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Women / Re: Women's issues.. Again
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:11:45 AM »
Peace Sleepysoul.
I agree with you. The way Qoran has been translated by some is embarrassing and oppressive.
GOD s wisdom goes beyond all issues. What God is saying in Qoran needs a lot of pondering and reflection ,.
Qoran and Paedophilia, Qoran and slavery, Qoran and homosexuality, Qoran and oppression, Qoran and gender, Qoran and morals, Qoran and different generations, Qoran and…
GOD is very much aware of every generation and its behavioural cycles.  To me Qoran never condemns innocent people.  All God s messages and  Qoran have come as a mercy to all the generations  as a way out of all issues.

Do you think GOD is not aware of slavery, oppression, paedophilia,gender bias… etc through the generations? Do you think that GOD condemns without justice? Do you think that GOD is not aware of the various stages of life of different generations?
Qoran has set a way of life according to GOD s system and offers a way out of other “systems”. Qoran comes to “free” the true believer by “wiping out all his/her issues”.
GOD is forgiver most Merciful to all believers in every generation.
For example, Qoran gave clear instructions about who to marry, yet allowed existing marriages of the time it came to remain intact.
Qoran gave clear instructions about slavery,yet allowed (under certain fair condition)  those who had slaves and encouraged them to free the slaves.  etc…
We, this generation, if we say we believe Qoran,then we need to ponder its way and apply it to ourselves. Qoran encourages freedom.knowledge.justice ,forgiveness, set an example…etc. GOD then does the rest.

,Qoran never ever confirms nonsense and fables!!! Qoran never confirms bias and oppression!!!Qoran never ever confirms “Men s” warped logic/understanding and arrogance!!!!

Sometimes the mind boggles!In the past, Men(some!),yes Men(Some) have interpreted GOD s words , women were too busy being responsible for the home and siblings and doing their duty to GOD,women also trusted men!.  Men took advantage of that and translated GOD s words to suit their big egos and oppress women, weak men other races and children.
What a travesty of justice! Never mind, the game will soon be over. Let them rejoice in their fables and oppression for a bit.
GOD bless all the true believers that are now exposing these “big egos” and false religions .
If you despair of the religion,please do not despair of Qoran. Or at least study it  in detail,then decide.
May the Lord bless you and help you with the issues.

General Discussions / Re: Purpose of creation
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:27:49 PM »
Peace samson.
You say ,quote:
Does the Quran not say that we have 2 deaths and 2 lives?

Yes indeed Qoran  does say "Amattana(past) and "Ahyaitana(past) i.e you gave us two deaths and two lives in the past two life cycles ,then Qoran continues: "Faitarafana bidhunubina" (now in this new resurrection/judgement) we acknowledge our sins/mistakes... Qoran was taking you forward to that day of reckoning.
This should consolidate my view of 2 life cycles(past) plus one to come(future).
GOD bless you.

General Discussions / Re: Purpose of creation
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:00:21 PM »
Peace miracle 114.

Qoran says:
How can you disbelieve in God when you were dead and He gave you life, then He puts you to death, then He brings you back to life, then to Him you ultimately return?
كَيفَ تَكفُرونَ بِاللَّهِ وَكُنتُم أَموٰتًا فَأَحيٰكُم ثُمَّ يُميتُكُم ثُمَّ يُحييكُم ثُمَّ إِلَيهِ تُرجَعونَ

The key word here is ” Amwattan/dead” This means we were dead before GOD created us as humans. It is very important to watch the words GOD uses in Qoran. GOD does not err or make mistakes with the choice of His words!!!
Hence we were “Amwatan/dead” can only mean we were alive before that.
Unless someone will say "Amwattan" means we were nothing?
It is not possible to be “Amwatan” if we were not alive before that?
This verse,in my opinion, gives two life cycles and a third one to come.
Of course the next questions will be:
Why did we become “Amwatan”/dead? What did we exist as?
GOD bless you.

Discussions / Re: What constitutes the Torah and the Injeel today ?
« on: October 11, 2017, 10:24:34 PM »
Yes brother Hamzeh, 5:45 and other verses are the reason I am saying Torah  includes the book  of Moses .

As for what exactly  is the Torah  in regards to the old testament, Which books that is,requires more research/study.
 I cannot find clear/explicit verses telling us this yet.
So ,I am open to hear views.
 Also ,God willing I will look into this in some details when I finish my current project on "who are the different  "Alladin Aamanu" GOD addresses in Qoran ? Plus who does GOD address in Qoran and why?

This project is taking me few weeks up to now  because the verses are many ,for example why does GOD ask "Alladina Aamanu" to believe in Him? You would think "Alladina Aamanu" have already believed( This topic is proving to be complex,I shall share it in future to hear some thoughts on it?)...etc

I will come back to this thread,God willing, soon.
GOD bless you.

Discussions / Re: What constitutes the Torah and the Injeel today ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 11:30:08 PM »
Peace Hamzeh.
When you say ,quote:
Also the Quran does command the Jews to judge by the Torah. Which indicates that the Torah is well known to them. There does not seem to be a reason to doubt that what is known to the Jews as the Torah as being the 5 books of Moses not true.

I say Qoran does not confirm that Torah was given to Moses,it does however confirm that Torah was sent to Beni  Israeel .
Qoran also confirm that Moses brought a book/furquan/scripture.
From this, I am deducing that Torah could be what Moses brought plus other inspired scripture/s to other prophets of Beni Israeel.Otherwise Qoran would have clearly said that Moses received the Torah. It did not.

Also, I am not saying plus all the prophets of Beni Israeel as we know David received the Psalms and Jesus the Injeel.
I am also saying ,I have not found to date something concrete that pins Torah into being 5 or more books. They are all theories and assumptions,unless of course one can provide clear evidence from Qoran.
Other than that ,I agree it requires more research and study.
Thank you.
GOD bless you.

Resources and Information Portal / Re: Origins of the Arabic Alphabet
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:45:42 PM »
Peace Qadada.

Languages all originated from somewhere and something. Actually GOD taught humans all that there is to know for them and it is ongoing.

Qoran happens to be in Arabic because the messenger was an Arabic speaker.

It may be interesting to know such information about the Arabic language ,and thank you for that information.

You say,quote:
Sometime after the rise of Islam in the first quarter of the seventh century CE and the emergence of the Arabian Muslims as the founders of one of the world’s greatest and most advanced empire the world has ever seen, which literally lead the way to our modern science today. Without them the US and Europe would still be living in mud huts in candle light,
Then what happened? The roles have reversed ? Don t you find that strange?

I think the problem is beyond just a language issue,it is an attitude and a way of life issue as well. GOD would not have changed anyone if they have not decided to change themselves.
So let us ponder this change of the "Muslims" from "founders of the greatest..." into "Asfala...Bottom of the..."?

To  be honest with you brother,the language of the truth is universal. The truth spoken by any language remains a "truth". Also all languages can communicate this "truth" if the hearts are ready to accept the change of attitude.
GOD bless you.

Discussions / Re: Killing pests/insects
« on: September 12, 2017, 03:27:07 PM »
relearning,people keep telling me "I was born a sinner" ,I do not really know what they mean.
 As  far as I know,I was born a baby not knowing anything.
Now when I am growing up(Actually I am a grown up),I know when I have done wrong because of a built in mechanism inside me called "Guilt".
I also know ,by instinct some of the commandments .
And I know that I am no saint.
Hence the need for all the help I can get from my Creator.
Coming back to "any harm that happens with us is only because of our sins",even if it was so, and some of it may be so,I fail to see a connection with common sense of health and safety.
So I agree with you, sometimes we tend to be naive,romantic and completely get things wrong.
I am sure GOD knows a lot of people kill animals and insects because of a "need" and sin has nothing to do with it.
So for me ,we should not kill animals deliberately for no purpose other than being horrible to them/annoyed with their existence next to ours.
In other necessary conditions there should be no problem,like eating  and health and safety reasons.
GOD bless.

Discussions / Re: Killing pests/insects
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:04:01 PM »
Do  not worry brother, I am not in the habit of killing animals or insects.
Also I do not work in abattoirs nor do I work as a Scientist experimenting on animals and insects.
 I have no intention on killing anything ,unless I step on a small insect on the ground not realising it is there(or too small to see it).
I know for sure I have not killed any animals.
However I cannot say for sure I have not killed insects. Some say we swallow small flies or spiders even when we are fast asleep? I do not know if I have done that.
My wife is frightened(actually terrified) of daddy long legs,so when one enters the house I pick it up gently and let it out from an open window or a door still alive.
Any way,I agree with you brother we must not kill animals or insects deliberately or for no reason whatsoever. They are GOD s creations.
GOD bless you.

Discussions / Re: Killing pests/insects
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:03:10 AM »
Brother,do you mean when a toddler has been beaten by a dog,that toddler has committed a sin?
I do  not really understand your point? 
What  are you saying regarding dangerous insects/animals?
 I am not saying we should kill anything by choice. Neither have I said Qoran said this or that.
Some things are common sense  What do you do to stop a spread of disease by certain animals/insects if incurable?

But of course the ideal situation is to have no situation where you are forced to kill anything.

GOD bless you.

Discussions / Re: Killing pests/insects
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:13:39 PM »
I have few examples,what do you do:
Dogs with rabies/dangerous dogs ( if incurable).
Other animals and wild animals that attack at random.
Mosquitoes carrying diseases.
Bot flies that are about to land on you.
Worms in your gut that are making you ill.
Nits ,bed insects that make their living out your body.
vermin that live in your kitchen.
A difficult question. I suppose ,if you do not have to Or can find an alternative solution, i.e a solution where they are no longer harming you,then a definite no.
For example ,most of the time animals,birds and insects have an instinct to stay away from us ,they do not initiate the harm. Very few exceptions.
GOD bless you.

You are welcome brother. Your request is amicably accepted.
Thank you and GOD bless you.

Peace brother Joseph.

I did read your article.
 However, the fact is Qoran said "Lahm Khinzeer" ,you would agree on citing verses , we should not add or subtract words from what Qoran says. I was reminding on this issue alone.

It is not about what Rashad said or what anyone else said or says. My post was specifically  on what Qoran says.

One can say  the Qoran says "Lahm Khinzeer" but in my opinion it means all "Khinzeer" ,that is fine , but the words of Qoran are clear for all to see.

Thank you for your post.
GOD bless you.

Peace brother Joseph.

Since I find you paying attention to details in the majority of your work,allow me to draw attention to a small detail in your post,quote:
It is forbidden to eat swine. (2:173; 5:3; 6:145; 16:115).
Should it be "eat the- lahm of swine-?
2:173,5:3,6:145 and 16 :115 have all mentioned "Lahma Alkhinzeer" and not  "Khinzeer". I believe GOD is always specific and deliberate with His words.
Thank you.
GOD bless you.

Discussions / Re: What constitutes the Torah and the Injeel today ?
« on: August 24, 2017, 09:45:26 PM »
Peace .
In my view Qoran does not say Moses was given the Torah,nor does it say it is any particular(Five) books.
Qoran mentions Totah sent to Beni Israeel and the "Furqaan"/book to Moses and Haroon.

The indication,according to my understanding,is that Torah  includes what was given to Moses plus other/ what was given to prophets of Beni Israeel after Moses.

In other words Torah may be present in some  books of the old testament. How many or what books is still not clear. Future research/es may shed more light on this particular topic.

I am of the opinion that Qoran has rendered that task easy. It confirms and supersedes both Torah and Injeel.
GOD bless.

Peace Rafiqqq.
My opinion:
GOD has no need. GOD is self sufficient,complete...etc.
The crucial word "Yaabudooni" is not a requirement or need for GOD. It implies our need for connection/closeness/reliancein GOD s leadership... To GOD Alone to achieve our aim of growing our spiritual souls to benefit /receive /share GOD s kingdom.
The aim/purpose of life is  in trying to mirror GOD s attributes of "love,forgiveness,justice,..." that allows a soul to be "close to GOD"/belong to  GOD s kingdom.

GOD could create "perfect" souls i.e robots,however,in GOD s wisdom,the best/perfect soul that attains the closeness/kingdom.. of the Creator is  the soul that choses willingly/works hard at /fulfils the amana... by itself.

Translating the word"Yaabudooni" as worship is the problem I see.

GOD bless you.

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