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Convincing Proof Delivered, Do Rejectors Have a Choice?
« on: November 17, 2011, 12:17:39 AM »
Salaam Brother
I recently read that against all those verses that grant freedom of belief to humans, Mr Ghamdi asserts that once a Messenger delivers "convincing proof" of Allah's Message, those addressed have two choices 1. Believe or Deny. In case they deny, they can be punished. Mr Ghamdi says with previous Messengers where their addressees were in greater number than their jamaat, Allah punished the disbelievers by Acts of God (earthquakes, scorching winds, natural disasters, etc.). In case a Messenger had superiority of numbers, Allah punished them by through them by declaring a war.
When a disbeliever rejects belief, it could be for two reasons. 1. He/she is not convinced at all  2. He/she may be convinced but due to some kind of self interest, chooses to reject it.
Since Allah alone knows the genuine reasons, would it not be better to leave such alone under the principle of freedom of belief?
In my humble opinion, there is another dimension to it. Some not only engage in rejection of belief, but in addition they engage in evil behaviour in the society by exploitation of the poor, leading others to unbelief, denying human rights, engaging in fuhasha and Munar, create disorder in the land, engage in degrative moral behaviour, prevent others from believing, etc. If such is a case then declaring a war against those is a different matter.
Wonder what your thoughts are?

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Re: Convincing Proof Delivered, Do Rejectors Have a Choice?
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 12:30:48 AM »
Salamun Alaikum,

Thank you for your question.

I have the utmost respect for brother Javed Ghamidi who I believe is an outstanding scholar, of immense erudition and cogency of argumentation.

However, with the perspective you have presented (and assuming that it is a correct representation of brother Ghamidi's view), I would have to part with a difference of an opinion on this matter.

My perspective of Itmam-ul Hujjah can be found here.


I think you have already answered the question aptly and I concur with your view. It is not simply about belief / and disbelief. War was waged / natural destructions took place because people / communities also transgressed beyond bounds in the land and into sin. If one notes the directive in Surah Tauba (9), war was only waged with those that transgressed those bounds, repeatedly broke treaties and waged war.

I don't find anything in the Quran in my humble opinion where people have just been punished for simple disbelief (which only God can judge). Or indeed, on whom Divine war has been waged by the hands of the believers whilst they do not transgress bounds in the land and commit evil.


I hope that helps.

Your brother,

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