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Aya 74:30
« on: February 01, 2013, 02:41:37 AM »

Salams,I am giving Bro Damon's reply to Edip Yuksel on 74:30. Pl offer your comments.Thanks

I think it is very senseless for anyone to debate with you over this issue when The Quranic ayaaot in question are very clear. The very foundation of the 19 theory is the incorrect and inaccurate translation and interpretation of 74:30. It says what it says...and it does not say what it does not say. It really is as simple as that Edip.
Reading an article about the author's bias FOR said theory is indeed a one sided affair.
You asked me which do I see, Hell or Miracle. I see "SAQAR" because SAQAR is what Tissaat Asharaa is over.
You claim that the "IT" in the phrase "aalayhaa" is referring to The Quran, but you know just as well as I do that this is 100% false because the Arabic word "Qur'aan" is NO WHERE to be mentioned in the entirety of Surah 74 of The Quran. So we have to ask what is the "IT" that "Aalayhaa" is referring to and we all know that according to The Arabic grammar AS WELL AS The Quran's method of qualifying personal pronouns, it can ONLY be referring to the LAST NAMED/IDENTIFIED "Noun" before the term "aalayhaa" was mentioned. If we trace our steps back from 74:30 we end up at 74:26 which has the LAST NAMED/IDENTIFIED noun which is the Arabic word "SAQAR".
It's as simple as that Edip. The Arabic and it's grammar work in the manner that they do and it is not up to us to start making up our own grammar rules or dismissing rules by which The Quran qualifies personal pronouns.
So again I have to say that either the 19 theorist does not know Arabic and/or The Quran's method of pronoun qualification, or if he does know Arabic then he is being very dishonest and making up his own rules of the languages grammar.
I'll leave that to you to decide which one applies to you.
Salaamun 'Alaiykum,
May entire creation be filled with Peace & Joy & Love & Light

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Re: Aya 74:30
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 02:56:53 AM »
Salaam Sardar

Joseph has already covered this in the article which I think generally agrees with the view you have shared.

The pronoun 'ha' in the Arabic term 'alayHA' (over it) in verse 74:30 is clearly qualified earlier by the 'saqara' (hell-fire) and is a reference to the number of 'malaikatan' (angels) over hell-fire and not a reference to a number sequence in the Quran. This is also clearly expounded by verse 74:31 which explicitly refers to the number (iddatahum) of keepers of hell-fire (ashaba-l-nari).

Please see the main article below