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Fingerprints of Authenticity
« on: July 12, 2018, 09:25:22 AM »
Salam Joseph,

I hope and pray you and your family are doing well. I very deeply appreciate your endeavor to address the misconceptions of Muslims and relay the proper, true message of the Quran. You are an unsung hero of our time! I sincerely implore Almighty God for the greatest reward and forgiveness for you and your family, admitting you all to the highest rank(s) of the Gardens of Eternity, and to give me the chance to be able to meet you in Paradise. ;)

I have longed to write a book by the same name of the post alluding to numerous verses and argumentations that finally convinced me in total submission. Such a feat may transpire if God wills and if He gives me enough time on Earth. I chose only to part with a few examples from a plethora of scattered thoughts. (Hence the thought of writing a book which depicted my journey).

^ I remember you having written the following on your "Fingerprints of Authenticity" follow up post on Facebook. It has been a long time coming since you wrote it (17 January, 2013).
Are you still working on such a book or have you abandoned the task? I am very interested in it.

Please do get back to me on whether you are working on it or stopped. Thanks in advance

Kind regards