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Pleasure to read your FB Page
« on: April 01, 2017, 11:40:06 PM »
To Joseph -

It it truly a pleasure to read your fb profile I feel as if your understanding has enlightened my clouded understanding, it's as if years of researching finding out has now come to a halt at your expertise, I'm nor wise nor smart but learning threw the message and learning threw others in hope to strengthen my lack of the truth, I don't really know of what to say, I'm sorry if this is weird and awkward to receive, it's just your knowledge is truly inspiring, and your input is very genuine, nobody here at my age group or people in my life ever put me in the situation to change my original ways of Islam as we know today, I new in my heart what I was following was wrong I just knew it n it took me to travel a path I never thought I'd ever go, in fact it was only today I realised I was wrong to even believe in Devine interference with the whole Rashad khalifa thing, it's as if saying I'm wrong is ok, something as information was never mine, never owned it, sometimes people that find things themselves take great pride in there work unable to let go, I've made many mistakes in life not perfect, one Allah I always put faith in and that it's the same Allah that all twenty prophets mentioned in 19 scriptures came to be as it is all of the same, I got so many questions n nobody to ask, I just want to say thank you  :)