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Women / Surah Al-Nur 31.Verse
« on: October 26, 2019, 09:04:18 PM »
One of the most spoken verses is 24: 31 (Sura Nur / Işık 31.verse is. In this verse they translate the word “hamr” into traditional translations as “headscarf”. Let's give the traditional translation at first;

[24: 31] tell the believing women to guard their eyes and guard their chastity. Let them not display their ornaments except in the visible parts. Put the headscarf up to their necks. Jewelry, husbands, fathers, husbands, fathers, sons, step-sons, brothers, sister, brother, son, his sister's sons, Muslim women, slaves, male servants, however, special women's sections or foundation, to others who know what they're hiding isn't a man child.  So that ye may succeed, O believers, repent all together.(Religious Meaning))

The translation above is a traditional translation. Most of the writers translate the same thing. Very few of those who translate the Qur'an as a “veil.”

Ragib Al-Isfahani's book, Al-curriculum Fi Isarib'l-ururanan, translates the word “hamr” as “cover”.(Ragib Al-Isfahani curriculum page 362)

In fact, Ragib Al-Isfahani gives an example of a hadith that says the word “hamr” and translates it as “cover"."Hadith;" cover the mouths of pots, tie the mouth of dagarcık (and tuluk)" (Bukhari, Eşriba, Bab 22, Bedul-folk: 11, 14, Istizan: 49, 50; Muslim, Eşriba: 96-99)

In the Hadith above, the Arabic word” cover “is called”hamr". He is also mentioned in verse 24:31 as “hamr”.

The English Arabic-Hans Wehr Dictionary uses the word “cover“ which is the word “hamr”.(Hans wehr 4th ed., page 302)

In English Arabic English Dictionary, British linguist Francis Joseph Steingass translates the word “hamr” as “cover”, meaning “cover”.(Steingass, page 340)

DICT written by John Penrice. in the book and Qur'an Glos he translates the word “hamr”as "cover/cover".(Dict. and Koran Glos by Penrice, page 45)

Dict, written by malik Ghulam Farid. It translates the word” hamr “in the book of the Qur'an as” cover/cover".(Dict. M. G. Koran by Farid, page 250)
Citing several dictionaries above, I showed that the word” hamr “is” cover." Traditional translations falsify the word “hamr” in verse 24:31, as it is influenced by Sunni-Hadith teachings. There is no headscarf in the Qur'an. Covers it. The phrase "ceyb" in the verse also means "chest".(Hans wehr 4th ed., page 177). in other words,” vel yadribne bi humurihinne ala cuyubihinne“ is the English equivalent of the phrase "cover your veils over your breasts"

Islamic Duties / Prayer according to the Qur'an
« on: September 03, 2019, 09:38:57 PM »
The Hadith tell people that it is possible to pray the Qur'an according to the Holy Quran. According to the Koran prayer is made.

ablution verse;

verse 6: "O chambers of faith! wash your faces and hands up to your elbows when you stop praying / pray, anointed your heads and anointed your feet up to heels" or wash them

number of rak'ahs;
God did not limit the number of worship. you can make prayer as much as you can prohibit prayer.

morning prayer 4 rak'ahs
noon prayer 10 rak'ahs
afternoon prayer 8 rak'ahs
evening prayer 5 rak'ahs
Isha prayer 13 rak'a

The prayer rak'ahs in the city were all concocted afterwards.


Surah al-Baqarah 238. verse: "Prayers / prayers and the middle prayer / middle prayer, protect.

Surah al-Imran 43. verse: "O Mary, respectfully hand in the presence of the Lord.

as stated in the previous verses in the manner of prayer.

precise reading in prayer;

you do not know the meaning of the time you read while praying or you will not have prayer.

In verse 43 of Surat an-Nisa: "O your faiths! When you are drunk, you do not know what you are saying, except in the case of junkyard-travel except for the male-ablution prayer / prayer is not going to. In this room water did not find, so clean your face and aunt. Allah anguish, forgive sins, gafûr, they do. "

When praying, you only need to remember Allah or your prayer is transmitted to the company.

verse 14: "Do not doubt that I am Allah! God is there besides me! Then worship me and perform your prayer / prayer to remember me."

when praying, he should praise and exalt Allah only, and only ask for help from Him.

111 Surah Isrâ verse 111: "Say:" Praise, that is unique to Allah, the child was not acquired; has no partners in property and management; no friendship was not achieved. "and glorify Him."

Verse 5: "We worship only you and we ask you for help."


verse 110 of Surah Isrâ: "Say:" Whether it is Allah, or it is Rahman. whichever you call, the most beautiful names / esmâül hüsna his. Pray / Pray your voice up, also mute. Take a middle way. "

prayer while "tahhiyat" prayer to read shirk. The Quran says only one of Allah when praying. It is evident that when praying, it is clear to remember other people than Allah.

prayer times

There are 3 time prayer in the Koran.

morning prayer;

verse 58 of Surat an-verses: "O ye who are members of the faith, those who are in, those who have not reached the age of adolescence three times you want permission to leave: morning prayer / duduk, before noon drink at the time of the day, after the sunset is wandering between ... Allah reveals the verses of greatness. Allah is the Wise, the Wise. "

moderate prayer;

Surah al-Baqarah 238. verse: "Prayers / prayers and the middle prayer / middle prayer, protect.

the evening prayer;

The verse 78 of Surah Isrâ: "The sun has shifted / sagging down, the night has decided, we have fulfilled the prayer / prayer. Observe the morning Koran. Watching the Quran in the morning."

friday prayer in the Qur'an;

friday prayer is obliged to women and men. friday prayer must be made with the congregation.

9. Surah Al-Friday: "Faith, when the call was made to prayers on Friday, immediately run to chant Allah and exchange there. If you know, it is not necessary for you."


Surat al-Baqara 144: "We see you, of course, that surrounds the habits of your face correctly. I love you to a Qibla, of course I will. Now turn your face to the direction of the Masjid al-Haram. Wherever you are, your face is a truth from the Lord of the Masjid al-Haram." .

According to the time of the verse according to the time of the prayer, you must go to the Holy Mosque.

The verses in the Holy Quran are possible in prayer according to the Holy Quran.

Allah's book is enough for us

Islamic Duties / 9:29 What does the verse say?
« on: August 30, 2019, 05:50:00 PM »
It is a verse used by atheists. 29th of the time of repentance. in this verse, the word "cizye" is mentioned. this "jizye" word "tax" is understood as. it is wrong to understand that the word "capitation" is "tax".

9: 29- Fight among those who have been given books, those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, who forbade Allah and His Messenger, and who do not obey true religion, until they bend their necks and pay taxes with their hands.

In the above verse, the word "cizyete" is mentioned. this word "tax" is understood as. such understanding is wrong. because the word "capitation" is not a tax.

In the Qur'an, the word "jizya" is mentioned in these verses.

24:38, 32:17, 53:41, 55:60, 56:24, 76: 9, 78:36 and 92:19, the word iz jizya geçmek is referred to as karşılık response karşılık. in other words, the word "jizya" does not mean "tax". The word "cizye" means "response". the word "tax" does not appear in the verse. The word "jizye" comes from the word "punishment". The meaning of "punishment" is wrong with the Turkish language. In the Qur'an, the word "punishment" means "reciprocation" just like the word "jizya".

The word "punishment" does not mean negative. In the Qur'an, the word "punishment" is mentioned in the following verses;

77:44, 76:12, 54:35, 53:31, 37:80, 37: 105, 37: 121, 37: 131, 39:34 and many more verses, the word "punishment" is referred to as "reward." The word "punishment" means "reciprocation" as the word "jizya".

The groups mentioned here are groups that attacked and damaged Muslims. See previous 9: 1 verses. In the commentaries based on hadiths, the word jizya is interpreted as a special tax imposed on the People of the Book. However, the word jizya is derived from the word CeZaYa, which means the equivalent and should be understood as war compensation considering the context in which it is used.

The real meaning of verse 9:29 is:

9: 29- Fight among those who have been given books, those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, and that Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and who do not obey true religion, until they bend their necks and make war reparations with their hands.

Islamic Duties / The contradictions between the Qur'an and the hadith
« on: August 28, 2019, 06:46:53 PM »

The hadiths fabricated after the death of the Prophet have many contradictions among themselves. There are contradictions between the Quran and the hadiths.

hostility to women

"I will not frustrate that no man or woman produces from you. You are all from each other."
(Surah Ali Imran 195)

"O women, you are hell wood."
(Bukhari-Muslim-Abu Dawud-Nesai)

God help us.

"I didn't leave more harm to men than women."

Who will see the greatest punishment

"Allah truly does not forgive his associate. He also forgives the rest for whom He will."

(Surat al-Nisa 48)

"the most severe punishment in hell is the painter."

(steam-tesavir, 89)

can men wear gold? Can you wear silk?

"O believers! Do not forbid the clean and beautiful of the things which Allah has rendered halal to you; do not exceed the limit; Allah does not love the transgressors."

(verse 87)

Say, kim Who has forbidden the ornament and clean provision of Allah for His worshipers?

(Surat Araf 32)

“Gold and silk are halal for the women of my ummah and haram for the men.

(Abu Dawud-Nasai-Ibn Mace)

"Gold and silk are forbidden for all who believe"


who will intercede?

Say: "All intercession belongs to Allah. To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Then you will be returned to Him."
(Surah al-Zumar)

O Abu Huraira, because I had seen his ambition to learn the hadith, I had already known that no one would ask me before this hadith. On the Day of Judgment, the most prominent person from the people to the Compassion is the person who says “lâ ilehe illallah la through his heart or inside.”
(Bukhari, science, 33)

God's calf?

"there is nothing like it."
(Surat al-Shura 11)

In the Hereafter, God will show the prophets his leg and show his calf to prove his identity. ”
(Muslim-faith 302; steam 97/24, 10/29; hanbel 3/1)

God shake hands?

"Nothing is his equivalent."

the person who changes religion is killed?

"there is no pressure in religion."
(Surat al-Baqarah 256)

Kill the one who changed his religion. ”

The verses and hadiths I gave above contradict each other. because all hadiths are fabrication.

Islamic Duties / Quran and Sect
« on: August 26, 2019, 05:01:22 PM »
Hello, I am Quranfaithul. In this article, I will show that the Qur'an and the sect contradict each other. I will show that the sects contradict each other.

Meaning of the word, to be followed, the way to go, accepted means of opinion.

Sects have their own contradictory environments. Examples include;

What is the obligation of ablution?

Hanafi sect, 4
Shafi'i sect 6
Sect of Maliki 7
hanbeli sect, 7

What is the number of things that break the ablution?

Hanafi 12
Sharif sect 5
Sect of Maliki 3
hanbeli sect, 8

Does blood break fasting?

Hanafi no
Sharif, no
Maliki graduate, no
Hanbeli, yes

What is the status of the pilgrim?

Hanafi 2
Sharif sect 5
Sect of Maliki 4
Hanbeli sect 4

Is it possible to dress the child with silk?

Hanafi no
Shafii sect, yes
Maliki graduate, no
hanbeli, yes

Is it forbidden to cut your beard?

Hanafi, yes
Shafi'i cult, no
Maliki, yes
Hanbeli, yes

Backgammon is forbidden to play?

Hanafi no
Shafii sect, yes
Maliki graduate, yes
Hanbeli, yes

Is it allowed to dominate a woman?

Hanafi, yes
Shafi'i cult, no
Maliki graduate, no
Hanbeli, no

According to the examples you see above, there is a lot of contradiction between the sects.

The Koran is against sects.

Surah, 159. verse: "There are those who divide their religion into fractions, fractions, factions. You have nothing to do with them. Their work is up to Allah.

Qur'an Surah Imran 105.ayet: “Do not enter into a quarrel after the evidences come to them and do not be divided into sects.

Surah Imran 103.ayet: "Together, embrace the rope of God, do not split into the frigates"

According to the above verses of the Qur'an, the Qur'an stood against the sects.

40 surah yusuf: "Only Allah is power"

The sects outside the Qur'an give provisions about halal haram. This event is an open company. Because only God makes his own decision.

Surah ankebut, verse 51: "Is it not enough for us to download a book read in front of them? Of course there is compassion and reminder to a believing society."

denominations are inadequate according to the Qur'an, judging them. The verses in the Qur'an clearly state that the Qur'an tells us that the Holy Qur'an is sufficient and will be questioned according to this book.

Surah Zuhruf (44): "This is a reminder to you and the community, of course, a reminder / honor / reminder. You will be held responsible for it."

4 The right to use the word sect is a shirk.

The Koran and the sect contradict each other

May God help us.

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