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Re: Proof that the HELL IS ETERNAL
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In summary, these are the positions of people who claim Hell is not everlasting:

(1) We will remain in the Hell as long as necessary

Whoever will enter in the Hell will endures the length of the state and there is no coming out.

"So enter the gates of Hell to abide eternally therein, and how wretched is the residence of the arrogant" (16, 29)

And they said: "The fire will never touch us except counted/numbered days/times." Say: "Did you take at God a promise/contract, so God will not break His promise/contract, or are you saying on God what you do not know?" (2, 80)

Yes/certainly, who gathered/earned a sin/crime, and his sin/mistake surrounded/enveloped with him so those (are) the fire's owners/company, they are in it immortally/eternally. (2, 81)

Did you not see/understand to those who were given a share/fortune from The Book, they are being called to God's Book to judge/rule between them, then a group from them turns away, and they are objecting/opposing. (3, 23)

That (is) because they said: "The fire will not/never touch us, except a counted/numbered days/times, and deceived/tempted them in their religion what they were fabricating. (3, 24)

Thus, is logical say Hell IS forever and is NOT restricted only to a limited number of days.

We must say that the multi-meaning triliter kh-l-d truly does not always and not neccessarly mean 'forever', but such meaning (forever) is clearly intended in this passage in reference to/with Hell.

(2) Some of those who deserved the Hell will be taken out of it

(When that) day comes, a self does not speak/talk except with His permission, so from them (are people) miserable/unhappy and happy/fortunate. (11, 105)

So but those who were miserable/unhappy, so (they are) in the fire , for them in it (is) deep exhalation and loud inhalation. (11, 106)

Immortally/eternally in it as long as the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth continued/lasted, except what your Lord willed/wanted, that your Lord (is a) maker/doer, to what He wills/wants. (11, 107)

And but those who were made happy/fortunate, so (they are) in the Paradise, immortally/eternally in it, as long as the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth continued/lasted, except what your Lord willed/wanted, a gift/grant not cut/broken (interrupted). (11, 108)

In this controversial passage the phrase except what your Lord willed/wanted has used to argue that some of those who deserved hell will be taken out of it. But if we see the very last verse we see that The God has also said for jannah the same thing that he has said for the hell- illa ma shaae abbuka (except what your Lord willed/wanted) -, BUT, nevertheless, at the end of the passage He has definitely confirmed the perpetual character of paradise saying "ataan gayra majzuz"- a gift/grant not cut/broken (interrupted).

According to the author's opinion, Illa ma shae rabbuke (except what your Lord willed/wanted) IS ONLY an emphasis that everything happens in accordance with the God's will. (this is the way that Rashad Khalifa translated 11:105-108) see 6:167 (a must read) for a better understanding of "ma shae" -the will of the Lord.

Another phrase in the verse that caused opinions that Hell and Paradise are not forever is "as long as the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth continued/lasted" is in the author's opinion most probably an idiom meaning -forever, always and similar.

(3) How can a merciful God punish His creation in an eternal fire for sins they may have committed in a relatively short period of life on Earth?

It must be appreciated that God is not only a merciful God but also a just God and His justice also extends to just retribution. It is only correct therefore, that one expects to be recompensed for what they have earned which is the fundamental teaching of the Quran.

No matter how good a disbeliever may seem on the surface in the life of this world, He or she is guilty of great crimes in the sight of Allah. All their actions in the world, though may seem good on the surface, comes to nothing as fitting punishment for not paying Allah's due. Had they devoted their actions to earn the pleasure of Allah and acknowledged and thanked Him for all His blessings, they would have been saved from the Fire of Hell. The believers enjoyed Allah's blessings on earth too, but they devoted themselves to Allah as well and observed His limits in the Qur'an. The disbelievers will be told on the Day of Judgment with regard to their state on earth:

"That is because you wrongfully enjoyed and rejoiced on earth. Enter the gates of Hell, there to remain - an evil home for the arrogant" (40, 75-76)

Allah tells them on earth:

"Eat and enjoy for a while, for truly you are criminals" (77, 46)

God informs the reader that not an atom’s weight of injustice will occur (4, 40). All punishment will be in exact accordance to the measure of the evil deed of the sinner.

And to all are (assigned) degrees according to the deeds which they (have done), and in order that (God) may recompense their deeds, and no injustice be done to them” (46, 19)

However only Allah knows best.




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