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Greetings Brother Jospeh,

Salamun Alaykum.

In Understanding the Revelation (Quran), some people extract the guiding principles while others focus more on the rules that are expounded.

As the Prophet's society was pretty much an unstructured bedouin tribe society, I can understand the perfect relevance of rules being revealed in order to align that society with the Deen. However, for the next generations, are we to focus on the specifics of the ruling or should we understand the Quran by applyting the values and principles of those rules that were revealed?

For example. Believing Men and Women were told to lower thie gaze and cover their privates..Instead of focusing on secondary sources that detail how long to cover, what type of headdress is permissible and all other non Quranic details, we should focus on Modesty and Piety. SO any dress code thet meets this is acceptable.

Witness and testimonial on matters of consultation- Instead of focusing on the exact numeric of 1 man and 2 woman, why 2 woman is equal to 1 man..we should focus on the value of proper documentation and the importance of having sound witnesses (at least 2) to testify to the event/information.

Prayer - Instead of arguing over methods, we shuld focus on the steps outlined in the Quran and the principle of constant communication and dhikr with Allah

Freeing the Slaves - Even though there are no "slaves" as it is today, the principle of relieving someone from suffering or his bondages or serving others to help them out of depression/difficulty in the form of teaching/chairy.

Is such a principle and value driven understanding of the Quran coupled with following other specific rulings, the best way to Understand Allah's Revelation.

Please Advise.

Thank You