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General Discussions / Re: Who are "We"
« on: March 05, 2014, 03:24:45 PM »
Salam Hamzeh,

That's a good question. I have for a while pondered if there was a second authority  involved as being referred to as the author of the Quran by Allahs permission what to reveal to Prophet Muhammad.  We know prophet Muhammad wrote what was revealed to him, but also we know who Allah sent to reveal the Quran to.

Also, in some verses when "we" is mentioned, is Gabriel saying this? with of course Allah telling him?

But if it is, Gabriel and Mekaeel are always mentioned a different creation of Allah from being angels and assisting the prophets. bJ, has an article on them.

What I mentioned is what I'm still looking into. It's not concrete.

I can only say about one not following the narratives only depends on the person. I have no idea how you are processing what it is said when you read or listen to the verses. It sure took me a while and I have a long way to go. I spend hours daily on the Quran, and have several tools to do research.

I might be completely wrong, I really don't know for sure. Just based on what I pondered on led me to prophet Solomon.

General Discussions / Re: Who are "We"
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:13:58 PM »

Would this be Cyrus that Allah is referring to?

I was actually interested in finding out myself, It sounds like King Salomon.. He was the only one Allah describes in the Qur'an having the ability to understand birds, ants language, and in verses 93 in surat 18, those people he came across had a language one could not understand, but the following verse Dhul-Qarnayn is communicating with them, so he understood them.

 Salmon was a King also a Prophet, and Allah mentions in verse 18:86, how He was communicating with him. Allah also mentions that He gave Salomon the prophet hood and Authority to be a King.. Allah would never be saying what kind of power He gave this Dhul-Qarnayn, as we know of other kings who had people worshiping them, but Dhul-Qarnayn never did that and he worshiped Allah.
Allah also mentions in the Quran that Salomon was blessed with lots of Iron/copper, copper and iron is mentioned that Dhul-Qarnayn builds to keep Gogg and Mogog in.  I think that people who did not believe in the Rasool wanted to know if he had any knowledge and asked him, So the Rasool asked Allah, and in 34:46, Allah tells us to ponder on the verses.. Surat Sad, (38) speaks a lot about prophet Salomon, which very much describes this journey of Dhul-Qarnayn.

I am still researching this, when I read something a week ago, that referenced the Qur'an, (non Islamic writing)  and it referenced about this person being Cyrus,  but all my study so far in the Qur'an points at King Salomon, because He was both a king and Prophet.

Although Allah does not refer to him as Salomon, it might be the same thing as Allah refers others by a different name.. Like wasn't Prophet Mohummad referred to as Yaseen by Allah and Ahmad? In surat 61:6, Allah mentions that referring to prophet Muhummad.

 Allah also tells us that He has verses in the Qur'an with stories so we ponder on them. I am thinking He is meaning these people already were mentioned (prophets) but is referring to them by a different name to tell us stories.

I could be way off, May Allah forgive me, as this is only my opinion so far based on what I have been researching based on many verses in the Qur'an. but I am still researching this within the Qur'an and not sure yet...

The story in the verses before it about Prophet Moses and the man with knowledge also seems to be a Prophet but not mentioned by name just the way Allah is mentioned in there with what the man is saying and it leads to some kind of communication with Allah and this man, Moses was with..

May Allah grant us the wisdom and knowledge to understand these verses the way Allah intends us too..

Islamic Duties / Verse 2:34
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:49:18 AM »
Salamun Alaikum Brother Joseph,

what is your thoughts about verse 2:34. It is when Allah told iblis to prostrate to Adam and he refused, but at the very end of the verse, Allah uses Kafireen... Do you think besides the history Allah is telling us, it also is an example in a message? Like If Allah for instance tells us to not kill others except what He clearly puts which are the two that you also mentioned in your article. So is it one will be a kafir if they know what Allah says, in this case "prohibited" and you still do it?  Like look at what is happening in Syria.. Both who claim they are Muslims... are killing each other and doing sick and twisted barbaric things... They know Allah prohibits this... and such as Iblis did not listen to Allah's command... these so called "Muslims" in a sense are disobeying Allah's command, so wouldn't it mean they are Kafireen?

There is a verse, however I can not find it of hand, where Allah says, they say they believe in Allah and judgement day, but they are liars and truly do not believe...

I take it as, if the truth is in front of you such as the Quran, speaking about Muslims... if they do not follow what Allah commands in the Quran, is Allah saying they really are not believers?

For Instance.. Now that I study the Quran, I know what Allah is saying, but even before I knew Killing someone is a grave sin unless it was self defense... Although I know that... let's say I do what those monsters are doing in Syria... is it I am a kafira because I disobeyed Allah?

Interested to hear your thoughts....

General Discussions / Re: verse 86:5-7
« on: March 03, 2014, 05:33:02 AM »
Salaam Sardar,

It is the Male Reproductive System and the Female reproductive System. This has NOTHING to do with ribs or bones... Or where the fluid is made in the body, whether it is the glands that are all over your body or your head.

The ONLY reason Ribs and Backbone is used, (BTW those are not the correct terms for those bones in question either, at least we no one I know refers to ribs and backbone using those words, there are different ones I always used growing up) because the English dictionaries and translators say so. The Quran did not come with a dictionary... One needs to use common sense. Even some of the Lexicon dictionary has wrong definitions of words, there are some that it is referring to Imams in the Hadith putting "according to" than they put the initials of the person. That is why it is extremely important for one to study and ponder on the words in Allah's verses.

Allah made the Quran easy for us....

Salaam Arman,

I can not believe you are comparing a head covering to taking an animals life that Allah created. HUGE difference... Brother if you are on this subject to get anyone's approval that it is okay, I do ot thing anyone is going to give you that unless they are just not getting what Allah is saying.. Animals were created right after Prophet Adam and if you really think the reason for their creation was for us to have an open access to slaughter and consume them, than you better really ask Allah for guidance to have you see His verses more clearer. He is ONLY doing humans a favor and one should be thankful that He even Allowed it in the first place.


Islamic Duties / Re: Allah's names vs. human names
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:00:54 PM »
Salaam Sadar,

 just clarifying things bro...  :D
Relax it is all good....

General Discussions / Re: jews are apes and pigs
« on: February 28, 2014, 11:58:55 AM »
Salamun Alaikum BJ,

So being literally as verbatim?

Wow, where did you find the Articles on Moses in the Wilderness?
Someone actually asked me about this today, I answered, I believe whatever God is saying in the Quran, if He said He did it than He did it.
I was than asked well many say it is metaphorically, I never really studied the Quran around these verses to agree with the three verses being a metaphor..

Great Job!!


Islamic Duties / Re: Allah's names vs. human names
« on: February 28, 2014, 03:02:25 AM »
Salaam Sardar,

You said "The King of Eygpt  during the period of Prophet Yousuf used to be called as Aziz of Misar.The word Aziz can be used to indicate as Firm or mighty but when one uses Aziz as name it is Allah's name as such one has to prefix with ABD."

I replied there is no such word "Misr" I know about the King  and his wife and the whole Yusuf chapter, but that is not the point I was making… I am making a point that Allah Himself is using that word to describe a HUMAN BEING in the verses I listed, which I had wrong, it is 12:30 and 51 among others.
My point is the BURDEN is on you to prove it is prohibited, and the proof is on you is to get that from the Quran, directly from Allah’s own words, not based on your beliefs or other sources.  You are doing exactly what Imams/scholars do, giving your opinion on how you believe what Allah is saying or thinking Allah allows or disallows… I without ANY doubt for a second, think that Allah is waiting for others to speak for Him on what is Haram and what is not.   How you interpret verses does not mean they are the actual saying of Allah that is in the Quran nor what it means unless you back it up when others do not see where you get your information from.  If it is Haram, it certainly will BE in the Quran, whether directly or indirectly in verses.
You have to show us that indeed it is in there. You have to back up what you say is all I am saying. The verses are very simple striaght forward because Allah says that, we are the ones who make things complicated too much by reading into things and meanings and thinking for Allah...

About the Dog thing it was an example how the word is used it means many things, and what in the Quran referring to the wife of the king, same way Allah is using it in the Quran referring to a human being, not Himself, that is why it is extremely important to understand the verse and the message in it that contain the verbiage/words that are being used. 

The Noble Quran 12:30
*۞* وَقَالَ نِسْوَةٌ فِى ٱلْمَدِينَةِ ٱمْرَأَتُ ٱلْعَزِيزِ تُرَٰوِدُ فَتَىٰهَا عَن نَّفْسِهِۦ ۖ قَدْ شَغَفَهَا حُبًّا ۖ إِنَّا لَنَرَىٰهَا فِى ضَلَٰلٍ مُّبِينٍ

Waqala niswatun fee almadeenati imraatu alAAazeezi turawidu fataha AAan nafsihi qad shaghafaha hubban inna lanaraha fee dalalin mubeenin

And women in the city said: "The wife of Al-'Aziz is seeking to seduce her slave young man, indeed she loves him violently; verily we see her in plain error."

Are you saying Allah made a mistake and did not know He is referring to a human being as azeez/aziz?

For instance Aziza is a female name. Both an adjective and comes out of the word Aziz.  There are many Theophoric names with either prefix or suffix to Allah or people have it towards other gods. For instance there are many Arab Christians whose names are Abdul Salib…  aka.. Servant of the cross.

My nieces name is Aya as the verses in the Quran, my cousin named his daughter Ayat, My brother’s middle name is Ayatollah. 
So did Allah prohibit the word Aya or Ayat because that is what He uses for his verses? 

I had to make my point, I am not arguing at all, nor do I want to be right, I can careless, but one thing I always do Brother, is put the facts down from the Quran, no other source. The Quran is 100%, our thinking is not, unless we get it from the Quran and we are clear on what the message is. Otherwise it is just an opinion of someone’s.

Salaam Ismail,

I really think you need to study the entire Quran, which will help you. It ties up all the verses together in a way on the message Allah is telling us.
the "grazing animals" He is pacifically telling you what kinds are allowed. I know some people think Deer is one of them, as I do not think that. Allah actually mentioned the 4 kinds and mentions them by name, and it turns to eight when He says two of each meaning female and male.
As for the Deer, you can not catch a Deer without shooting it and or killing it with an arrow. When clearly Allah is telling us how one must slaughter it. That is my opinion as I still need to ponder more on the verses again as I lost all the research I was putting together on this on my other laptop. L

As for the sea creatures, although it is not in the dictionaries correctly, "seyud" which means “gaming fish“. As in fishing  “FISH” You can not fish a shark, dolphin, ect.  The exotic fish, or certain fish that carry poison in them are at the very bottom of the Sea and you are not going to be fishing it out unless you dive down there and get it that way.

Most Arabic speaking people know what Allah is referring to as fish.
For instance, Muslims never ate crab before, some do now because the scholar told them everything is permissible. How do crabs get killed so it can be consumed? They boil it inn steaming hot water alive!! God created that creature as He created us, I have NO DOUBT He is not allowing such horrific practice. There is no other way I believe that because a crab lives in water and on land for days and can survive either way. Now this is still my opinion, and I need to redo my research. I do believe without doubt that the Quran is complete, clear and detailed as we are told from Allah, Himself. So I have no doubt since what I mentioned above, is all in the Quran somewhere, but we are not understanding it or have not found it yet. I do also believe that Allah created His creatures for certain reasons and to live like us and have communities and He is only allowing us to only consume certain ones He tells us as a favor from Him, no more no less and not to transgress.
Again, it does not mean because Allah said do not eat dogs, cats, rats, squirrels that it is permissible. Some Muslims use “lard for an example, and other parts of the pig that is not considered meat to them, as permissible to consume or have in their foods. It shocks me because what part of Swine does Allah need to make clear. Not is He only telling us not to eat it, if He says that than no one should be killing it, therefore how can anything come out of it?

InshaAllah when I get time I will work more on the permissible food thing to make it more clearer to you. The above is based on my opinion and views as I am thankful I do not consume any animal flesh nor byproducts’ as my choice.


Islamic Duties / Re: Allah's names vs. human names
« on: February 27, 2014, 01:36:34 PM »
Salaam Sarder,

That is not 99 names out of verses, your missing 13..  ;D

And about Aziz in the Quran, that is incorrect, there is NO mention of Masir when aziz is recited in the Quran. 
One needs to be very careful saying it is forbidden without no proof from the Quran. Allah Himself who gave Prophet Muhummad the Quran verses, used the name to tell us the individuals name in His Aya. If it was inappropriate or forbidden for the Individual to have that name, certainly Allah would have either not mentioned him by name or called the person out.. lol

Now if someone has a name for instance Aziz, and puts Al, Ar, At and Al, than yes, I think it is extremely very inappropriate because that is how Allah describes Himself, and it will be "THE"  which it is without doubt what Allah is referring to Himself.

When I have a conversation with family in Arabic, and they tell me I am too obsessed with my Dog, I reply, hada Aziz habibi... (He is cherished, my love) At no way is that disrespecting Allah because unless I say al-aziz and knowing that is what Allah refers to himself than Yes, it would be very disrespectful.  There are so many meanings for that name and others, but again, it is not inappropriate at all and in my opinion you do not need to put Abd. I know for a FACT, scholars say this about the Haram part as I believe the Hadith does as well.

Islamic Duties / Re: Allah's names vs. human names
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:52:25 PM »
Salaam Arman,

Aziz is in the Quran, mentioned several times in surat Yusef. It is not referring to Allah, rather as Aziz's wife. aya 23,31 and 51

Certainly if that was one of Allahs names Allah would not be mentioning that name as one of His.

My sister has a son she named Abdel Malik.. They call him Malik for short....

There is nowhere in the Quran that prohibits Aziz, but if there are verses that clearly with Allah referring to himself with a name like Rahman, or something else,

I have a cousin names Aziz… Allah says we can call Him any name, how I interpret this is the beautiful names that mean great things, but ultimately Allah is his name.

I call Allah my Love, Habibi in Arabic, I say it because I love Him, people say it is haram to say that, I say that is between Allah and  He knows exactly what I mean, I love Him as my creator.

There is nothing in the Quran that I know of  that says do not call yourselves these names. I would assume people have the intelligence not to name themselves after 'Allah" or any names for a word of God in whatever language.

Many people use Abd before allah, which is fine I believe... Like Abdallah.
Allah does refer to himself as raheem I believe. But I can not comment about one referring to themselves without adding abd to raheem.

Sorry this is not much help

Salaam Sarder,

I agree with you 100%. I would NEVER waste my time discussing any issue/verses if the other person is referencing the Hadith whatsoever. I usually take it a step further and never find creditability in what the person says about verses because it shows they have no knowledge in the Quran if they don't see that hadith is a vile innovation from satin... lol

Salaam Saba,

Shakrun helwa....
I get confused how people arguing about the most clear proof which is in the Quran. It's called no imann.

General Discussions / Re: verse 86:5-7
« on: February 23, 2014, 11:41:06 AM »
Salamun Alaikum Brother Joseph,

Alhumduillah, I knew you would get it...  :)

Thank God for the cows.. lol


General Discussions / Re: verse 86:5-7
« on: February 22, 2014, 02:20:50 AM »
Salam Sister Saba We shall Inshallah wait to see Bro JAI's explanation on this subject Inshallah

Salaam Good Logic,

I believe I have a pretty good Idea now what the second word is referring to.

I read what others wrote on a site which confused me and had my thinking focused on male vs female. That's why I like researching it from scratch because you will end up looking for words or explanations that have nothing to do with the verse at all. Which put me in a view of not including the female which as a matter of fact the female is being referred to as the male.

I went to an IVF clinic yesterday, one of my friends is a doctor there and it helped a lot which narrows it down. It helped in a sense to know the exact area of the body it is even possible.  What makes sense now also is when they do Invetro, I am sure Allah knew that was going to happen in the future when the verse came down, and how He said the verses 5-7 the way He did. Subhana Allah He sure covered everything incase someone tries to criticize His words...

  It is not no rib, no bones nothing.. the issue is with muslims or even others think because that is what is in the dictionary that it might be right, it isn't. And there are words in the Quran that we will never know the truth meaning of the word or verse itself. The issue with this verse I think is everyone thought because of the backbone and rib or how every Quran that is translated besides Arabic has Man, him, he instead of the word referring to both female and male. It distorts the whole verse. In Arabic man is not the term to refer all humans like how other languages have.

I am going to work on research more, I am planning to InshaAllah send it to Brother Joseph and hopefully we all will be able to understand it. It is too much information to put all on here, although it is three simple verses, one has to have their proof to back it up.

May Allah guide...

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