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Al- Aa'raboo
« on: September 03, 2012, 02:05:35 AM »
Question asked on Joseph Islam's Personal Facebook page

Dear brother Joseph, Salamun Alaikum.

Would you please pay attention to the following

Verse of glorious Qur’an where Allah says “ The Bedouin ( Nomadic ) Arabs Are the worst in unbelief And hypocrisy, and most fitted To be in ignorance Of the command which Allah Hath sent down to His Messanger:But Allah is All – knowing,All-Wise ( 017 : 097 ).This verse would remain continue recitation till the
Dooms Day .

At the very out set of the verse Allah addressed in Arabic as “ Al- Aa'raboo”.Some translators translated as ‘ Nomadic of Arab’ some say as ‘ Living in village in Arab’some say only villagers ( Rural ) of Arab.some say Nomadic Arab.Everybody tactfully ignored to translate the inhabitant of urban area of Arab.But why ? Arab itself is a country, Those who reside permanently irrespective of colour,cast, creed or habitation either the rural or the urban etc.are called the citizen of Arab.In a nut shell we could say peoples of Arab in general.

Please be noted ,since ‘Al-Aa'raboo’ is plural, no where in the Qur’an we find any word in singular of Al-Aa'raboo though there are a lot of rooms & reasons to mention.As I know that, you are as a scholar & researcher of the glorious Qur’an .My humble request to your goodself , would you please let me know the exact purport of the meaning in English of the word “Al-Aa'raboo” & whom Allah has addressed to ? For example :

Nabatoon ( Singular ) Meaning : Nabati,Transformed : Unbatoon ( Plural )Meaning:Nabaties.

Hadasoon( Singular )Meaning : Event,Transformed : Ahdasoon ( Plural ),Meaning :Events.

Qouloon( Singular )Meaning: Say,Transformed : Uqwaloon( Plural ),Meaning : Sayings.

Khabroon( Singular )Meaning : News,Transformed:Ukhbaroon(Plural)Meaning : More News.

Saotoon (Singular)Meaning :Sound,Transformed :Uswatoon( Plural )Meaning : Sounds.

Maaloon ( Singular)Meaning : Wealth,Transformed:Umwaloon(Plural)Meaning:Wealths.

Haaloon (Singular)Meaning :Condition,Transformed:Uhwaloon(Plural)Meaning:Conditions.

Araboon(Singular ) Meaning : Arab(?)Transformed :Aa’raboon (Plural)Meaning:Peoples of Arab.

I hope , I have communicated my idea to you actually what I wanted to know ?

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Re: Al- Aa'raboo
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2012, 05:00:03 PM »
Salamun Alaikum.

Yes, I agree. 

'A'rabi' as a term means 'Arab' people irrespective of where they dwell. They could be urban or rural dwellers. It refers to the general Arab people during the Prophetic ministry.

The term for 'Bedouin' is known to the Quran as 'baduna' (33:20).

If one notes the phrase 'baduna fi'Arabi' in verse 33:20, i.e. Bedouins / desert dwellers / nomads of the desert among the 'A'rabi', one can clearly see that 'A'rabi' here would not mean 'Bedouin' as the word 'baduna' has already been used to describe them.

I hope that helps, God willing.


13th March 2013

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