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Re: The Secret of Universe
« Reply #30 on: August 07, 2012, 12:48:26 AM »
Salaam Optomist,

I was like you as well before I turned to the Quran alone but unlike you, I am satisfied overall the current translations that exist. Only a handful of verses are influenced by sources outside the Quran which is evident from a little bit of research.

Traditional translations do not mean an incorrect translations which is what you are trying to suggest.

In the main, they are true to the Arabic UNLIKE the so called 'translation' by Parvez that you seem to adore. I have mentioned many times that the translations are not true to the original language and do not fit when put under careful investigation.

You seem oblivious to this even after you have been shown them. I am sure Parvez has written some great insights and no doubt spent an entire lifetime dedicated to Islam but that does not automatically make him correct.

It does not impress me when people push their own agenda when it comes to the Quran, producing a version that 'satisfies' their own outlook and views, pushing aside the real meanings.