery Channel!

Any thoughts from Quran perspective?

Discussions / What is Talmud?
« on: August 19, 2016, 02:01:29 PM »
Salamun Alayka,
Sir Joseph,

I read in bits and pieces about OT and NT and their various parts with different names. I see you kind of briefly defining and sometimes just giving references to these resources. It would be greatly appreciated if you could educate us about all the scriptures (their names, their roles, their preservation, and their reliability today etc) preceding Quran and the differences between them weight wise in sight of God if possible as you know Quran constantly refers to them and still hold them in high regards.

Some links I see:

I hope you don't mind my addressing you with honorific "Sir" with deep respect for I feel more comfortable as I suspect you're of my father age if not more given your years of academic research and Mashallah deep and wide array of knowledge and command over all the holy scriptures.


Salaamun Alaykum,
Dear Team of Moderators and Admins,

May I ask you to point out/list and link any translations of Joseph Islam's articles in other foreign languages under taken by his students/fans/users rendered on a self-volunteering basis for the benefit of wider audience? As I read here and there that some has ventured into this area, which is commendable.


Islamic Duties / Inheritance laws (4:11, 12, 176)
« on: July 26, 2016, 08:13:04 AM »
Salaamun Alaykum,

Every time I read and come across ayats of inheritance a question pops up in my mind which remained unanswered (perhaps) even after reading Brother Joseph's excellent flow-chart and associated text preceding it on the subject. The question is what happens or who gets the remainder after the distribution to heirs is completed according to the Quran's guidelines? For example in the flow chart at end points it says:

"Sister takes 1/2 the inheritance" (who takes the other half?)
"She receives 1/2 the inheritance" (who takes the other half?)
"Daughters share from 2/3 of the inheritance" (who gets to takes the 1/3?)
etc.. for all end points.

Sorry if I completely miss out the obvious from the chart or the explanation thereof.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Women / Birth control/Family planning/Contraception (Birth spacing)
« on: July 11, 2016, 03:28:32 AM »
Salamun Alaykum,

From my limited knowledge, I see Quran expounds on the subject in few ayahs covering the matter:

 ...that you do not kill your children because of poverty — We will provide for you and them;...(6:151)
Hence, do not kill your children for fear of poverty: it is We who shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily, killing them is a great sin. (17:31)

In my humble view, we are in one of the two situations, either we're poor or we fear the poverty and regardless of one's financial condition the killing of the children is clearly prohibited. Now, the question is how does the pre-revelation Arabs (immediate 7th century audience of the above two commands) used to deal with their children (killing of children)? Is it referring perhaps to post birth killing?

And when the girl [who was] buried alive is asked (81:08)

If so, had pagans avail ultrasound facility back then would they still have restored to the inhuman (monstrous) method of burying female infant alive? or would they rather go for the abortion after knowing the baby's sex? How about the male infants, did they allow them to live (considering them an asset for the future)?

On the same subject, are the following ayahs not meant for purifying or setting right one's intention before the intimacy?

...Now you may have sexual intercourse with them and seek what Allah has written for you...(2:187)
...Your wives are your tilth; go, then, unto your tilth as you may desire, but first provide something for your souls, and remain conscious of God,...(2:223)

From the over all grand picture, is there still a scope for "Birth control/Family planning/Contraception (Birth spacing)" barring natural methods (refraining from intimacy during high productive cycle, perhaps the analogy of a farmer with the field in 2:223 is made just for this purpose also?)

I've read this and I thought the discussion did not went down further covering the questions I've in my mind. Would like to know your esteem view on the matter as I've practical implication and seeking the answers in all sincerity (not just for the sake of knowledge)  :D.

Thanks and Jazak Allahu Khairan!

Islamic Duties / Fasting - begin and end - nautical or civil dawn?
« on: May 10, 2016, 01:43:09 AM »
Salamun Alaykum,
Dear forum members,

I'm completely sold to fasting until Night (of course to my utter shock, may Allah swt forgive and guide me and all of us) and begin from dawn. Absolutely amazing relevant articles as expected from brother Joseph. The only thing that I felt missing or didn't spelled out was: at which dawn shall I stop eating and drinking (Sehri), nautical or civil dawn? And likewise break fast (Iftar) at which dawn, nautical or civil dawn?

Let me be more clear and as practical as I can, let's say today was a Ramadan fasting day, where I live then it would be:

Mon, May 9 2016
First light at 5:33:37 AM
Last light at 8:37:16 PM


Mon, May 9 2016
Twi Nautical: 5:01am
Twi Civil: 5:36am
Sunrise: 6:05am
Sunset: 8:06pm
Twi Civil: 8:35pm
Twi Nautical: 9:10pm

So, at which time should I stop Sehri and at which time from the above should I do Iftar?

I've asked this question via email to brother Joseph but not as clearly and in detail, long time back but I know he's extremely busy and impossible to attend each and every email.  Since, Ramadan is around the corner with sense of urgency I seek all of your advise in all sincerity.

Thanks and Jazak Allah Khair!

Q&As with Joseph Islam - Information Only / Verse 4:65
« on: May 06, 2016, 12:32:28 AM »
Salamun Alaykum,
Brother Joseph,

You're aware of Nouman Ali Khan and his Bayyinah institute most likely as I've seen one of your Face Book post providing a link. Over all Bayyinah is good in bringing awareness of the Quran among American Muslim Youth in particular and world Muslims in general and by the day his popularity is on the rise and so also the fan following. I don't know or doubt the intention but sometimes he makes these speeches going out of the way to legitimize entire Hadith corpus and he has done this twice in short span defending Hadith corpus as a means to understanding the Quran and I felt it's misleading the youth with his explanation of Ayah 4:65 as a clear proof of Hadith/Sunnah (mind you they don't draw distinction between the two) being inseparable from Quran.

Can you spare some time and address the ayah 4:65 and refute his arguments please?

But no, by your Lord, they will not [truly] believe until they make you, [O Muhammad], judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in [full, willing] submission.

Thank you!

Discussions / Resource(s) for Bible and Torah
« on: March 27, 2016, 08:39:49 AM »
Salamun Alaykum,

Can someone (of course including brother Joseph) please point me to online Resource(s) for Bible and Torah (old and new testament) that I can read and do my comparative research?

Thank you :)

General Discussions / Sacred Months?
« on: March 27, 2016, 08:18:26 AM »
Salamun Alaykum,
Brother Joseph,

I hope you and your family are keeping well by the grace of Allah swt. I know you're engaged in lots of academic stuff bringing out the best for all of us. May I divert your attention for a bit on this site (please see below) where the brother's assertion for Islamic sacred months are different than what you've presented. Since his set include Ramadan, and no Qital is allowed in Ramadan I've hard time dismissing his assertion. Your help is much appreciated in identifying the flaws, if any in his 4 months reckoning.

Thank you,

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