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Is Adan (Azan) is warranted from Quran?
« on: June 15, 2019, 05:13:09 AM »
Salamun Alaikum Brother Joseph Islam.
Many times I was looking for the warrent from Quran that Adan is delivered from ve times in a day from Mosque. As a Muslim I must not against this Adan . But now a days it is uttered with high volume which may irritate other religion people . Not only that but also this loud sounds may harm for any patient lives in adjacent area of mosque. My question is God really has prescribed Adan in the Quran ?
A believers knows the time of prayer and in city everybody has watch . So what is the core reason of reciting Adan in loud speaker . Some of my muslim friend may tell we like song in loud speaker then why we raise voice for Adan ? But my logic is God never prescribe anything which anyhow may be reason of irritating other. ISLAM and practice of Quran’s perspective is beautiful , logical , purified evan to the nonbelievers also.  In sweet throat Adan sounds nice to me . Is God force other religion to be petience to hear Adan with loud speaker ? Pls make me clear .

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Re: Is Adan (Azan) is warranted from Quran?
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2019, 01:27:45 PM »
Asalamu 3alykum Beyond Tradition

Here is an excerpt from brother Joseph regarding this topic

The tradition to signify a call to prayer to invite believers to worship would have started from the Prophetic ministry and would thus arguably be an en masse practice.

An expectation is clearly captured in verse 62:9 and there would be a strong argument here to suggest that a practice had been initiated by the first believers before ritual prayers / congregational worship.

Whether one call is made or a secondary call (iqama / iqamat) is made just before prayer starts does not conflict with the essence of the Quran's guidance on this matter which is the need to establish worship and the expectation that there is a call of some form.

Therefore in my humble view, this would have been an en masse practice enshrined later in the Ahadith corpus. Hence, I would see no need to break tradition.

Calling to prayer is not a new concept amongst Abrahamic faiths (no matter how it is performed). One is familiar with the Jewish Barechu or the Christian Bells.

The Quran in the main does not appear to be focused on how it is performed as long as some suitable form exists." [2]

Regarding the sound level of the call of prayer one might have different views.

In a thriving community of Muslims within their own vicinity there maybe sound warrant for them to have a call for their prayer in public.

This would be warranted even more especially if the whole system they are living in is governed by the Book of God the Quran.

It can also be argued that those who are not accepting of it and are disturbed can also need to tolerate it since the foundation of the government is built on a Godly way and anything to do with that way would be seen applicable.

That would not give the right to also except load music in the same respect as this is not part of a system that is rooted from the Quran.

There is also an instruction in the Quran that the prayer however shoulf be in a moderate tone which is not to load and not to low.

Hope that helps Insha'Allah