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Each Man Will Have Two Wives - What About Women?
« on: August 22, 2014, 06:46:49 PM »
Asalamu alaikum brother,

I have to ask, after reading your discussion on the Hur Al Ayn topic. I do understand your argument, but if this was true, why in the Quran does it state each man in heaven will have two wives? (The verse regarding the description of the first people to enter Jannah)
As a Muslim woman looking to get married, I find this quite hard to understand, why Allah would make Muslim women suffer with this idea.

Also if the Quran states we shall get all our inner hearts desire, why are scholars quick to shun what women will receive?

Also many scholars state the Hur Hadith are all authentic..

If you could clarify this issue brother, that would be great.

Jazakallu Khayran.

May Allah bless you for all your hard work.

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Re: Each Man Will Have Two Wives - What About Women?
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2014, 06:49:26 PM »
Dear Sister,

Wa alaikum assalam

There is no verse in the Quran that states that each man in heaven will have two wives. However, there are many Islamic secondary sources (such as Ahadith), written at times, centuries after the death of the prophet with many (read dubious) 'claims' often interpreting the Quran from a male-centric and at times, misogynist perspective.

As I am sure you will appreciate, a true believer,  should arguably be (primarily) concerned with what the scriptures 'explicitly say' (in the voice of God) rather than the alleged claims written much later by fallible human beings who were part of a different socio-political milieu, with at times, a theological axe to grind.

The Arabic word 'Hur' better renders as 'companions pure' and are a creation available to all believers who enter paradise. The Quran provides earthly similitudes and these are for 'all' companions of heaven irrespective of gender. The Quran is absolutely clear that dwellers in the next world will be a 'new creation' (56:35-37). I highly recommend article [1] below which will, God willing, provide more context to this particular issue.

As far as Ahadith (Islamic secondary sources) are concerned, the authenticity and 'authority' of these documents have been the source of much debate in both Muslim and Western scholarship. From a 'Quran's' perspective at least, it provides no 'authority' to any of these documents in matters of ‘God ordained religion’ and only ratifies itself as sole 'authority' in religion. Please see below some articles which will, God willing, provide further context to this matter.

I hope this helps, God willing.


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