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Speaking out against terror
« on: April 19, 2013, 11:11:39 PM »
Salam Brother Joseph

I was hoping you would, on your Facebook page, include a line or two condemning the disgusting and heinous attacks on innocent people in Boston. Wonder if you are working on one?

We need to stand up united against terror and blast those who, through such acts, not only end up giving Islam a bad rap but turn people off.



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Re: Speaking out against terror
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 05:20:42 PM »
Dear Mubashir

Just to let you know that Joseph is currently unavailable. Thanks.

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Re: Speaking out against terror
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2013, 06:02:02 AM »
Here is a nice piece:
Misconception: Islam and The Quran promotes fighting, war and terrorism

Background: Some think that Islam, Muslims and The Quran promote fighting, killing, war and terrorism, especially for reasons of differing faith or in order to establish Muslim rule.

The idea of fighting people only because of a difference in faith does not exist in The Quran. In fact, it warns about accusing other people of being misguided in order to seek worldly gains:

O you who believe, if you go forth in the cause of God, you shall investigate carefully. And do not say to those who greet you with peace: “You are not a believer!” You are seeking the vanity of this world; but with God are many riches. That is how you were before, but God favoured you, so investigate carefully. God is expert over what you do." [4:94]

O you who acknowledge, let not a people ridicule other people, for they may be better than them. Nor shall any women ridicule other women, for they may be better than them. Nor shall you mock one another, or call each other names. Evil indeed is the reversion to wickedness after attaining acknowledgement. Anyone who does not repent, then these are the transgressors. [49:11]

The Quran clearly states fight those who fight you, not non-combatants or civilians:

Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not aggressors. [2:190]

Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. [60:8]

O believers! Stand out firmly for God, as witnesses for the sake of justice, and let not the hatred of a people cause you to turn away from justice. Do justice, for that is akin to piety... [5:8]

All examples of fighting in The Quran are related to self-defence of oneself or in defence of others who are clearly oppressed, never as aggressors, for example

Except for those who reach a people between whom you have a covenant, or if they come to you with a reluctance in their chests to fight you or to fight their own people. Had God willed He would have given them strength and they would have fought you. But if they retire from you, and did not fight you, and they offer you peace; then God does not make for you a way against them. [4:90]

And why should you not fight in the cause of God and the weak and oppressed among men, women and children who say, "Our Lord rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors. And give us from You, a protector. And give us from You, a helper" [4:75]

Retaliate with equivalence:

And if you take your turn, then retaliate with the like of that with which you were afflicted; but if you are patient, it will certainly be best for those who are patient. [16:126]

The sanctity of life:

For this reason did We prescribe to the children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for corruption in the land, it is as though he killed all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men; and certainly Our messengers came to them with clear arguments... [5:32]

If we take the above verse into account with The Quran's very strong condemnation of oppression below, it is surely a poignant message to reflect upon:

...oppression is worse than murder... [2:191, 2:217]

Even during open war, believers are ordered to be compassionate and offer protection if requested:

And if anyone from the polytheists seeks your protection, then you may protect him so that he may hear the word of The God, then deliver him to his safety/security. This is because they are a people who do not know. [9:6]

Emphasis on opting for forgiveness, peace and that which is good/righteous:

But if the enemy incline towards peace, then you also incline towards peace, and trust in Allah: for He is One that hears and knows (all things). [8:61]

And those who, when gross injustice befalls them, they seek justice. The recompense for a crime shall be its equivalence, but whoever forgives and makes right, then his reward is upon God. He does not like the wrongdoers. And for any who demand action after being wronged, those are not committing any error. The error is upon those who oppress the people, and they aggress in the land without cause. For these will be a painful retribution. And for he who is patient and forgives, then that is an indication of strength. [42:39-43]

God guides with it (The Quran) whoever follows His acceptance, to the ways of peace; and He brings them out of the darkness and into the light by His leave; and He guides them to a Straight Path. [5:16]

The true servants of the Beneficent are those who walk upon the earth humbly, and when the ignorant ones address them, they say, "Peace!" [25:63]

Not equal are the good and the bad response. You shall resort to the one which is better. Thus, the one who used to be your enemy may become your best friend. [41:34]

To these We grant twice the reward for that they have been patient. And they counter evil with good, and from Our provisions to them, they give. [28:54]

To each is a direction that he will take, so you shall race towards good deeds. Wherever you may be, God will bring you all together. God is capable of all things. [2:148]

O you who believe, if you go forth in the cause of God, you shall investigate carefully. And do not say to those who greet you with peace: “You are not a believer!” You are seeking the vanity of this world; but with God are many riches. That is how you were before, but God favoured you, so investigate carefully. God is expert over what you do. [4:94]

You can even hand these out as flyers locally etc. (click here)

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Re: Speaking out against terror
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2013, 10:28:15 PM »
Allah denounces those who make mischief on earth, who subject people to cruelty and those who kill people for no reason.

"Then, is it to be expected of you, if you were put in authority, that you will do mischief in the land, and sever your ties of kinship? Such are the people God has cursed, making them deaf and blinding their eyes"(Quran, 47:22-23)

"Seek the abode of the hereafter with what God has given you, without forgetting your portion of the world. And do good as God has been good to you. And do not seek to cause corruption in the earth. God does not love corrupters."(Quran, 28:77)

No matter how immoral or hostile others behaving, a Muslim is supposed to only act justly.   "O You who believe! Show integrity for the sake of God, bearing witness with justice. Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to faith. Heed God [alone]. God is aware of what you do."(Quran, 5:8.)

The existence of hypocritical people who emerge in the name of God and religion, but actually organise themselves to commit wickedness condemned by Allah, is indicated in the Quran. One verse talks about a gang of nine men who planned to murder the Prophet by swearing in the name of God: 

“There was a gang of nine men in the city causing corruption in the land and not putting things right. They said, “Let us make an oath to one another by God that we will fall on him and his family in the night and then say to his protector, We did not witness the destruction of his family and we are telling the truth.” They hatched a plot and We hatched a plot while they were not aware."(Quran, 27:48-50) 

As this incident described in the Quran reveals, the fact that people do things "in the name of God" or even swear in His name, in other words that they use the kind of language designed to show themselves as very religious, does not mean that what they do is in conformity with religion. On the contrary, what they do can be quite against the will of God and the morality of religion.

Terror organisations, in accordance with the ideologies they espouse, claim that their aim is to remove a government and its administrators, which they regard as illegitimate and cruel and, in so doing, that they will reach their goal of establishing a happier and more just way of life. However, this is not a realistic claim. In the Quran, in the first verses of Sura Baqara, God issues this command to those who think in this way:  "When they are told, "Do not cause corruption on the earth," they say, "We are only putting things right." No indeed! They are the corrupters, but they are not aware of it."(Quran, 2:11-12)

It is quite impossible for someone who fears God and has grasped the true morality of Islam to support violence or wickedness, or to take part in such actions. When the sublime morality of the Quran is explained, it will be impossible for people to connect true Islam with those who support or join groups that aim at hatred, war and chaos.  See this verse from the Quran; "Whenever he holds the upperhand, he goes about the earth corrupting it, destroying (people's) crops and breeding stock. God does not love corruption. When he is told to have fear of God, he is seized by pride which drives him to wrongdoing. Hell will be enough for him! What an evil resting-place. (Quran, 2:205-206)

The true justice described in the Quran commands man to behave justly, making no discrimination between people, to protect peoples’ rights, not to permit violence and no matter what the circumstances, to side with the oppressed against the oppressor and to help the needy.

"O You who believe! Be upholders of justice, bearing witness for God alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives. Whether they are rich or poor, God is well able to look after them. Do not follow your own desires and deviate from the truth. If you twist or turn away, God is aware of what you do." (Quran, 4:135)

Allah has described the believers in the Quran as:  “those who give in times of both ease and hardship, those who control their rage and pardon other people – God loves the good-doers" (Quran, 3:134)

The true source of compassion is love of God.  This strong love and closeness he feels for the Lord, who created him and all mankind, leads him to display a pleasing morality, as commanded in the Quran.

"Be good to your parents and relatives and to orphans and the very poor, and to neighbours who are related to you and neighbours who are not related to you, and to companions and travellers and your servants. God does not love anyone vain or boastful." (Quran, 4:36) 

Again; "Charity (zakat) is for: the poor, the destitute, those who collect it, reconciling people’s hearts, freeing slaves, those in debt, spending in the Way of God, and travellers. It is a legal obligation from God. God is All-Knowing, All-Wise."(Quran, 9:60) 

This high level of morality that is demanded from believers, described in the Quran, stems from their deep love of God. In the Quran, God has expressly revealed that hell will be the outcome for those who knowingly refuse to live by the morality of the Quran: 

“What has brought you into hell-fire?” They will say, “We were not among those who prayed and we did not feed the poor.” (Quran, 74:42-44) 

"Have you seen him who denies the religion? He is the one who harshly rebuffs the orphan and does not urge the feeding of the poor. (Quran, 107:1-3)  ...nor do you urge the feeding of the poor (Quran, 89:18) 

Islam is a religion which provides and guarantees freedom of ideas, thought and life. In the same way that it is determinedly opposed to terrorism and all acts of violence, it has also forbidden even the slightest ideological pressure to be put on them:

"There is no compulsion in religion. True guidance has become clearly distinct from error."(Quran, 2:256) 

"So remind them! You are only a reminder. You are not in control of them."(Quran, 88:21-22)
The meaning which was lost in all our divisions will not be understood until our perceptions become untainted -  Allama Iqbal