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Hi I am hired as a broker to get projects/start ups for debt funding and earn a percentage of brokerage for each funded project.

now brokerage isn't haram but I'm confirmed by the employer that the top-line (revenue) of my employer includes interest income too among other sources of investment incomes. In that case if I continue with this assignment I'd be consuming interest indirectly since this interest isn't a matter to be taken lightly and is considered as a war against Allah and His messenger, I've been unable to decide/pursue with the project for over 3 months and needed urgent advise if i should quit it completely. I've considered alternatives in my desperate unemployment situation & end of savings like replacing evil with good and giving away the interest component of my brokerage income but I'm hardly convinced since its a big hedge fund which probably could have huge interest income and it maybe the case that my entire brokerage could be drawn from interest income.

Can anyone advise what is the correct Quranic position of interest if consumed indirectly as a brokerage, it sounds haram to me even then.