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Assalm walekum,

Brother Joseph,Is eating crab and lobster halal because the way they are killed is very inhuman. Lobsters are boiled alive and crabs are crushed to death. Also both these creatures remain alive out of water for a very long time. So please answer. I checked all the Q&A but there was nothing specific about crab and lobster on your website.

May Allah bless you with health and give taufique to all muslims to walk on seeratulmustaqeem.

A sister in faith


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Re: Is it Halal to Eat Sea Creatures That Are Killed in a Brutal Manner?
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Wa alaikum assalam.
I think there are two separate questions in your email.
Lobsters and crabs are fundamentally sea animals or more technically, marine crustaceans. Therefore, in my humble view they would fall under the 'catch of the sea' and thus permissible to eat from a Quran’s perspective. Please see verse 5:96 and references [1] and [2] below.
However, your question about the most appropriate method to kill the creature is a separate one. We can discuss the most appropriate manner to kill the creature but that should have little bearing as to the fundamental permissibility of whether a creature is allowed to be eaten or not from a Quran’s perspective.
There are discussions as to why lobsters are killed in a certain way and whether or not it feels pain in the manner we understand it. Such a matter is always open to discussion to improve thought and practice.
I hope that helps, iA
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