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Salaam Airmen,

Keep it in cash... I don't trust banks, nor do I want others to know what I have.
I have taken interest and I mean a lot of it before, but every penny I've given as charity.

Man, I feel sorry for the 403B, pensions and 501K's...  :o

Salaam Sarder,

You are absolutely correct. Allah even says u will find it with him at the end.

Islamic Duties / Re: Comments on Five Prayers & Meaning of Sujud - Wakas
« on: February 11, 2014, 08:10:25 AM »
Salaam Wakas,

Please go listen to verses 3:7, 2:26 and 74:26-31

General Discussions / Re: Drinking Urine
« on: February 11, 2014, 01:33:03 AM »
Salaam Deliverence,

Lol... Subhannu Allah He only want's what is good for us and is looking out for his servents and people transgress with greed.

Islamic Duties / Re: Comments on Five Prayers & Meaning of Sujud - Wakas
« on: February 11, 2014, 01:16:53 AM »
Salaam Wakas,

I am confused on your way of thinking... You do not believe in the hadith yet you are taking and referring on words in Hadith writings, and a Quran that was written by a believer of those writings and even acknowledges in his quran that he used words from the hadith that refer to the verses in the Quran because it is better explained. You also have reference of articles about 2 prayers and base that from what I saw on what writers of the hadith explains. You are going off  "Early and Morning Prayers in Early Islam, where the author is going off Hadith that have truth to them because it is a history written by God knows who and after the prophets death hundreds of years? They even put the Prophet ordered the prayer of this and that, asir and naming different ones, so if you believe in Allahs and his words when He tells you Muhummed followed what Prophet Abrahim did, which is how we pray the 5 prayers and the ones Allah refers to in the Quran by time mainly and some by name.


Another refrence you are giving is Abdul Mannan Omar.. This is what He says...


"The etymology, the function, and wherever applicable

the abbreviations are also given from the most authentic sources,
with explanatory notes, grammatical comments, and examples in
phrase and poetry. Towards this end, authentic scholarly works
in the sciences of

Hadîth, Tafsîr, and Islamic History have been
included. The result is a reliable and authentic knowledge and
explanation of the etymology and meanings of the Qur'ânic words"

Instead of studying the Quran, and believing it is COMPLETE, EVERYTHING IS IN IT, you turn to people who ridicule the Rasool and Allah in their satanic fabrications and writings?

Still you refer to Ibn Kathir Quran tafsir where mijority of his explanation of the verses out if the Quran are completely wrong. No one and I mean now one knows what Allah means or the History of the past except what Allah tells us and the Rasool is Dead, we can not ask him. You are just trying to justify your views which is dangerous. You are no different than following hadith even worse in my view brother and I say that without seeming to attack you, you got on the right foot seeing that the Hadith is not part of the religion, yet you want to use it to get your justification to give your view merit? When Allah's words are right in front of you? Dictionaries, quran corpse and many other explanations are WRONG, WRONG AND MORE WRONG!!! These people you are getting yoru information about do not even understand the Quran. What strikes me is they write books about Quran even in English and they do not understand that the Rasool wrote the Quran in his own hands, That not to accept any other sources but the Quran, and I can list many more, you expect anyone to believe their word?  You are connected to the I am sorry, that is nothing short of a new invented religion and not Islam.

General Discussions / Re: Demand for Sharia Law
« on: February 10, 2014, 10:27:57 AM »
Salaam Mubashir,

I think it is a suicide to implement Sharia Law in ANY country.

Look at 90% of Muslims and their beliefs. They need to understand the Quran to the letter before EVER thinking about Sharia Law. Toss their Hadith and Sunnah books, and understand Islam according to the Quran, than, and maybe than it is a good idea. Both you and I know that will never happen that Muslims in sects can toss the Hadith.

For argument sake let's say this happen, not a chance on this earth unless you are to believe another prophet is coming; you still have people who only follow the Quran that distort the words of Allah.

I think the whole followers of Islam needs to be educated to the entire followers, otherwise there certainly will only allow Muslim extremist and delusional people control others life. I have NO IDEA how anyone can live under such deluded and absurd laws in Saudi Arabia. Other countries that are not mostly Muslim, have the protection from the Government and one chooses to follow Sharia or not.

Islamic Duties / Re: Comments on Five Prayers & Meaning of Sujud - Wakas
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:00:27 AM »
Salaam Wakas,

If Allah does not call the prayer by the name we know today, it does not mean it is automatically 2 or three for the ones He spells out by the names we know today as they are. He is listing the times, if you wanna call it El wusta, two end of the night, two in the afternoon...whatever... He is giving you the times and each time or as a combined description it is five mandatory prayers He is commanding us to do. Study the ENTIRE Quran, not look for just what He says about Prayer, He is telling you how to look at the words He is saying elsewhere that has nothing to do with the prayers to help one understand how to thinbk about what He is saying.

Islamic Duties / Re: Comments on Five Prayers & Meaning of Sujud - Wakas
« on: February 10, 2014, 03:23:07 AM »
Salaam Wakas,

I am just going to give you a FACT from the link you posted that is your own writting and beliefs I assume?

And do not follow what you have no knowledge of; surely the hearing, the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that. [17:36]

Salaam Sardar,

Can you please attach the link of the article you are referencing too?

I am extremly confused from the beginning of your question.  When you said person repaying the loan amount, I assumed BANK not a fellow muslim/person. "Inflation" as you mentioned, I was basing it on a loan from a bank stand. 

General Discussions / Re: Drinking Urine
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:53:56 AM »
Salaam Deliverence,

Milk is essentially formed from proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and many other elements, and vitamins and water. And all of this is extracted from the animal's nutrition (food that they consume), drink and blood, described through Allah Statement. The word that one should be focusing on is "wadamin"

The word farthin is also known to us as changed to a thick liquid is called chyme which is the process in cows and other animals.

The raw materials for milk production are transported via the bloodstream to the secretory cells

People automatically assume that blood is red, which it is not, blood is made out of calcium, vitamins, protein, sugars and several other nutrients.

Milk is synthesized in the mammary gland. Within the mammary gland is the milk producing unit, the alveolus. It contains a single layer of epithelial secretory cells surrounding a central storage area called the lumen, which is connected to a duct system. The secretory cells are, in turn, surrounded by a layer of myoepithelial cells and blood capillaries.

"Milk Biosynthesis
Milk is synthesized in the mammary gland. Within the mammary gland is the milk producing unit, the alveolus. It contains a single layer of epithelial secretory cells surrounding a central storage area called the lumen, which is connected to a duct system. The secretory cells are, in turn, surrounded by a layer of myoepithelial cells and blood capillaries.

 Udder, Alveolus, Secretory Cell: 26 KB
The raw materials for milk production are transported via the bloodstream to the secretory cells. It takes 400-800 L of blood to deliver components for 1 L of milk.
•   Proteins: building blocks are amino acids in the blood. Casein micelles, or small aggregates thereof, may begin aggregation in Golgi vesicles within the secretory cell.
•   Lipids:
o   C4-C14 fatty acids are synthesized in the cells
o   C16 and greater fatty acids are preformed as a result of rumen hydrogenation and are transported directly in the blood
•   Lactose: milk is in osmotic equilibrium with the blood and is controlled by lactose, K, Na, Cl; lactose synthesis regulates the volume of milk secreted
The milk components are synthesized within the cells, mainly by the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and its attached ribosomes. The energy for the ER is supplied by the mitochondria. The components are then passed along to the Golgi apparatus, which is responsible for their eventual movement out of the cell in the form of vesicles. Both vesicles containing aqueous non-fat components, as well as liquid droplets (synthesized by the ER) must pass through the cytoplasm and the apical plasma membrane to be deposited in the lumen. It is thought that the milk fat globule membrane is comprised of the apical plasma membrane of the secretory cell.
Milking stimuli, such as a sucking calf, a warm wash cloth, the regime of parlour etc., causes the release of a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is released from the pituitary gland, below the brain, to begin the process of milk let-down. As a result of this hormone stimulation, the muscles begin to compress the alveoli, causing a pressure in the udder known as letdown reflex, and the milk components stored in the lumen are released into the duct system. The milk is forced down into the teat cistern from which it is milked. The let-down reflex fades as the oxytocin is degraded, within 4-7 minutes. It is very difficult to milk after this time."

buṭūnihi (bellies) min (from) bayni (between) farthin (the food) wadamin (blood) labanan (milk) khāliṣan (milk) The nutrients from the food that a human female eats, has the same process for making the milk to feed their baby.

You will be amazed on all the clues that Allah gives us indeed. He also mentions it in verse 41:53 "Soon We will show them our signs in the horizons and in themselves until t becomes clear to them that it is the truth, is it not sufficient concerning your lord that He is over all things a witness?

So no, it is not feces, because feces is just that feces/dung because there is no use for it that is why it exists the body. It is only feces when all the nutrients is extracted from the food. The anatomy of a human or animal for that matter as far as digestion is concerned is the same when it comes down to waste/feces/urine, once the nutrients is extracted the rest goes on it's way to form and exit the body.

General Discussions / Re: Drinking Urine
« on: February 09, 2014, 11:38:02 PM »
Salaam Deliverance

I am going to check with my friend who works at the University Animal Hospital... I am positive the milk is not mixed with dung before it is purified, it is something about an organ. They have several chambers.

General Discussions / Re: Drinking Urine
« on: February 09, 2014, 11:25:42 PM »
Salaam Saba,

Deliverance and I are past what one can eat and what they can not.  Were talking about drinking urine... loooool  for medical stuff which we know it is impure and disgusting..

Deliverance, So that words means like bowels but not feces... "Genitive" is more of a word that should have been used in a English definition, as it describes a body organ. the cow has a very different digestive system, most animals that chew the cud have that.

Urine has it's different tubing channel... I very much doubt Allah is going to tell us the milk He expects the people to drink is mixed with dung and He purifies it.

Thank God I do not take any of this stuff in... There's a video on you tube in 3D, it is rather gross.

Salaam Sardar,

Well it goes like this in my opinion. Verse 2:282, Allah commands us to get a written contract for any debt we take and list all the terms. So when one is getting a loan, they will know what the loan has in it and if it is against Riba. They will than not go through with it I would think. When a loan is taken at a fixed low rate, whether there is an inflation or not, it will not affect it.

Every bank has different rules, but most if not all that have fees, riba, interest. That is factored in the monthly payments/installments for the loan.  I believe except the Islamic banks that some islamic countries have.

The best one can do is pay off as much as they can right away or try to refinance the Loan or get a bank to agree on something. I have never heard of a loan that goes towards amount one took only with no interest/finance.

If one is caught up in Riba, and did not know at the time, they just have to ask Allah for forgiveness and never repeat it again and do the best they can to get rid of the loan. I have never heard of a bank asking one to pay more than the agreement in the contract is. A pay off on the loan is something usually when a loan goes in bad standing or something that the bank agrees on due to the contract.

People do not realize that all credit cards are Riba. My God, you can sit your whole life paying it off. That is why one needs to live cash only and buy only what one can afford..

There is nothing I can find in Quran saying how it should be handled if one is in a situation as you mentioned.


Salaam Mubashir,

"Is it permissible to recite the words of our Lord and Master in a singing fashion? Granted the recitation has rhythm to it, but is this even appropriate? This is a serious message of warning and hope and a guide for proper behavior and our relationship to Allah SWT and His Messengers.

Well Allah says to recite it, I do not think it is a singing, but more of a flow like a Bahir if you will, waves in the sea.
There is not prohibit on reciting it. I think it is the most beautiful thing.

If we are working for a company, would we read the rules and regulation of the company in a singing way? How would the owner of the company react?

Lol, brother, you are funny and I mean that in a good way that you made me laugh. I think there is a HUGE difference.. OMG. LOOOOL...  They do too...

I have never seen anything to say not to recite it in the way it is being recited, I would not call it singing, it is more of a rythem flow. I always thought this is how Allah intended. Amazing how their voice is, MashAllah, not many people can pull it off...

Salaam All

Subhanna Allah, This mans voice reciting the Quran is nothing but Beautiful, gives me chills.. His voice and style of recitation reminds me of Abul Bassit

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