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General Discussions / Does the Quran mention the shape of the earth?
« on: August 19, 2016, 05:08:59 PM »
Dear Brothers and Sisters in faith.
Assalamun Alaikum.

I recently came across a flat earth theory online and have been doing some reading on this topic. There are some "islamic" sites that says  the Quran  mentions numerous times that the earth is flat. mentions of flat, carpets, bed, extend, expanse are used to illustrate the shape  of earth.

I remember once reading that the Quran says that the Earth is Egg shaped (79.30 ) but opening up that verse, it is clear from the yusuf Ali translation that the word TAHAHA means Spread and not egg ort ostrich egg.

Now, i am not saying i believe the world is flat. But does the Quran actually clear this up in any other verses?

The flat earth theorist have some good arguments.

I have attached a link to a site i've been reading. there are numerous videos and explanations that are fun to watch yet mind boggling.

look forward to you guys' thoughts and ideas. :)

General Discussions / Re: ISIS soldier dying and smiling ?
« on: June 03, 2016, 11:21:20 AM »

I don't think you bothered reading my reply. Whatever i wrote is my view on this. your replies after that are redundant.

I don't understand when you say ISIS follows sunnism or distorted sunnism. Sunnism is already distorted how can you classify it like that?

As for the smiling dead:

Our brains are designed with many types of receptors and glands that releases chemicals either by themselves or by inducing it with an external composition.

for example, When someone drinks ayahuasca which contains DMT, a type of chemical composition, They will experience lucid visions in which they are able to interact with.

Our brains contain slots, or key holes for specific chemical compounds found in nature. In the case of DMT, the DMT compound naturally finds its way to the key hole which is a perfect fit only for DMT. There are receptors that are specific for THC( mostly found in marijuana) and other types of drugs that are able to influence one's psyche.

When one dies, The brain releases chemicals like these naturally  in abundance without the need for the keys like DMT or THC The effect is a bliss like feeling 100s of time stronger than what  the brain produces during sleep.

The same thing happens when you feel extremely happy. It is because your brain releases these chemicals naturally.

Simple as that. I  do not know why you need to ask this as if it is a phenomenon when it is not.

Everything in this world has an explanation to it. We live within the bounds of scientific laws created by God. Some of which we understand, and many others we do not. Many times, what we do not understand we label as miracles.

General Discussions / Re: ISIS soldier dying and smiling ?
« on: June 02, 2016, 11:47:14 AM »
Salam ZKAB90

No, I personally have not heard of such things.

To put it bluntly, it has nothing to do with faith towards God.

Why confuse and complicate matters of faith by talking about things that have not real value for ones self submission towards Allah?

If they did smile at death, how does that affect you? Will you feel better about yourself? would you feel Islam has triumphed against its enemies?

Is it just to proof that islam is way better than any other forms of faith?

If a non muslim dies with a smile? are you going to be more confused? what about the religious scholars? Ahmad Deedat did not die with a smile on his face. In fact he died a tormenting death after years and years of his so called dakwah to the masses. You can have a look at the Youtube video.

so what is it actually you are trying to figure out? because what you are asking is just plain cheap propaganda to spur the muslim community against non muslims. And it is getting worse.

Every bad thing that happens in the middle east, the muslims blame the west or the jews. They never look at themselves to find out what went wrong.

To top it off, The Saudi Royal family invests' heavily in the Israel cause. Are you aware of that? are you aware that the muslim leaders are not helping out the muslim community?

How much money is collected through zakat? how many muslims are running for their lives? how many are refugees? what are the holders of mecca's key doing to make things better?

And you want to concerntrate your understanding of islam based on the smiling dead?

Come on!

Salam Ajnum,

I do not  have the knowledge to elaborate further on things uncertain or unseen. I think, the horoscope to my best understanding is just derived from knowledge of the heavens and in a way is misused and misinterpreted by evil doers to mislead the gullible.

The fact that it is used to supposedly predict or tell you future events should be enough for you to avoid believing in.
As far as our current understanding goes, it is used as a measure of time, direction. Maybe there are other useful benefits from the knowledge of stars and constellations but in this day and age nothing else is known.

Allow me to sidetrack.
Ultimately, everything created has a fundamental law it is bind to. It cannot skew from this law unless it has free will. We humans think that there is only one law. In the Quran, There are Laws that are told for us to follow in order to achieve what we humans are intended to achieve. But For other creations, There are laws for each. The beauty in this is that we humans can choose to follow or not these laws. Other creations do not. Therefor other creations are submitting to us allowing us to exist within the bounds of creation and its laws. An example would be how nature on earth allows for our existence but without it we will not be able to survive. Or on a bigger scale, Scientific laws that bind the whole universe allowing for us to exist as well. Every particle, and unseen forces are constantly at work to make all this possible. Ultimately by the Will and Brilliance of Allah.

I believe this is the knowledge Allah was talking about when He was telling Adam of all the names of things.
symbolically, it is Allah's knowledge of how things work and we may have been passed down this knowledge as well. We may also be discovering it by hardwork in studies and struggle for knowledge. Allah gives knowledge to who He wills. This Knowledge should be used the best way possible by us.

This is only what i think. My perspective of things. Other people may have different perspectives.

Salam Ajnum/Ilker,

I agree with Ilker, Just to add a bit - I believe, Horoscopes are taken from astrology which in turn takes its information of the stars and constellation from astronomy. Many of the names of constellations etc are the same. This has crept into the gregorian calendar as well. The star signs in the calendar represents the months in which the constellations are governing the sky above. A libra like me, was born in the time where the constellation of Libra was above us.

Allah states in the Quran that there are signs in the stars and constellations that we may guide ourselves. and that He has detailed the signs for people that know. Surah 6 verse 97. To put it simply, we use the stars and constellations to navigate ourselves through the land and seas as well as to count days, months and years.

There are of course many other verses that talk about the stars and heavens. But non are meant for us to predict our own personal future.

Of course, the case of astronomy is we can predict movements of planets, stars and constellations or maybe even an asteroid impact. But non of it should be used to predict one's own future.

There may well be more to constelllations and stars that we do not fully understand because we lack the information.

But Horoscopes are just to make you stray from the real purpose and truth of what God has created.

Allahualam. We are only God's creatures with the capacity to understand what we are able to perceive.

General Discussions / Re: HIKMA means indeed HADITHS and not WISDOM
« on: May 30, 2016, 05:55:49 PM »
Salam All,

Its funny how something so simple ends up being debated over and over again. just a few straight forward points in which i think will help in settling the argument.

1- Hikma does not mean hadith. Hadith means hadith. no two ways about it. no point arguing about it as Allah uses those two words distinct from each other.

2-  Who gave authority to uphold the hadiths as islamic jurisprudence? Allah? if so please show a clear verse stating so without arguing the numerous factors that could or could not be.

3- Why did Allah send down the Quran to our prophet to struggle and propagate the Qurans message for 20 odd years?. You may not understand the gravity of the situation and how huge of an event it is for us humans and non humans. But acknowledging the hadith as something to be taken as compulsory just renders all the hard work, deaths, wars and so on irrelevant when we know it is not.

4- Did the Muslims in between the time of our prophets demise and the inception of the hadith books look to hadiths as guidance? thats more or less 200 years duration.

5- The Muslims in China, we know received the message before any hadiths emerged.

6- The Quran states that nothing but the Quran is supposed to be written down by the scribes. If anything other than the Quran is written, Our prophet would of gotten it hard.

7- Is it a possibility that the only way syaitan could manipulate Islam or the Quran is by disguising falsehood within commentary books and its creators? I mean, why would syaitan mislead us by appearing as an enemy?

8- The hadith has many proven scientific errors.

9- The hadith is what causes us muslims to be divided in factions, sects and groups.

10- The Qurans states, In what other Hadith other than this Quran will you believe in? Is that not a strong statement enough to discourage you from tales from disneyland? i mean arab land?

General Discussions / Re: HIKMA means indeed HADITHS and not WISDOM
« on: May 11, 2016, 06:29:12 PM »
Salam All,

Just wondering,

Is not "hadith" already used in the Quran? and if so, why does hikma mean the same and not sound similar to the root of hadith? i thought the language is based on this triad of letters.


Dear ZKAB90

Actually, You could of saved us a whole lot of time by not posting something that has nothing to do with Islam or the Quran.
The guys and girls on this forum have made it perfectly clear that they do not take the words of Hadith as Gospel.

Maybe you should try and forget or unlearn what the sunni school of thought has taught you all these years. Because, to be blunt, the whole Islamic world is in tatters as a result of the skewed understandings of your Ulama's, sheikhs and muftis.

Tell me one good thing the Islamic world has brought to us in modern times? Tell me, If so you believe n Hadiths as revelation from God as well, Would we all be doomed to hell at end times? it is stated only 1% of the total muslim population at end times would be considered true believers. Chances are, me and you and billions more are destined to hell according to your hadith.

And since only 1% are true believers, does that not make our religious clerics, muftis and ulamas useless and untrustworthy as well?

And if that's the case, why are we still listening to them? or in this case, you.

All i see is right now, are Muslims trying to play/act out what they read in hadiths to at least bring some truthfulness to the lie. So that gullible people like you will be easily pulled in. How many times have we seen rebels with black flags? How many times have we seen the muslims play this out only to fail? Many times.

The Powers that be (West) are already staging many things based on the many religious beliefs. Kinda like how the Marvel movies are made based on a comic book written 60 to 70 years ago.

the material is there, They just need to play it out and make it believable.

Salam Mia,

Thanks for your help as well. don't worry about confusing me. all good!

Salamun Alaikum Brother Hamzeh,

Thank you for further clarifying those verses. Let me digest it. In good time i hope i will be able to truly appreciate and understand the meaning.

Dear Hamzeh,

Thanks! after reading the links you provided, it does clear up some confusion.

So basically, it is just a parable? not to be taken at face value?

Being a man of science, and knowing that every value needs to be real, i found it a bit difficult to accept that the concept of time in those verses were unclear.

Looking at it from a subjective point of view, If God told me in the Quran that when the day comes in which i will face Him, The day will be equivalent to 1000 years back on earth, I will straight away think that time runs slower in His Realm. No two ways around that when reading the verses. But since my command of Arabic is weak, then i might have not fully understoodd those verses.

I just find it hard to accept that God mentioned it like that, instead of telling it like it is; that there will be no sense of time when facing Him at the day of judgement.

If there was a science question in the same context, it would render the question faulty if you get what i mean.

Thanks anyway for the help. Appreciate all of you here.


Hi Mia,

Not sure i get it fully.

If i were in the presence of my Lord, Would i be beyond what space and time encompasses since God is beyond all of that which we perceive?

Why would a day with our Lord be equaled to 1000 years of our time if God is not within space and time? Shouldn't we be in a timeless environment - infinity?

The second verse, i am not too sure if it is speaking about angels speed of travel or the speed of our ruh when ascending. But clearly from the language, from what i read it means that the day of reckoning is like a thousand years too.

This still indicates that God goes through what we call time?

If a thousand years passed here on earth, and God watches as if it is just a day for Him it tells us that God too experiences time but at a much different speed. Time Dilation possibly?

It doesn't make sense to me at the moment.

Salam All,

I have been wondering. The verses 22:47 and 32:5 mention that a day in God's sight equals 1000 years to us humans.

Does this only apply to the time in which Qiyamah is upon us?

If not, would that put God within the confines of space and time?

Look forward to some good explanations.

Hi Sardar,

Not too sure what it exactly means. It might be the Jews and Christians whom conspire with each other.
History tells us that the Jews and Christians never got along well. But in this day and age, they seem to be best of friends.
The motive behind it? I am not sure.

Chapter 5 verse 51 states to not take Jews and Christians as allies. This does not necessarily mean friends. on a larger scale,
i think, it means to not be allies with Jews and Christians that are allies with one another - sound a lot like politics. And seeing that there are many instances  old and recent developments in the world ie the holocaust, the occupation of Palestinian which was done by Christians and Zionist Jews after the world war. And then we have the American-Jewish governments working together on many fronts ie military, politics, economy and so on which kind of makes sense.

We all know there are a lot of bad things happening in this world. We Muslims have a fair share of blame too, but the influence  super powers like America and Israel have on current political climate is way more concerning and to join them in their policies is to sell your soul. It is obvious that these allies are up to no good.

but then again, i could be wrong.


You are very much welcome dear Ajnum.

Do not worry too much. Keep it simple and lead your life with a smile!

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