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Nikaah for the Purposes of Courting
« on: September 17, 2014, 11:57:07 PM »
Assalaamu alaykum Joseph,

There is a new trend in our community regarding nikaah. Boy meets girl, they like one another but  would like to get to know one another better.

The Ulema says that courting is haraam so they are encouraged to make nikaah instead of an engagement so that they can "court" without consummating the marriage.

If they then decide not to live together  they then get divorce but there is no iddat.

I think something about this new arrangement is not right.

Why can't they do the same thing without nikaah?

what is your opinion?


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Re: Nikaah for the Purposes of Courting
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2014, 11:58:39 PM »
Dear Sister,

Wa alaikum assalam

In my humble opinion from a Quran's perspective, there is no support for this practice.

A 'Nikaah' is not complete until it is consummated (4:21) (afda ba'dukum ila ba'din - gone one of you to another). The solemn covenant (Meethaqan Galezaan) is but one part of the marriage bond. In this 'solemn covenant' there is arguably no room for 'trial by courting'. The intention is to be married indefinitely and to seal the bond quickly with consummation.

Until Nikaah is completed, arguably normal Islamic etiquettes need to apply as if the parties were unmarried. One can only imagine what licence this would give couples who under partial 'Nikaah' would think they are able to do all else apart from intercourse. Arguably, such a concept can only be seen as a transgression to God's guidance.

I hope this helps, God willing.


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