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From Andorra!
« on: November 05, 2015, 01:51:44 PM »
There is absolutely no reason , no question, nothing that makes me think of you and wish you a good day, except that I am once again starting my day with a cup of ginger tea and another few articles of your quran research. And of course the intuition that I should once more thank you for it.

I feel like printing it all out and sticking it on walls everywhere!
Instead I am sending it to my Muslim friends you will be aware of more than I am, human beings seem to have a tendency to follow what other humans tell them rather than rely on their own thinking.

My friends don't even comment!

What are they afraid of?

That they may find themselves wholly responsible for what they follow and that Ahadith is easier to read than The Book?  Arrggghhh!

Ok, that is my morning whinge over!

I wish you a wonderful day! And - if you live in a similar climate zone as I do - a good and sunny winter.

Right now I am dreaming of maybe an escape to Oman in the new year, a country which softens my heart, Muslims with dignity and kindness and no tendency towards extremism. May Allah keep their awareness and give them the strength to be an example to the belligerent folks around them.

Have you been to Oman?
You MUST go, Joseph!

Autumnal greetings, including falling golden leaves, and good wishes to you from Andorra!