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Did Prophet Muhammad Receive Inspiration Outside the Quran?
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:35:43 AM »
By: Mubashir Inayat

Salam Brother Joseph

Following question has been asked on Facebook. Seems to be a legitimate question. Have you written an article that may cover this issue?

Thanks, and no rush.



What is yours view on this Passage: Please make it simple comment on this post with perfect sweet answer
On the occasion of the battle of Uhud, some Qur'ânic verses were revealed to make the Muslims recall the events of the battle of Badr: How Allâh helped them and how He promised to send the angels to their aid, and how He actually did so. These verses are as under:
Allâh has certainly helped you at Badr while you were weak. So, fear Allâh so that you may be grateful. When you (O Prophet) were saying to the believers, 'Shall it not suffice you that your Lord shall aid you with three thousand angels being sent down? Why not? If you observe patience and fear Allâh and they come to you in this their heat, your Lord shall aid you with five thousand angels having distinct marks?' And Allâh did not make it but a good news for you so that your hearts might be satisfied. And there is no help except from Allâh, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. (3:123-126)

The emphasized sentence of these verses attributes the good news of the aid of angels to Allâh Almighty, meaning thereby that the good news of this aid was given by Allâh Himself. But this good news given at the time of Badr is nowhere available in the Holy Qur'ân. In other words, there is no verse in the Holy Book revealed during the battle of Badr which implies the good news of the aid of the angels. What is quoted above is only a reference of that news, made at the time of a later battle, and it is expressly mentioned in this verse that the good news was given by the Holy Prophet. Still, the news is attributed to Allâh.

Thus, it is another example where the words of the Holy Prophet are held to be the words of Allâh. There is no reason for this expression other than that the words of the Prophet were inspired by a special revelation, not contained in the Holy Qur'ân, and this is what is called the "unrecited revelation."

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Re: Did Prophet Muhammad Receive Inspiration Outside the Quran?
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2014, 12:41:22 AM »
Wa alaikum assalam brother Mubashir,
No right-minded 'Quran-centric' student would ever claim that the Prophet did not receive 'inspirations' outside the Quran. Those that do, have absolutely no warrant to make such claims from the Quran.
As was shared below [1] the prophet was not simply a 'postman'. His judgments were final, his arbitrations were final, and he acted as an agent of God on earth as an inspired prophet. He was a spiritual leader and certainly would have received inspirations outside the Quran in many different forms [2]. However, not all of the Prophet’s utterances were inspired [3].
However, to claim that these inspirations were faithfully recorded centuries after the death of the prophet by fallible human beings as part of 'authorised religion' is quite another matter. Such an assertion from the Quran has no warrant. What was necessary for mankind's guidance was explicitly mentioned in the Quran for believers to follow as part of religion.
Please let us remember that normal humans also get 'inspired'. Was Prophet Moses's mother a prophet? No - But she received inspiration (28:7) [2].
I hope that helps, God willing.
[4] Did Prophet Receive Revelations Outside the Quran?
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