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On the purpose of religion
« on: June 30, 2014, 12:56:29 PM »
Greetings to all,

I have the following questions and comments regarding religion.

1. According to the Quran there will not be any injustice (atom's weight/hair's breadth) on any soul:

Does this mean that paradise is given purely on the basis of those who have done good and forbidden evil by their own souls regardless of religion (i.e. following  God's teaching it of what is good for it and bad for it)?

2. The purpose of the religions of the book are to make clear the nature and reality of life and the universe, a means by which a soul may seek relief and guidance in navigating life, and a prescription for individual and social best practice. Would this be near to the mark?

3. Not following the prescribed acts of worship, e.g - prayer, fasting, performing Hajj, is not in itself a sin and presumably not injustice, but rather implies the absence of seeking God's relief and guidance. On this basis is it that not following prescribed acts of worship does not automatically preclude paradise?

4. Could it be that the prescribed praying five times in a day, Hajj being prescribed as once in a lifetime etc., be regarded as upper limits to acts of worship in seeking God's relief and guidance? That is, the absence of these limits causing a true believer to spend much more time in worship than what is necessary?