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I've been doing a little research over these. So far I have a very long list which includes many themes from head scarf to holiness of a certain language. I'm thinking of compiling them as a convenient booklet. So, I have now in my hands a toilsome research to do to document the origins and history of degeneration. I'd be thankful if more knowledgeble ones on the subject at least name me possible previous works in this subject. Are there such works? I know books about Israiliyyah in hadith or tafseer. I need more in depth, referenced or historic sources. Books and articles may be focused on only one subject. These subjects that I am aware of are:

-Adding books (sunnah, hadith) to the book of revelations
-Building a profession of religious counselling (aleems, imams)
-Imagination of a group of sages who don't ever fail (Prophet's friends)
-Killing seceders
-Stoning to death
-Reciting the Book musically
-Holy language
-Magic words, the belief that reciting something changes things supernaturally, regardless of meaning
-Headscarf, veil, kippah
-"You can't touch the Book when menstruating"
-"You can't pray or enter temple when menstruating"
-Creation of Adam as a single man and related mythology
-Torment of grave, life in the grave
-Grave visitations (esp. on the eve of Eid)
-Haraam foods (which are mostly rooted in Leviticus, Old Testament)
-Enmity to the science of evolution
-"Only we will enter the Garden"
-"People of other religions are physically dirty"
-Talisman /musqa
-Deggial, mahdi

All these have their roots in Judaism, because they are not in the Quran. My main attention is in Judaism. But I'm also interested in other religions. My only motivation is clearing Muslim readers' minds off that distorted perception of Islam (and encouraging them to read the Quran).

Thank you, God bless.

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Selam aleikum brother Selim, I'm glad I have one more brother in my family in faith (which is this forum).
Your post caught my attention because of all the aspects of Islam, what triggers my attention most in my studies is always 'the practices rooted in judaism". I was interested to find out the origins of the practices you mentioned since forever, and I would love to read your booklet when it's ready, if it's ok with QM administrators and members.
And, I don't know if you have read any of brother Joseph's articles, he has done an awesome job in explaining some of the practices you nentioned in the light of the Quran. I'm sure you'll find a lot of help in them.
May Allah help you in your task, good luck,
Your sister Seraphina :)
"Say:"O my slaves who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

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Assalamu alaykum Mr. Selim do you have a web site that you are sharing the results of your work? Wish you success at your goal.

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Excuse me for belated reply. Thank you for the good wishes. Right now I'm writing in my mother tongue, Turkish. I'm too busy to translate my humble work to English as I've been divided into different subjects and different blogs. I need to focus. I'll try to translate if I find time later.

To have a strong word to overcome what I call tradition, I'm thinking of focusing on three subjects to nudge traditional Muslim mind into Quran's real path.

First one is the "Quran only" concept. Thank God we already have sufficient works making the point. This first one also includes integrating (should I say reconciling?) Quran and rational thought. The second one is defining and filtering out distortions, which are traditionally called bidah. And the third one is emancipating the universal message from shackles of language fanaticism. I've been trying to find the best matches of Quranic concepts in Turkish for instance. My main point is, if you cannot tell it in your own words, you didn't understand it.

What frustrates me is I haven't been able to provoke interest on these subjects yet. I can't find a decent book defining and clearing all Judaic beliefs and practices that has polluted the Muslim conscious. I don't believe nobody ever researched this, so I've been asking people. I'm disappointed Joseph Islam didn't reply my email in this subject. So many researchers ignore my emails, it's unbelievable. As things continue the way they are now, I mean almost noone doing anything to rid the disease, I sincerely think what we know as "Muslim people" will be extinct in the future.

In case a Turkish speaking person comes across, this is my newly started blog:


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Assalam Bro I appreciate your plan but it too wide to accomplish. Why are you interested in Judism?
Concentrate on Allah's Book Quran as other religions & Books are history. You have the greatest Book Quran. All the subjects you have referred are part of Hadith which have only stories and don't have Quranic Authenticity. Mahdi/ Dajjal are all fake stories which is why nobody including Bro Joseph Islam
are responding to your call.
May entire creation be filled with Peace & Joy & Love & Light