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Saying Darud in Prayer
« on: November 28, 2011, 10:38:06 PM »
Salam Joseph

I have changed my salaah according to the Quran. I praise Him in my salaah with verses from the Quran praising Allah and my salaah is not like the traditional salaah. I don't say darood sharif or attahiatu. I testify Allah's oneness etc. i don't do salaam at the end too. I say the darood n attaahiyatu at the end as a du'a but it is not a part of my salaah. what is your view on this plz?

[A sister in faith]

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Re: Saying Darud in Prayer
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 10:43:43 PM »
Walaikum salaam.

Prayer is a personal communion and one should always know what they are saying (4:43). This is a Quranic requirement. Your testifying of One God alone, is very admirable indeed and wholly in tandem with the Quranic teachings.

Prayers are not specific, so there is nothing wrong with praying for great Patriarchs or ancestors such as in the Darud prayer.  However, a prayer should not be performed with a view that such patriarchs are alive (as if they can hear us) such as some feel inclined to do when they say 'Ayyuha-nabbiyu' (O Prophet).

Your communion with God should be personal, completely involved and never focused on unnecessary pedantics. (i.e. worrying about if your right foot is curled in or whether you missed a rakah or where to tie your hands etc).

Personally, I would attempt to get lost into your prayer each time you pray, where it is only you and your Lord present. Our Lord listens (God willing) to every word we say with our heart, mind and soul.

040:060 (part)
"And your Lord has said: Pray to Me and I will hear your prayer / respond to you"

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