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Walaikum salaam , Thank you brother. I understood your reply of double sin so double punishment .
As i understood now .
Last nation (after which no other nation came) will not get any benefit compared to previous nation because they have not done anything good compared to previous one , they will not get any benefit for being the individuals of last nation . Because allah has decided that no other nation will come after them . Its not their goodness . What do you think ?

(Monotheist translation)

6:160  Whoever comes with a good deed, he will receive ten times its
worth, and whoever comes with a sin, he will only be recompensed
its like;
they will not be wronged.

7:38 He said: “Enter with the multitude of nations before you from
mankind and Jinn to the Fire!” Every time a nation entered, it
cursed its sister nation, until they are all gathered inside it; then
the last of them says to the first: “Our Lord, these are the ones
who have misguided us, so give them double the retribution of
the Fire!” He replied: “Each will receive double, but you do not

Forbidden to you is that which is already dead, and the blood, and
the meat of pig, and what was dedicated to other than God, and
that which has been strangled, and that which has been beaten
to death, and that which has fallen from a height, and that which
has been gored, and that which the wild animals have eaten from
except what you managed to rescue
, and what has been slaughtered
on altars, and what you divide by the arrows of chance. This is
vile. Today the rejecters have given up from your system, so do
not be concerned by them, but be concerned by Me. Today I have
perfected your system for you, and completed My blessings upon
you, and I have approved submission as the system for you. So,
whoever is forced by severe hunger and not seeking sin, then God
is Forgiving, Merciful.

Say: “I do not find in what is inspired to me to be unlawful for
any eater to eat except
that it be already dead, or running blood, or
the meat of pig - for it is foul - or what is a wickedness, dedicated
to other than God.” But whoever is forced to, without seeking
disobedience or transgression, then your Lord is Forgiving,

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu
alaihi wa sallam) said:
“Those who are
fair and just will be with Allah on
thrones of light, on the Right Hand of
the Most Merciful – and both His Hands
are Right Hands – those who were just in their judgements towards their
families and in any matter which was
entrusted to them.” [Muslim]
While defending These type  Hadith , an explanation is made by telling that such type of  words  are also used in Quran while referring to Allah.
But as far as i know , According to Quranic teaching , shape , size , colour , etc of Allah can not be determined or imagined .
so what should be the inference ?

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