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Your much-appreciated website
« on: April 03, 2015, 10:29:40 PM »
Dear brother Joseph Islam,

It was so uplifting to find your website with its high caliber of thoroughgoing research and your balanced approach to studying the Quran. This subject is also of central importance to my life, although I've had much conflict (in my personal life as a wife and mother in a Sunni family) as a result of my own studies and conclusions, which are very similar to yours.

Other "Quranist" websites take certain rather extreme interpretations and there's no arguing with them, but yours is obviously quite open and eloquent, and your response to questions on your forum is about as high-level, knowledgeable and yet not egocentric as one could possibly imagine. Like you, I don't consider myself part of any sect or group, but simply studying the Quran in an attempt to get at he truth. Your work stands out as a treasure in this field, with absolutely thrillingly excellent arguments and discussions/ analysis using the Quran as a source. I would be interested to know if you prefer any particular translation. I've read your remarks regarding translation, but hoped you might be using one in particular at this time.

Your site will be a huge help in my life. Thank you for all your work.