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Organ Donation
« on: July 04, 2013, 04:14:33 AM »
Salaam dear brother Joseph Islam,
Do you have any article on organ donation and its permissibility in Islam?  One of my friends is requested to speak on this subject and he is seeking my assistance to find out any expert articles on this subject.
Thanks, regards

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Re: Organ Donation
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 04:29:56 AM »
Wa alaikum assalam
Hitherto, I have not presented my thoughts on this matter specifically as a dedicated article.

However, I would not see this as a Quranic 'religious matter' per se as it is not an issue directly addressed by the Quran. Rather, I would view this matter as a topic for individuals and communities to consult upon (shura - 42:38; shawara - 3:159) and to consider any ethical concerns which may fall foul in light of the Quran's overarching guidance.

At the helm of any opinion, one should not contravene the fundamental sanctity of human life in its widest sense. This would arguably include not only life itself, but the quality of life as well.
One could argue that there should be a strong case for the recipient of the organ to establish a 'viable' need i.e. a strong case that by receiving the organ, the recipient's life could be saved by it, or the 'quality' of their life would become significantly enhanced by it.

Similarly, the donor should also not suffer a loss of life or a reduced quality of life by the donation which would amount to a detriment and contravention of human sanctity.
Therefore as an example, an individual with two healthy kidneys and no genetic disposition or existing medical conditions which could put a life at risk in the future could possibly donate one kidney to someone with no functional kidneys. However, someone with only one healthy kidney should be curtailed from donation as this would become a cause of serious detriment to them.

The donor should also not see the donation of their organ(s) 'merely' as a trade or sell their organs with a view solely for the purposes of trade or money. Such 'intent' would arguably contravene the spirit of the Quran’s guidance that could be argued in multiple ways.
Furthermore, the organs of the deceased should arguably only be used if the consent was received by them during their lives.

These are just some examples of what may be worthy of discussion and input when considering this matter.
I hope this helps, God willing.
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