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Did Muhammad PBUH doubt Quran? Surah 10:94
« on: April 11, 2020, 09:47:34 AM »
Brother Joseph Asalam ulaikum,
I have a question regarding Surah Yunus verse 94.
“So if you are in doubt of what We have revealed to you, then ask those who (have been) reading the Book before you. Verily, has come to you the truth from your Lord, so (do) not be among the doubters”

Many Islamophobes are using 10:94 to justify that Prophet Muhammad was possessed (Majnoon) and in doubt about Quran thus Quran is not the word of God. They say if Quran was the actual word of God then why would Allah commands Muhammad to refer to Christians and Jews for consultation?

If indeed Prophet Muhammad PBUH was in doubt about the revelation, wouldn’t that contradict Surah 49:15 that believers are only those who truly believe in Allah and His messenger and then doubt not?

Surah 49:15
“The believers are only those who truly believe in ALLAH and HIS Messenger, and then doubt not, but strive with their possessions and their persons in the cause of ALLAH. It is they who are truthful.
I hope you can clarify Surah 10:94 so we can understand the true meaning of.

Thank you,

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Re: Did Muhammad PBUH doubt Quran? Surah 10:94
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2020, 04:50:41 PM »
Assalamu 3alykum brother Ahmad

Before I share an article that Insha'Allah will help you with the understanding of the verse, I would like you to put yourself in the prophet Muhammad's(pbuh) position for a moment.

We notice in the great Quran that on many occasions that the prophets people were accusing him of being a false messenger.

At times they rejected the prophet because they assumed if God wanted to guided them He would of sent Angel's instead. They accused him of being no different than them as a human.

They also denied the prophet on the basis that he did not provide them with miracles. Some called him a man possessed. Some also accused him of forging the Quran or that others have been teaching him. We also notice that some claimed that what the prophet is reciting is just mixed up dreams.

If one was to put their place in his position while understanding that the Quran was inspired or transmitted to the prophet through possibly dreams and only seeing Gabriel twice then how would you think or act after so many people have accused you of being a crazy mad man, or possessed or a magician or just having dreams and that your no different than them and your just only a human being. Especially when you were never a reader of the previous Scripture or had no idea of the system of God. Imagine yourself a normal human who had no hope of being a prophet nor did you know the faith or the Book and all of a sudden you started getting inspiration and then also being ridiculed and mocked at for what you are believing to be true.

Imagine yourself giving in to the people's words and thinking maybe just maybe they are right that I'm only a human and maybe I am just having dreams and why me ? Is this possibly just a phase or something happening to me?

Then strong verses are inspired to the prophet to affirm that this is not unusual for God to guide humanity through humans. Humans who ate and drank and walked the streets, humans who were not given immortal life. In fact God always used humans as a proxy to communicate His messages to humankind. He asked the prophet go and ask them the people of the reminder who were the Christian's and the Jews. Go see who Jesus and Moses and Abraham and the prophets(pbut) were? Are they Angels? Are the stories correct?

The verse you have shared seems to have been inspired to the prophet after the narrative of Moses(pbuh) and what happened with Pharoah and the children of Israel.

The prophet would not of known this narrative and imagine now that you ask the people of the Book and it confirms what you have been inspired how lifting that would be. Now you are assured this is the truth from ONLY the Almighty God who sees and knows everything.

The verses do not say the prophet actually doubted but asked him not to doubt as you can imagine how a human would feel after so much ridicule.

Please also see this article that I think Insha'Allah will give you more thought about it

Also sorry that I did not provide verses to support what was said but Insha'Allah as you read the Quran you will notice them.



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Re: Did Muhammad PBUH doubt Quran? Surah 10:94
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2020, 06:12:42 PM »
So it accepts it is doubtable and prophet had had his ups and downs just like any other human kind. but given god is god he could make him %100 assured of what was happening to him and how there is no need to doubt. but such ayats hints it is possible even for prophet to doubt about things so i wonder how radical people playing god role in religion behaving other people for not thinking and accepting the religion as they do. such a pity.