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Permissible Halal Food and How to verify?
« on: March 04, 2015, 04:20:57 PM »
Asalamu Alykum Br. Joseph

I was wondering to what extent does a person need to go to verify if the permissible meats are Halal or Kosher?
Sometimes I just dont feel right by eating at a place that claims to have Halal meat. Not that I dont trust people as I think there is many good and honest people out there far better than I.  It just seems like its too easy just because a label is on it that says its Halal.

As not to long ago I came into a incident that I was aware of a Arabian restaurant having halal meat. And I asked them about it the first time. But then after eating there a few other times I just wanted to make sure as I was eating there quite a bit and then they said no only the beef is halal and not the chicken. I was kinda upset. Anyways

I know in the west there are rules in slaughtering meats and even the butcher shops are not allowed to slaughter for their own stores but they say they buy the meat from a place that slaughters in a big scale in the Islamic way. And every meat store gets there meats from a specific place and choose there grades. As in a wider society and laws in the west I dont think they would allow false labelling. As it seems they do a good job in that sense.

And unless your a farmer and have your own farm you cannot slaughter the animal yourself. It must go for inspection and then slaughtered however I THINK a person may stand with the butcher and mention the name of Allah while being slaughtered.

Though i believe that its expected from the Muslims, Jews and Christians that Gods name should be mentioned before all the slaughtering of the animals as a society. It would be in that manner than we can all eat from each others food. Unfortunately its not the case in the wider scope of things.

What do you do out of curiousity if its not stipulated in the Quran of the precautions or verifications a person has to take when eating meat? if you dont mind me asking that question
Example, you wont eat it unless you see it done according to Islam?
Is taking the word of a owner/manager good enough that its Halal?
Is a label good enough proof?

Peace and blessings Insha'Allah

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Re: Permissible Halal Food and How to verify?
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 06:17:42 AM »
Dear Hamzeh,

Wa alaikum assalam

I attempt to take best precautions whilst remaining cognizant of verse 65:16 and the need for 'istata'a' (best endeavours / capability).

Ultimately, it all depends on the establishment, particular gathering, the laws of the particular community / country (and expected observance) and one’s best understanding of where the meat in a particular context is most likely to be sourced from and prepared.

I do believe that one should commit to some sort of due diligence / enquiries, whilst recognising the limitations of best endeavours.

In certain contexts, there will be an expectation of greater observance of Islamic dietary laws with formal adherence to monitoring committees, standards et al, and there will be other situations, where the process can be expected to be somewhat lax and the claimed adherence somewhat dubious. This assessment of what action to take will inevitably be an individual matter as there will be many variables to consider.

Of course, one cannot in the main, be expected to witness every meat item being slaughtered and certainly when in gatherings or acquaintances amongst believers particularly, some element of trust will most likely play a part. However, such trust does not imply that one becomes complacent.

I hope that helps, God willing
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Re: Permissible Halal Food and How to verify?
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2015, 11:47:12 AM »
Asalamu Alykum brother Joseph Islam

thank you for sharing such good information.  Insha'Allah I will keep these in mind

Peace be with you