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Did our prophet is given happening of future?
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:30:02 AM »
God does reveal only some of the future to His prophets selectively.
3:179 God will not leave the believers as you are, until He distinguishes what is evil from what is good. But God will not let you know the secrets of the Unseen. God chooses His Messengers to receive knowledge of the Unseen as He wills. So, believe in God and His Messengers. If you believe and do right, yours will be a great reward. [The believers will stand out not only in their convictions but also in their decent manners of life and the hypocrites will no longer remain hidden. 47:29-30, 72:26-27]
72:26 Knower of the Unseen (and the future), and He makes known to none His secret,
72:27 Except as He wills to a Messenger whom He has elected, and to him He reveals from the past and the future, and ensures that the Revelation is guarded. [God Himself guards the Perfected Final Revelation, hence no more Apostles will come. Al-Qur’an is now the Messenger for all times. 15:9]
Based on this Ayaat  the Muslims say that what ever revealed in Ahadith like Ghazawai Hind is also true as most of Pakistanis claim
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Re: Did our prophet is given happening of future?
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2016, 03:46:48 AM »
Are they assuming those verses refer to outside of revelation though?

Also your trans of 72:27 may be suspect.

Also see these verses, e.g.

Like others, Prophet Muhammad the person, did not know the future (5:109, 6:50, 7:188, 10:20, 11:31, 27:65).

Say, "I am but a human being like you being inspired that your god is One god. So whoever looks forward to meeting his Lord, then let him do good works and not set up any partner in the service of his Lord." [18:110]

Say: "I am no different from the other messengers, nor do I know what will happen to me or to you. I only follow what is inspired to me. I am no more than a clear warner" [46:9]

Say, "I am no more than a human being like you. I am inspired that your god is One god..." [41:6]