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Firstly, God has not authorized professional clergymen to dispense knowledge. Quran talks negatively about clergymen who make money off their followers, and those who issue religious rulings to their followers.

O you faithful, indeed many religious leaders and scholars consume people's money illicitly and repel from the path of God. As for those who hoard gold and silver and do not spend it in the cause of God, give them the news of a most painful suffering. [9:34]

Do they have partners for god who have decreed (شَرَعُوا) for them in religion without God's permission? If it were not for a preordained word, they would have been judged immediately. And indeed the unjust shall endure a painful suffering. [42:21]

Secondly, regardless of who is the source of information, we have to verify it ourselves, and not accept what we have no knowledge of, by appealing to somebody's authority.

And do not accept anything that you have no knowledge thereof. Indeed you have the hearing, the eyesight and the mind and you will be questioned about using each of them.  [17:36]


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« on: February 12, 2018, 08:49:43 AM »

There is one verse that I am aware of that talks about invalidation of deeds in general, although it does not specifically mention salaah. And the condition for invalidation is setting up partners to God. My understanding is that any deed will become invalid, if it involves shirk.

And it has been inspired to you as well as those before you that if you set up a partner for god, your deeds will be nullified and you will end up amongst the losers. [39:65]


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