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Lambasting the Bible
« on: November 22, 2011, 06:28:52 AM »

Peace to you all.

It is unfortunate that as a possible result of the approach of many well known Muslim polemics over the recent decades that the Bible today is regarded with very little respect amongst many Muslims. This is despite the Quran's favourable attitude towards it as God's scriptures whilst recognising its alterations or concealment in certain areas. This polemic approach has normally consisted in highlighting the Bible's alleged discrepancies and narratives which provide internal difficulties, including some of graphical content. This particular focus is usually advanced at the expense of the overarching message of the Bible or allowing the Bible to be understood properly from its historical context.

The thought that the Bible is 'corrupted' or that 'truth cannot be discerned from it' normally stems from a misunderstanding on the part of many Muslims who may not be familiar with Biblical contents or its history (There are indeed many Christians and Jews who are also not familiar with their own scriptures and its history). Meaningful discussions in this area are becoming better imparted in Muslim-Christian dialogue. However, much of these dialogues are still normally systemic in that they attempt merely to prove the fallibility 'of the other side' as opposed to look for common grounds and a truer understanding of the differences and appreciation between them.


The above article asserts the following:

- Alterations of the Biblical text is acknowledged by the Quran but this is not tantamount to wholesale corruption of the Bible
- The Quran confirms the truth of the previous scriptures and passes over other areas
- The Quran remains a guard over the previous scriptures
- The Quran recognises the Torah that was co-existent at the time of the Prophet

The Quran recognises aspects of the truth that was with the Jews and Christians at the time of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) revelation in the late 6th and early 7th century Arabia. It confirms aspects of Biblical thought, expects a contingent of its audience to be familiar with its contents and clearly differs from certain theological interpretations that have resulted and have been 'read' into the text.
It maintains that it is a guard over the previous scriptures with the crucial term 'Muhayminan' being utilised which carries the meaning of both guard and also something which discerns the truth.

"Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and discuss with them in ways that are best. Indeed, your Lord knows best, who have strayed from His path, and who receive guidance"

'During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act' 
George Orwell