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General Discussions / Soul Mates Destined? / Wealth Destined?
« on: August 07, 2013, 07:20:24 PM »
Salamun Alikum to all

1. Is every man and women already written for them who there wives/husbands are going to be? also one starts to think that if thats the case then the unmarried and never does get married is also destined to be like that? example. Naseeb

2. And also another thought that fits in with this is, no matter how hard a person works or tries his end result is always going to be the same? Wether sleeping all day or working hard during the ones life, the wealth is determined before a person is born? example Rizq

couple of years ago i had many discussions with friends that always tried to convince me that everything is always written and pre destined and we just cant change anything and some people are chosen over others. I could never understand there points and always replied to them that they heard wrong and was not a islamic belief, there was just something that you guys are missing. But they swore thats what they heard and ask any sheik? But with little knowledge it is hard to explain to people the matters. So I left the matter alone un-answered. And to be honest I also had many doubts about the fact and doubted that the truth is something like that. A person would have the right to say then why would we be tested and put in either a great place or a bad place for something that was pre-destined? when we know that God is a loving God, most just, most merciful and compassionate.

Recently Alhamdulila I read brother Josephs discussions on "Pre-ordained destiny" which it cleared up sooooo much. Jazak Allah Khair Brother.

Now the question is would the same concept be left for marriage and wealth? As this is also a free will and choice of a person?

Any thoughts?


Salamu Alikum

As I was reading the articles  "Understanding the Crucifixion of Jesus (pbuh) from a Quran's Perspective" and "IS THE SECOND COMING OF PROPHET JESUS (pbuh) SUPPORTED BY THE QURAN?" by Brother Joseph Islam. I came to think about something.

“One day God will gather the messengers together, and ask: "What was the response you received (from men to your teaching)?" They will say: "We have no knowledge: it is You Who knows in full all that is hidden."
There is no exclusion for Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in this verse and resonates Prophet Jesus's (pbuh) comments captured in 5:116-117


And I came to think about this Verse below:

The translation of the qurans surah 25:30 is as follows:

Sahih International
And the Messenger has said, "O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur'an as [a thing] abandoned."

Muhsin Khan
And the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will say: "O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Quran (neither listened to it, nor acted on its laws and orders).

And the messenger saith: O my Lord! Lo! mine own folk make this Qur'an of no account.

Yusuf Ali
Then the Messenger will say: "O my Lord! Truly my people took this Qur'an for just foolish nonsense."

And the Messenger cried out: O my Lord! surely my people have treated this Quran as a forsaken thing.

Dr. Ghali
And the Messenger has said, "O Lord! Surely my people have taken to themselves this Qur'an as a thing to be forsaken."

One might think that how can one verse say that all the messengers(pbut) had no knowledge about there people and then the messenger Muhammad(pbuh) knew what his people did by saying they either abandoned or treated the Quran as a forsaken thing?

If I had to give my opinion or guess, the verse 25:30 seems to be taking place on the day of Judgement. Or maybe after that day or the end of it. It makes me think that maybe the Rasul is the witness on the Day of judgement to his people and after seeing the outcome or the result of the peoples trial he says that.

And verse 5:105 is probably being asked before the Judgment has taken place or before trial?

Im not saying the verses are going against each other. But i enjoyed the articles and I thought I would ask about something that came to my mind.

Inshallah Brother Joseph can lend me a few minutes and give me his explanation on the verses or point me to a article that explains them.



Salamu Alikum

Dear Joseph

I hope that im not being repetitive of other questions and I read many of other related topics and I am still not convinced of a clear answer. However I came to a couple interesting thoughts while reading so many peoples opinions but before I give my thoughts to just anyone, I need someone to look at this with a good understanding of the quran and can relate it to every ayah so im not in any contradictions with any. From about 2 month ago i started to read many things from this website and i thought I would ask if I can give my opinion and if it would hold true from the quran about the messengers and prophets.

rasul= messenger

nabi= prophet


1. We know first that in the quran that prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophets.

2. We know from the quran prophets can possibly make mistakes

3. We know some times in the quran Allah calls Muhammad(pbuh) a prophet and sometimes a messenger

4. We also know from the quran that chosen people of  Allah(swt) can be both messengers and prophets at the same time

5. and also sometimes chosen people from Allah(swt) are only called prophets or just messengers and not both at the same time

6. I think there is also more than one prophet at the same time that came to a ummah or people. and also 2 or more messengers at one time.

sorry for not quoting any of the statements i made above from the quran. Im hoping someone who memorized the quran can see what I'm trying to point out and maybe it could be an interesting conclusion if its in conjunction with the quran.

now the question is is Muhammad(pbuh) also the final messenger?

to me there has to be a difference between a messenger of Allah(swt) and a prophet of Allah(swt)

I would like to share what I think my opinion is as to what a messenger of Allah(swt) is and its just an opinion but a more learnt person of the quran can put this opinion more to use and can answer a lot, if it holds to be true but Allah knows best.

messenger of Allah(swt):

1. i think that when Allah(swt) mentions rasul(messengers) and only when its relating to his rasul, when its his messengers,they never did a mistake. the only times i referenced a mistake happening from chosen people from Allah(swt) is when he calls them prophets(nabi)

2. Also the angel Gabriel is also a rasul

3. Also just to keep in mind when Allah(swt) mentions his messengers its like there infallible and cannot make a mistake carrying out the revelations. and what i noticed is that maybe prophets can make a personal mistakes in there life but they did the best they could to carry out or to give a example of the revelation. but if a person chosen by Allah(swt) is both a messenger(rasul) and a Prophet(nabi). at times he is infallible when Allah(swt) is calling him by  " oh messenger" and sometimes he makes mistakes when he is called by "oh prophet".

for example

Quran tells us

obey Allah and the messenger and those in authority... not the prophet but Muhammad(pbuh) was a messenger and a prophet.
what im trying to say is maybe when a person choosen by Allah(swt) is called by a messenger he is almost like a angel in a way where he can not make a mistake by any means.

when i keep all this in mind ayat like 3:81 makes more of an understanding but just to clarify i can be very wrong because I dont know all the ayat off by heart and maybe I'm missing something.


Sahih International
And [recall, O People of the Scripture], when Allah took the covenant of the prophets, [saying], "Whatever I give you of the Scripture and wisdom and then there comes to you a messenger confirming what is with you, you [must] believe in him and support him." [ Allah ] said, "Have you acknowledged and taken upon that My commitment?" They said, "We have acknowledged it." He said, "Then bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses."

Muhsin Khan
And (remember) when Allah took the Covenant of the Prophets, saying: "Take whatever I gave you from the Book and Hikmah (understanding of the Laws of Allah, etc.), and afterwards there will come to you a Messenger (Muhammad SAW) confirming what is with you; you must, then, believe in him and help him." Allah said: "Do you agree (to it) and will you take up My Covenant (which I conclude with you)?" They said: "We agree." He said: "Then bear witness; and I am with you among the witnesses (for this)."

so from this ayah the prophets are probably taking or memorizing and acting out the scriptures of their time a scripture already preached by a previous messenger, but when a new messenger comes confirming what is with them they must be with him and believe what he says. just a thought.

also the way i look at it is lets see what a messenger really does and who he is in general. like maybe a general definition:

I would say for example if you told me to carry out a message or speak a message out to some people, I would be your messenger. if I was to say something else you didn't tell me or in a different way I wouldn't be carrying out your message, so to do that I would have to say exactly what you said.

And for Allah's message to be complete a person choosen by Allah(swt) has to be infallible at those moments. And so has to be Angel Gabriel. Noway along the line the message being passed on can there be personal faults or mistakes.

now when taking other concepts from the quran like:

every nation has a messenger and every messenger will be a witness for its people, maybe in the past every nation did have its messengers some of them Allah(swt) has mentioned and some he hasn't. and Muhammad(pbuh) was a messenger to the whole world.

Also only Allah(swt) guides and only he can guide and open the way. so how can one be on the list of who he guides? maybe by being honest and just and looking and searching for the truth. And just maybe because there is not going to be anymore messengers or prophets of Allah(swt) the only guidance is Allah(swt) and the book. and a person must take the best therein from where ever he maybe. and we have to remember there is not a leaf that falls but that he knows of it. surah 6 aya 59

And with Him are the keys of the Ghaib (all that is hidden), none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in (or on) the earth and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but he knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record.

for humans there is not even that many as compared to leafs he knows who wants the truth or not. I dont see any importance of any messengers or mahdis coming to save a people or teach a people when they themselves dont want. the religion of Allah(swt) has been perfected and finalized for the future. and also as time was going by it was always perfect for the people of that time.

Now i also ask is a messenger always automatically a prophet?

After what my opinion was above I would have to say yes. because a person who is a messenger of Allah(swt) is at times a normal human being who is considered his prophet who lives his life and tries to carry out the message in his personal life and as a example. But when he reveals something that the Angel told him or Allah(swt)( example moses) then its a revelation and cannot be altered or changed and we notice that by how Allah says in surah al haqqah69 aya 44 to 48 that he would of cut him from the aorta.

so maybe a messenger is always a prophet and if prophethood is finalized then so is messengers of Allah(swt)

Also when obeying Allah and the messenger

how can someone really obey Allah(swt) if really you dont take the revelation from the messenger first. because its really impossible. because it like from Allah to the Angels to the MESSENGERS to the books to the people
so really if we cant obey the messengers first then we wouldn't have the revelation. without the messengers really the revelation wouldn't be there. Unless Allah wanted it to come in a different way but thats not the case from the Quran.

also from a forum on your website called "messengers will continue to come" you stated this

"O Messengers! (Arabic: rusulu - plural). Eat of the good things and do right. Indeed, I am aware of what ye do"
Here it is clear that those who were around Prophet Muhammad were also being called 'messengers'. If we assume for a second that Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali are real personalities (I have no reason to deny it - but we are outside scripture for now) and were active in spreading the message, then they would have been possibly included into this address.

I read a few ayahs before and after and I can be wrong but it doesn't seem to be saying that to Muhammad only and his companions. the ayah before that talks about Jesus(pbuh) and his mother.

maybe it really is refering to all of Allah's messengers

Also this verse you stated

"O ye Children of Adam! whenever there come to you messengers from among you, rehearsing My verses (Arabic: ayati) to you, those who are righteous and mend (their lives), on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve"

this can still mean all the messengers before Muhammad(pbuh). doesn't really have to mean there needs to be messengers after him, they were still the children of Adam coming from different ummah's and tribes and nations.

**this aya could also be referring to messengers from amongst you which is us, its not stating that these messengers are Allah's(swt) messengers. there just messengers who are amongst us who are rehearsing his verses. in this case these messengers would have to be reading the ayat or rehearsing them correctly but not a revelation sent to them or they can't claim to be a messenger of Allah(swt) because its "rusulun MINKUM"

also is there a different in arabic when saying rusulun or rasulun? Im just comparing the word messenger from 07:35 and 03:81
maybe it makes a different as who the speaker is and who its pointing out to be?

also sometimes the qurans mentions a messenger and a prophet at the same time but from the above opinion i see it still doesnt contradict my opinion. However brother I read many many interesting articles on your website and i thought I would like to share this with you hoping you can add something or correct me in any way.

also i apolagize if this is something you already responded to in the past and its making a repetition of an answer. i looked many places on the internet and everyone seems to have opinions not based on the quran alone and any facts.

I also read opinions on some other sects of islam and how many people are claiming to be messengers of Allah(swt) because they are saying that its not mentioned and it seems only fair that Allah(swt) guides everyone through the end of times with a messenger. But even though i dont really see a logic to that if the complete truth is already here. and the messengers that are being claimed are saying there is new revelations that have new laws and they state that the quran was a past law and guide. And now there is new book to be followed which to me if it was from the All mighty it would not contradict with a previous scripture and hold the same basis. when looking at the Torah and The Gospel and trying to decipher the truth out of them, they do go in the same path and conjunction with the Quran especially how they foretells the prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

Also sorry I do have a hard time writing and speaking what my thoughts really are and using the right and appropriate words. I know my literature is not very good. I hope you get a understanding of what im trying to say and Inshallah I will hear back from you shortly

Everything I have mentioned is just a thought and opinion and I am not to debate who's right and who's wrong. I really appreciate and find it nice to have good honest justified opinions. And inshallah when facts are seen they can be taken as facts. And it would be nice to hear from you thank you.


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