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True Islam vs Misguided Extremist
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:15:12 AM »
Salaam Aliakum everyone,

I watched a Nightly News special last night, and I have to say it was EXTREMELY troubling and scary.

I think it is important to Muslims who understand the True meaning of Islam and what the Quran really says to get involved with their authorities and lobby them to make changes to their laws concerning these dangerous extremist. Although on this News series the extremist were saying that they were born in UK, there needs to be more stricter laws. In my beliefs and understanding from what Br. Joseph wrote in different articles, this would fit under Mishief/Fasid on the land. Muslims need to lobby their local government's to change the laws and make it that they would have these extremist exile the country if they continue, or get severe punishment such as life in prison.

This clown Ajaum Choudry, or whatever his name is, is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and I have no idea where he and his blind following clowns get their information from about what they are preaching about Islam.  I am extremely surprised that the UK would allow these blind crazy clowns to walk the streets and do what they are doing...

It is time for True Muslims to take action and put these evil people away in a cage or exile them before a blind unintelligent person believes their teaching and gets brainwashed in a web of false teachings and end up hurting or killing people. 

I would do exactly that if this was happening in the U.S. We do not have that here, I thank God, and I do not ever see it happening here because I personally among many Muslims would do everything we can to get these evil extremist locked up or better yet, exiled out of the country.

Just a thought, that as True Islam followers, we should NOT allow these scary Evil Misguided Monsters to spread false teachings about Islam, We should Lobby or push our Governments change the laws against this behavior and conduct instead of them targeting innocent Muslims who are the opposite of these Misguided fools.