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« on: April 22, 2017, 08:33:59 PM »
Assalam alikum I have 3 questions

1.can you pay zakat in the form of goods like food and cloths etc
And if no then
2. Then in the article of zakat it is said that every prophet gave zakat and there people but if that is in form of money then how could noah nation and noah pay zakat with money when money wasn't used in till between 5000 bc to 3000 bc because since we agree we all come from the ark no way could noah ark be between that time also metal wasn't used till 9000 bc  but if zakat can be paid with goods then question 2 is answered because then his people would of given zakat in the forms of goods

But how did Ishmaels people pay zakat if in the form of money at as well when they just arrived in the desert

3: because 25:20 doesn't mean the markets had to be done by money dies it but just by trading bartering is that correct because again noah time there were not money and not money in metal because that metal came much later jazzakallah