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Your Works
« on: January 06, 2014, 12:00:52 AM »
Salam Alaykum Brother Joseph,

I thought came to me and I wanted to send it off to you before I forget in this busy world.

It is certain that many people penned did great works in the past that would perhaps have been beneficial to others had the works been extant.

Because of the non random loss of works, there is problem of making an accurate sense of narrations and views of Muslim layperson and scholars of the past.

1.  I  find your work to be mashallah excellent to be both very accessible and also to contain much relevant and scholarly analysis and finally to be brief enough for non scholars to benefit from.

I assume you have backed up your works in case there is some attack on the server that houses your work.

There are many ways to safeguard your work.

2.  But please consider safeguard them instantaneously.  There is or are companies that can do that.

3.  Please also consider of making your works in a book or volumes that can be serially increased to be housed in libraries, etc.

4. And please also provide a legal access to your works to multiple people whom you trust who will be responsible people to continue to discharge your efforts.

I don't know how old are you but I know as you do through common sense but also as a physician of how so many people can die suddenly or be incapacitated (May God protect us and all those close to us) in car accidents, or many other ways. 

5.  Please plan on making an institution that can be Inshallah blessed to continue your efforts for decades or centuries after you pass on. 

As you know Allah emphasizes the importance of having a will and ensuring that wealth is carried on.

Of course your work is not material wealth but I find it more valuable.

Although I would not agree with anything as no two people would agree on all issues, I feel frustrated how your excellent points are not adequately discussed by Muslim scholars...Inshallah that time will eventually come in future and Inshallah sooner than later but it would be nice if people don't have to reinvent the wheel and sometimes certain insights might never be thought of again.

I am sure you thought of the above to some extent or another.....however, you have mentioned that you are quite busy.

I know that often in busy lives, important planning is put off and sometimes never gets implemented because of catastrophes mentioned above.

May Allah prevent that but just wanted to encourage you for your planning.

Allah is with the patient ones.

Although we are outnumbered today...Inshallah with planning, the efforts of today can make even more positive impact in the Muslim society if all is made secure, and trusted individuals empowered, and institution created.

I am sure you can find ways to stay anonymous while you do the above.