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Husband still has to pay all charges related to family?
« on: January 20, 2020, 05:05:13 PM »
A few days ago i met a muslim woman withom i fealt in love but we had an argument about each others money and we broke.
I know that in the 7th century it was uncommon for women to work so when they got married they were susteined by their husbands. Nowadays does it still apply or is it considered haram a working woman (or with other money sources) sharing with the husband all the expenses of the couple? The girl i met earns about 1000 EUR/monthly while i only receive about 700 and i fealt that it was very unfair that i would pay all the couple charges while she would retain the money she earns, can anyone help me clarify this?

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Re: Husband still has to pay all charges related to family?
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2020, 03:52:59 AM »

I think it is always a good idea especially in this day and age that potential spouses should have an idea of each others expectations in a marriage.

One of the aspects often overlooked are financial  arrangements.

Traditionally in Islam yes it is the husband's duty to maintain his wife but nowadays especially in the West, it is commonplace that Muslim women work before marriage.

Plus higher living costs in certain areas mean many work after marriage too to assist supporting their households.

I think that in the above scenario, a women should contribute at most, to half the living costs of the household.

If her husband is wealthy enough that the entire household can run on his salary then there are the following scenarios:

1) He doesn't want his wife to work then this is a perfectly valid standpoint and his right.

2) He may be happy for his wife to work but keep her money and contribute an amount towards certain luxuries etc.

3) His wife has the right under Islam that he should maintain her and she shouldn't have to work so he should not be asking her to.

So in summary, I think that if 2 incomes are required to run the household then the wife  should assist her husband and contribute at the most, half her salary to the household.

If she wants to work and there is no financial reason to, then she needs to obtain her husband's permission to do so.