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Verse 5/106..
« on: November 08, 2011, 04:39:12 AM »


by Joseph Islam, Tuesday, November 01, 2011, 22:25 (6 days ago) @ jawaid ahmed

To Jawaid.


With regards 5:106, you say:

"Since I do not believe that Salat is prayer, but means to remain within the bounds of the Laws of Allah, then it has something to do with the will that is being asked to be witnessed. When death approaches us, we must have a will so that our inheritance can be distributed accordingly"

Respectfully, what you believe is entirely your prerogative. I completely respect that. However, you have provided no cogent explanation for what the prayer in this verse signifies. 'Then it has something to do with the will ..."or "but the two witnesses understanding the conditions of the will and agreeing to give testimony on this" is respectfully not a persuasive argument in light of the Quranic context.

Furthermore, where is the Arabic 'fa-asabatkum musibatu l-mawti' (then befalls you calamity of death) in your translation? You include it in your transliteration but completely miss this out in your translation. The prayer is clearly linked with death and is only taking place after death. Therefore, a crucial part of the Arabic has been missed.

If you have a better explanation then the one you have offered, I would be delighted to take academic note and learn.


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