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Learning Islamic wudu/ablution is now an easy task with the help of Kids Wudu Series which guides the step by step procedure of performing wudhu. It encourages kids to memorize the real and exact order of wudhu. It is helpful for the newly converted Muslims to identify the steps of wudhu along with the importance of wudhu in Islam according to valid hadiths and Sunat/Sunnah. Other features of this application are listed below.


A complete guide with step by step procedure explanation with the help of images

Wudhu memorizing game for kids to strengthen the exact order of wudhu while arranging the images of wudhu in proper order

Complete hadith and Sunat/Sunnah description provided to identify the importance of wudhu in Islam

Read the tips and warning section to completely eradicate the myths and misconceptions spread about the purity of wudhu

Note: This application only describes the procedure of wudhu if you find any mistake or error do write us in the review section
to minimize the chances of errors.


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Re: Kids Wudu Series – Memorize the Complete Steps of Wudhu/Ablution
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