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Politics according to Quran
« on: April 23, 2017, 03:26:06 AM »
Dear Brother Josheph ,
As-sala-mu-alikum . I am not finding any artical regarding politics in the Quran . Many Muslim leader give the best interpretation of the kalema
"La Ilaha - Illal-lah " as a political slogan . They mean it God is the only creator , Admistrator , providor for food , protector of life ,  we should obey HIS rules , laws , advice , order in our daily and social life . How can this possible without making a plat form to establish the Quranic system for mankind ?  In the whole world there are on going war to get power to govern the country after country  is Quran not tell about this power ?
Pls give me some lesson . Is it possible to make a plat form without having any fighting between believers and non believers ?
I will be happy to know the answer in Quran's perspective .

Thank you