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concept of life!
« on: April 17, 2013, 05:05:23 PM »
According to the concept of life given by the Holy Quran, man is comprised of his body and his self. The objective of life is the growth and development of self so that it could be able to pass through further evolutionary stages.  Its growth and development can be possible by respecting and following those permanent values which Quran presents as permanent values.   At present, the growth of life and development of human self can be achieved by living within the body.   Therefore, growth and development of human body is also absolutely essential.   Its growth and development are accomplished by fulfilling its physical demands.  Based on this, it is quite necessary for the worldly life of man to be of good quality.   

At this stage, the teachings of the Holy Quran emerges as different and distinguished from those of other religions of the world which regard the world and its attractions as hateful, and consider that the secret of ‘human salvation’ lies in giving them up.  The Quran regards the needs and requirements of worldly life as a pivotal part of its program, and considers their fulfillment necessary.   However, it happens that there might be a mutual clash between the demands of worldly life and permanent values.  And when this happens, the physical demands should be sacrificed for the preservation of permanent values so that growth and development of human self may not get stopped and thereby his life in the hereafter may not get destroyed.   In the words of the Holy Quran, this is called a comparison of ‘the worldly life’ and the ‘life in the hereafter’.   These are places where it says that the worldly life and its value are relatively very small. Those who prefer the worldly material and negate permanent values (the interests of their self) are at a great loss because they prefer immediate benefit over permanent benefit.   Immediate benefit (i.e. the material for growth and development of physical life) can be achieved through physical laws, and there is a no distinction between a Momin and an unbeliever.   Whoever acts in accordance with these laws he will get those benefits.  But the person who makes these benefits as the only aim of life without caring for permanent values (or the life in the Hereafter), his future life gets destroyed.                 
Therefore according to the Quran, the objective of human life is to act according to physical laws and to conquer the natural forces and to utilize them as per the permanent values.   Based on this, there are three categories of people;

(a)  Those who get worldly materials by acting according to physical laws and use them as per permanent values.  Their worldly life will be glittering and their life in the hereafter also will be shining. They will be called Momin.

(b) Those who obtain worldly material by acting according to physical laws but do not care for permanent values, they will harvest worldly benefits, but their life in the hereafter will remain dark.  They are called unbelievers, i.e. the rejecters of permanent values.

(c) Those who do not work according to physical laws, and as a result, they do not possess material for their worldly life, therefore, their worldly life will be dark.  And since they do not get material for life, then the question of spending it according to permanent values does not arise at all. Therefore their life in the hereafter will also be dark. These are the people who regard the worldly life as hateful.
The meaning which was lost in all our divisions will not be understood until our perceptions become untainted -  Allama Iqbal